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Is There Still Sex in the City?

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I’m writing this review as I read as there is quite a lot to comment on!)
Well, I’m 3% in, and it’s so depressing! Her dog just died, she’s telling the tale of her mum dying, and her husband asks for a divorce! All of this is described factually and with no emotion! I’m just sat here, with my mouth wide open, thinking what on earth am I reading! This is all just a segue into why the book has been written; I can’t call it an introduction because so much unbelievable stuff happens within this first 3% and so quickly you could blink and miss it! 
She sounds so bored as if she doesn’t want to be writing this? She’s been convinced to put pen to paper, so she’s doing it... reluctantly! She’s always saying she can’t afford things in the book, so it’s obvious from the vibe emanating from the pages that she has got to do this or face destitution. This kind of makes me feel bad that it’s not that good and already getting bad reviews as she evidently needs it to be a success! 
She sounds like a washed-up version of Carrie if Mr Big had divorced her and she ended up right back at the beginning! I’ve not read the Sex and the City books, but I’ve watched the programme many times! I can hear Carrie’s voice through some of the comments. I do wonder if this is the same tone as those books or does this have its own unique dispiriting tone?
Ah, the abbreviations are driving me mad ‘irl’, ‘MAM’! You get to the end of a chapter and completely forget what they stand for! 
The shoe buying incident is bizarre; she is waxing lyrical that she can’t afford things but then buys a pair of shoes two sizes too big for her just because she thinks she should because they’re fashionable! 
Some of the stories weren’t too bad, still cringe-worthy but you get caught up in them! So the middle section when she is describing boob jobs, facials and kids by proxy were quite entertaining. However, then the book starts to draw to an end and we are dealt more deaths and philosophical musings that just make you want to curl up and die! 
This book made me want to hold onto Morgan really tight and be very grateful that I’m not single. This book is depressing, desperate and sad and it made me sad reading it! It made me uncomfortable the majority of the time, and like I say it’s such a shame, it could have been good, but she needed to believe more in what she was writing and telling us.

After some personal criticism from the author via Twitter, and subsequently blocking me before I had a chance to respond I have decided to update my review. This is the response to the author I would have put on Twitter and a little more of an explanation as to why this book wasn’t for me:
“Thank you for responding to my review. Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle and The Carrie Diaries have brought so much joy to my life, and I’m grateful to you for creating those worlds. 
I’m really gutted that I didn’t enjoy this book, I was so happy to receive an ARC, but maybe I went in with too high expectations. I can’t lie in a review, and I’m sorry this book wasn’t for me! 
I have read other autobiographies of women (just not via NetGalley) that may have suffered worse and they have received 5-star reviews.“

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