Cover Image: Little Learning Labs: Math Games for Kids, abridged paperback edition

Little Learning Labs: Math Games for Kids, abridged paperback edition

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This book is exactly what I have been looking for to add some excitement and variety to our homeschool math lessons!

Because this book can be used with a variety of ages (it is recommended for ages 6-10) it will be a way to include all of our kids at different ability levels to work on math activities together. This isn't possible with traditional workbook or computer-based math instruction. Math is one area I struggle as a homeschool parent to have my kids working cooperatively, so this is such an asset. This would also be wonderful na classroom so all students can learn at their own level, while also having a way to be cooperative.

The greatest thing is that none of these activities are obviously math. For kids who dislike or struggle with mathematics, this gives them a way to practice those necessary skills without even realizing they are doing so. By having this hands-on application, doing the (sometimes necessary) worksheets and numbers-based practice should be easier and more understandable. Giving kids an example to tie their learning to will always be a wonderful step in understanding why we "need to learn" this.
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I disagree with the last reviewer. This book is not too simple. It depends on the level of maths the child has reached. For some of the teenagers I come into contact with this kind of math would still be a challenge. The trick is to make it interesting for the and this book might just do it. I couldn’t show them the book as the children pictured are too young. However, the projects give the right twist might just grasp their interest!
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