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'Two to Tangle' is the second installment of the 'Tangle Valley Romance' series. This one follows Gabriella Russo, who was hired as head chef at an Oregon winery. She is making masterful dishes from within a food truck while waiting for construction to complete on the restaurant.

Ryan Jacks runs her own business doing construction/project work for places all over town. She has been living the fast life of meaningless hookups and is feeling a bit unfulfilled as of late. She takes on the Tangle Valley restaurant and becomes charmed by the sassy chef.

I enjoyed this one even more than the first, which is unusual for me. When I read series, I end up liking each following book less and less. 

I love books where the feelings are there but the main characters try to deny them. Or something happens and they convince themselves that they need to stay away. I also love it when jealousy is the catalyst for characters to confront their true emotions.  This book had all of that. 

As usual, Brayden delivers with great dialogue, likeable characters, and emotional turmoil.

I recommend this book to people who like to read about romance, wineries, food, bars, friends, construction, jealousy, garages and priests.
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I knew I would love Gabriella's story! After book one in the series, I was already a big fan of the character, so I couldn't wait to read this book. Not only did I love her even more when it ended, but Ryan also became one of my favorites. 

This story in particular focuses on the issue of falling for a "player" and if that can ever truly work out well. What happens when the player wants to settle down? Do you give her a chance, and believe your relationship is different, or do you stay as far away as possible? It's always an interesting set up, and Brayden does the push and pull very well. I was rooting for Gabriella to believe Ryan, but she also was an idiot sometimes. It was great! 

The last thing I'll say is poor Madison. I can't wait for her analytical brain to turn to mush when she meets her person. 

Favorite book in the series so far!
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I've fallen in love with Tangle Valley and am ready to move ;) 

First, while this is the second book (I think) in Tangle Valley, you don't need to read the other to enjoy this one :)   But that one is great too.  This is a great romance between characters that are real, down ot earth, and face real problems.  Yep there's a little fluff and some heat, but I want to be friends with these people. LOL I love that connected feeling to the characters.
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Another fabulous series on the go. I do like both familiar characters and a romance resolution for the friends you liked in the previous book. Yes the women are all inexplicably lesbian or bi, but romance novels are supposed to be fantasies. Meanwhile, you can drool over the food and there is a lot of food to drool over and savour. Also wine, you can imagine the wine. Not to mention the Muskrat face. I’ve tried various looks in the mirror, but really we need some sort of demo from the author. I’m sure she’d look cute. She must have tried it out on her friends. Back to the book, the romance is sweet and grown up.I like the fact that Gabriella knows what she deserves and doesn’t accept less than that. Meanwhile, with yet another image to think about, Ryan has contractor tools and biceps. One to enjoy
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3.75 Stars
This is book 2 of the Tangle Valley Romance series.
The series revolves around the Tangle Valley vineyard and the three major characters Joey, Gabriella  and Madison.  The first book was about Joey, the owner.  This one is about Gabriella, the chef. I'm assuming the third will be about Madison, winemaker.
I was concerned about whether this book would measure up to the first book.  The first book had sooo much going on....Romance, death, fire, newcomers......But this one started relatively slow and not much happening.  You meet new characters and renew the previous ones.  The construction of the new restaurant starts and we meet the new character, Ryan, a carpenter and construction company owner.  For the first half of the book we go through the construction and the blooming romance between Ryan and Gabriella.  Up to this point I wasn't thrilled with the story.  And then things rapidly take a turn and emotions start exploding.  Now I can't read fast enough.  My emotions are all over the place.  How can this be happening?  How could she say that? How could she do that?  It takes you on a very emotional rollercoaster. Just when you think things are going in the right direction,  they take a turn.  You will definitely understand the title at this point in the book.  And the cover definitely sets the feel for the book.
There were a few cute and funny scenes while playing softball and the food and town was  again interesting and warm.
Overall I didn't think this one was as powerful as the first but it was a good read. Most of Braydens books are.  I will be happy to see book three.
I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Two to Tangle is the second installment in Melissa Brayden's, Tangle Valley Romance series. If you read her first book in this series, Entangled, you will remember chef extraordinaire, Gabriella Russo. In this romance not only does the chef whip up culinary delights, but she also opens the winery's newest restaurant with the help of a local construction crew and their boss, Ryan Jacks. Did I mention romance and sparks, well there are quite a few of them between Gabriella and Ryan!

Ryan Jacks is somewhat of a player. Ryan lets the ladies, and there are a number of them, know she is down for fun between the sheets but that is all. She isn't interested in the commitment of any type. That is until she meets the tough but sweet newest resident, Gabriella. When they meet she second-guesses all her old ways, the only problem is that her reputation is already firmly in place.

Gabriella is currently creating amazing dishes out of her food truck, but the end goal is to create a world-class restaurant that sets Tangle Valley Vineyard miles above the rest. She's finally creating the food she wants and has found happiness in the beauty of Whisper Wall, Oregon. Everything is going according to plan until she meets the stunning Ryan Jacks. As Ryan's company begins building Gabrielle's dream these two grow as friends and then more. The only problem is Ryan's reputation and cold feet seem to get in the way.

Melissa Brayden does it again with a sweet and sexy romance that leaves you feeling content and full of happiness. As always the book is full of smiles, fabulous dialogue, and characters you wish were your best friends. You don't have to read the first in the series to dive into this one, but I would recommend it. Trust me, read everything by Brayden, you will not be disappointed.
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This books was very sweet. I had not read Melissa Brayden's books before and this was an enjoyable first one to try.

There were some spots where the action dragged and a few times when I wanted the characters to just have a conversation but overall it was fun and light and the kind of book I would want to take on vacation.
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I loved it. I love the series, the people, the secondary characters, the storylines, and the setting. One of the other reviewers was complainIng about The misunderstandings that the MC’s had in this book. I disagree, all relationships, in the beginning, has misunderstandings as you get to know each other and learn to trust one another. This was no different with Gabriella and Ryan. Their chemistry was great and I’m loving the writing. Gimme some more! I can’t wait for Madison’s story.
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Cute but predictable.  While I enjoyed the descriptions of food, the cute banter between the characters, and the camaraderie between Gabriella and her friends, overall this book is a one-time read.  I didn't really feel the romantic tension between the characters and struggled to understand what brought them together (other than the fact that both are apparently incredibly attractive). On the other hand, the town of Whisper Wall sounds like foodie heaven.
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I think I've said this before about other Melissa Brayden's books, and will probably say it again about the next one, but this is my new favorite.

This book has the banter between the characters that we've all come to expect and love in her books, a charming story, some drama, dogs and this time even softball.

In this second installment of the Tangle Valley series, we're back in Whisper Wall, Oregon, this time to get Gabriella's love story.

This story is funny, charming, and everything we love about Brayden's novels. I'm really looking forward to reading about Madison's story on the next installment of this series.
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Two to Tangle is the second book in the Tangle Valley wine series trilogy.  This book features thirty-four year old chef Gabriella Russo who runs the winery food truck that she named Jolene  Gabriella is using the food truck to introduce the tourists and locals who visit the winery, to food that she will eventually serve at the on site restaurant.  The restaurant is being build by contractor, Ryan Jacks.  Ryan is twenty-eight years old and really enjoys the company of women almost to the point of being a player.  She has also never been in love.  Gabriella is more serious in her relationships and has not dated anyone since moving to Oregon from New Jersey.  However, her ex, Madison, is the head winemaker at Tangle Valley Vineyard.

From the start there was immediate attraction between Gabriella and Ryan almost in an opposites attract scenario.  Along the way Gabriella received a lot of advice from the other ladies at the vineyard and in town about Ryan's active social life and her love-em-and-love-em ways.  After Gabriella and Ryan eventually get together and settle into the beginning of a relationship, that previous feedback from others begins to play in her mind.  That sets off some of the initial conflict in the book.

Overall I'd recommend this book to others wanting to experience life in Oregon wine country, with a small town setting filled with good food, great wine, interesting people, and meddling Biddies.  

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Two to Tangle is the second installment in a trilogy set in an Oregon winery, featuring Joey, Gabriella, and Madison. This time around we get to know Gabriella, a feisty Italian-American, and Ryan, the contractor hired to remodel the building that will become Gabriella's restaurant.

It's a classic opposites attract story, where the leads are instantly attracted to each other but worry about a variety of things, including a 5-year age gap and a difference in how they view a relationship. As in Entangled, the food and wine sound so good and really lend an authentic feel to a story set in a winery/restaurant. This time, though, we get a nice helping of community softball to go along with the original cast of neighbors (the cowboys, the biddies, the other small business owners).

The conflict between Ryan and Gabriella is not your standard conflict, although it does begin with one thing that could've been handled with an honest conversation, as Madison is introduced as a potential love triangle. Luckily for us, she gets her chance for happiness in book three. My only complaint is that the book felt a little long for me, but other than that I enjoyed everything I always enjoy from Melissa Brayden: witty banter, beautiful couples, and picturesque small towns.
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4.5 stars

As the stunning cover suggests, there’s a lot of talk about cuisine in this book and while I’m not normally a foodie, Brayden wrote those parts in a swoon-worthy way and I gobbled them up.

As for Ryan and Gabrielle, I was in love with them from the moment I met them. Their relationship is certainly one of push-pull, and although at times I found myself saying, ‘get it together, you two’ I love the fact this book was far from formulaic. These two work hard for their HEA and it made the ending all the more satisfying.

It was nice to see the biddies again, I was pleased not to see much of the cowboys, and I look forward to the next installment.

Oh, and did I mention softball! I love softball and was glad to get my fill.
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The is the second book in the Tangle Valley trilogy.  If you haven't read the first book, I'd recommend reading it before this one, but it's not totally necessary in order to understand the plot of this book.

I will keep comparisons between this book and the first in the series out of this review.

Gabriella moved to Whisper Wall, Oregon in order to give herself a fresh start and open a restaurant on the grounds of Tangle Valley Vineyard.  Gabriella met Ryan shortly after moving and while she fought the pull, she was completely drawn in.  Ryan, a contractor hired to remodel the barn that was to become the Tangled restaurant, was the requisite player and quickly set her sights on Gabriella. This is not a new plot in the wonderful world of romance but Melissa Brayden, drew the reader in by weaving in the town of Whisper Wall and its townsfolk into an adorable tale.  
Ryan and Gabriella were adorable together when they could get their heads in the game and not listen to others.  If did find the added drama with Madison to be a bit much, but maybe I'm biased because I like Madison's character so much and want her to be happy.  I loved visiting with Becca and Joey (who are the main characters in book one), Madison (who I'm looking forward to reading about in book 3), the cowboys, Loretta, Bobby, and of course the Biddies!  Thanks Melissa Brayden for another stellar read!

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for the ARC of this book.

4.25 stars. Another feel-good romance from Melissa Brayden! This one involved a touch more angst than most Brayden novels, but I enjoyed the added drama. This book was a good blend of fluffy and real. Plus, there's softball in this story, and some a d o r a b l e in-game moments between the two leads! *dies*

I adored Ryan's character. Talk about my fictional *type!* On the outside, she's cool and alluring, but on the inside she's the biggest softie on the planet. Her arc involves her working through a lot of self-doubt, which I could personally relate to. She became a successful contractor at a young age, but she doesn't let that get to her head -- she's always humble and kind. I spent most of the book just wanting to hug Ryan and her big lazy dog named Dale.

In Entangled, Gabriella was a constant burst of joy and light. In this book, however, while she's still the sort of character whose sparkly energy leaps off the page, she's more fleshed-out and we get to see the parts of her that aren't as pretty. I was surprised to learn that she can be so tenacious and bull-headed, and I think Brayden explored this side of her well, for the most part. I enjoyed reading about Gabriella as a lead character and found her a unique addition to Brayden's list of heroines.

Madison, the third member of the trio, had her own sub-plot in this book, and I thought it was well-done. I can certainly relate to being in her situation, and I'm glad it all worked out well for her in the end. It looks like the next book will involve a romance between her and Clementine, which I think will be adorable.

Now for the aspects of the story I didn't enjoy. First of all, WHY does Gabriella insist on calling Ryan a "kid?" Gabriella is 34 and Ryan is 28. They're both far from being kids, and it felt weird that Gabriella was ogling Ryan one moment and basically calling her a child the next. What the heck?? Also, Gabriella and another character constantly label Ryan as a player and turn their noses up at Ryan for this, which was a bit overdone. I understand Gabriella having reservations, but in the beginning she was pointing out Ryan's flaws to her face when Ryan was nothing but kind to her. (Obviously, Ryan was my favorite of the duo.)

Also, the Biddies are back in this book. I found them hysterical in the beginning, but they became increasingly more annoying as the story went on. A little bit of gossip is fun, but these four take it to a whole 'nother level...yikes.

Thankfully, my gripes didn't take up a huge portion of the story, and I really enjoyed it on the whole. I'll be anxiously awaiting the third book in the series!
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Melissa Brayden always gets to the top of my to read time, every single time. Her books are almost always great, with her low point being very good and just when I thought her books couldn't get any better this second book in the Tangled Valley series falls into my greedy hands. And I loved it, it is slightly different with no big dramatic break-up but just life happens, people are sometimes insecure, make assumptions or get into their own head. The story of Gabriella and Ryan could be our own, some of us might still have a nostalgic thought now and again about the one that got away while others managed to get their happily ever after.
Everyone will find recognition in both Ryan and Gabriella and in their struggles with making things work. The womanizer and the hardworking cook opening of Tangled Valley who prefers her life to be peaceful and drama free are not compatible at first glance, but what if people want to change? How brave do you have to be to take a chance? And is it worth it?
Find this out all while enjoying some more wine and friendship among the vines, meeting up with Becca and Joey and glimpsing a possibility for Madison. Cheers to a hopefully soon 3rd book to finish the Tangled Valley trilogy!

*** An ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review ***
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This second part of the Tangle Valley Romances series has been really good. Of the trio of friends the author introduced us to in the first book of the series, Entangled, this time it was Gabriella, the chef of Italian descent who came to the vineyards from New York to take over a new restaurant. She appeared a lot in the first part, as she restored an old truck, which she named Jolene, to turn it into a wonderful and flourishing food truck, as a sampling of her culinary skills to the delight of neighbors and visitors.

In this second part and to take charge of the restoration of the place that should be Gabriella's restaurant, Joey, the owner of the construction company, appears. She is a little younger than Gabriella and in town she is not known for stable relationships, only hook ups. That does not go at all with Gabriella and neither with Madison, another of the three friends and at the same time Gabriella's ex, who doesn't seem to approve of the two of them getting involved. 

The story is well developed from these premises, Gabriella has many doubts and her environment does not seem to help her to clarify and in turn Joey does not know very well how to act in front of these new sensations that she had not experienced before and that she They make it completely unsafe and off-site. 

As always, this author's writing is different, with some dramatic and funny situations, cheeky dialogues and underlying humor, all wrapped up in deep emotion.

And as almost always, it has been a joy for me to delve into this story.
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3,5 Stars. Gabriella Russo is chef at the Tangle Valley Vineyard. Gabriella is ready to open her full restaurant, instead of cooking out of a food truck. Joey, the owner of the Vineyard hires Ryan Jacks as the carpenter to turn an old barn into a beautiful restaurant. Ryan is a player who has not been in love and is unsure how she feels about it. Gabby is sexy and witty and everything Ryan wants in a girl and is rethinking how she deals with relationships.  Ryan takes things slow with her and is just enjoying the ride.

This book is the second in a series. I thought the first one was just okay, I liked this one better. I enjoyed how their relationship evolved over time and things change. I liked how Ryan's thoughts changed over time and really made it seem like she was starting to care about Gabby and she wasn't just a hook up. There was one thing I did not like about this book, I did not like the drama near the end of the book, I did not like how they broke up and what happened. It was frustrating and mostly annoying. Otherwise, this book was a classic Melissa Brayden novel with the sarcasm and everything. Would recommend if you like her or just want a decent novel.
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I read this book on national coming out day. It was definitely feel good book, with a good balance of angst. It was a quick read because I had to find out what happened, and the ending left me satisfied
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I was completely charmed by the main pair in the first novel of the series, and even more so by the two side characters. One of those characters, Gabriella Russo, gets her turn as the lead in this story. Gabriella is the "little ball of charisma" of the three. I was a little worried that Gabriella's bang, zoom personality would grow tiresome in this novel, but I found her to be a very capable lead. Her love interest, Ryan Jacks, is not quite as strong, but I still found her lovable in her own right.

I think it is interesting that Brayden threw together two characters who weren't very much on committed relationships, but very much committed to to well in their fields. They are both proud of how good they are, each with a slight bit of professional arrogance that doesn't allow them to compromise if they are convinced they need to. Their personalities fit together well, and it shows in their chemistry and relationship.

While I loved the novel, for the most part, I did have some problems with how Gabriella kind of condescends to Ryan because of their age differences. It works for a while, especially given Ryan's reputation around town, but Gabriella's friends refuting the reputation, and Ryan's own actions, should help Gabriella change her mind sooner, but it doesn't. It is a little unfair to Ryan, who is trying despite some hiccups. Ryan does have some confidence issues, and is going through a bit of a attitude change, but that Gabriella can't always remember that is a little frustrating. Not saying that Ryan doesn't have some issues of her own that hurt Gabriella, but the age thing always bugs me with age gap differences, even one that is only seven years.

Also, I think another reviewer had mentioned that they didn't like the Biddies (the grandma gossip mongers) and I don't really either. It feels like they are just there for the gossip, no matter how much they harm people and their relationships. They seem to always pop up to provide more drama, and while it doesn't seem totally manufactured, I don't like their usage.

In any event, this is another great read from Brayden, and I have been enjoying the series so far. Gabriella remains really charming. I loved the double tension of the building and opening the vineyard's restaurant and the romance between Ryan and Gabriella. The town and its people are lovely, even with the Biddies, and the care given to them shows in the book. Highly recommended, and I cannot wait to see the next one.

I received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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