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Pub Date 27 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 14 Nov 2021

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Three journeys. Two peoples divided. One secret that will change everything. 

Anya Audentia is lucky, apparently. She lives in The City; a place where your genes define your destiny. She is a Gem, and a Tier 2 Gem at that. Her genes have been modified to make her strong, smart and beautiful; everything her society values.

Leyna is unlucky. She is a Nomod. Her genes are raw and unmodified. By definition, that makes her a nobody. Leyna lives outside The City walls with the rest of her kind. Life is hard. Food is scarce. The Gems control everything.

Somewhere deep in the backstreets of The City, a Gem called Reyen is about to take his Trials. The Trials could change his life for the better, or make him more miserable than he could ever imagine.

Anya, Leyna and Reyen each find themselves on totally separate journeys. They have no idea the others even exist, and yet their paths are about to cross in ways more deadly than they could have possibly imagined.

Someone somewhere has a dark secret. While hatred and resentment smoulder in The City streets, the fire for revenge burns brightest of them all.

The City is about to be tested.

Three journeys. Two peoples divided. One secret that will change everything. 

Anya Audentia is lucky, apparently. She lives in The City; a place where your genes define your destiny. She is a Gem, and...

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Would be very grateful if any reviews could be cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads, please. Thank you. Available for interviews etc. Please contact supplied email address.

Would be very grateful if any reviews could be cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads, please. Thank you. Available for interviews etc. Please contact supplied email address.

Advance Praise

"Genepool is an enthralling Science-Fiction novel that is riveting and intriguing.....the pace of the book is relentless, leading to a tremendous finale....I thoroughly enjoyed Genepool and highly recommend it." Booksirens reviewer: Overall rating 5 stars.

"A strength of the work is the character development, especially of the heroine, Anya and her Nomod ally, Ben. These two personalities are realistic by our real-world criteria, so we feel connected to both, and we become invested in the reconciliation of their conflicts. It is crucial to the conflict and the theme that these qualities develop in a naturalistic way, and the author seamlessly blends the process with the social and political changes happening in their society..... The conflict intensifies as the levels rise, and the other story arcs continue, with the conflicts escalating and the tension rising to a tense, action-filled climax." Overall rating 5 stars. Gordon Long. Author of Petrellan Saga. 

"A compelling read to be unequivocally recommended" 5* Goodreads reviewer.

"Divergent meets Gattaca." 5* Booksirens reader.

"Genepool is an enthralling Science-Fiction novel that is riveting and intriguing.....the pace of the book is relentless, leading to a tremendous finale....I thoroughly enjoyed Genepool and highly...

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Featured Reviews

Genepool is the debut novel from author A.E. Price. A Science-Fiction novel dystopian backdrop. When I decided to read this book, I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect. I was a little concerned it may be aimed at a younger demographic, but I need not have worried. This was definitely the young adult to adult level. Do not get me wrong, there is little to no foul and abusive language, neither is there rivers of blood. What there is, is plenty of action, loads of biology-based material and thrills and spills galore. As the Gene, the basic biological unit of heredity, plays a significant role in the storyline, you can tell the author has done her research well. Thankfully though, it is not overly complicated and does not leave the reader scratching their heads lost in wonder. It is a clever and inventive piece of sci-fi writing. The three main characters highlighted (Anya, Reyen and Leyna) have various personalities and traits. These are well described with varying depth to their characters. Anya seems to have a death wish, as does Leyna, but for different reasons. Reyen is ruthless and does not seem to care who he stomps on to get what he desires. His escapades during the trials were one of my favourite passages of the narrative. But things do have a habit of changing in this narrative, and you can never take anything for granted. There are subplots and more than one villain of the peace that has to be reckoned with. The supporting cast of characters is excellent. Airen, Ben and Bonnie are the three that stand out as they assist Anya, even if Bonnie is a bit of an airhead at times, and Ben is a Nomod. The author's descriptions of fight scenes are flashy, exciting and vivid but without too much blood and guts. The book's dialogue is realistic, clear and relatively profanity-free. Genepool is an enthralling Science-Fiction novel that is riveting and intriguing. The book is very intense and compelling, with a flowing narrative. The pace of the book is relentless, leading to a tremendous finale. As the narrative develops, we get a greater understanding of the principal characters. This is especially true of their human strengths, weaknesses and frailties. The narrative develops and unwinds unexpectedly, with twists to the storyline you would expect in a crime thriller. Genepool did have the feel of a sci-fi thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed Genepool and highly recommend it. Thank you, NetGalley and A. E. Price, for the ADC of the book.

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This book caught my eye as a science student. Usually, we're pretty underrepresented in stories since people write what they know (and boy most authors do not know science). Genepool depicts a (relatively possible though dystopian) future where your existence as a person is judged on seven traits. Beauty, strength, ingenuity, ambition, courage, knowledge, and resilience. When I first read this my reaction was "big DnD vibes". So if your parents have some money, they can pay for your genetic makeup to be edited to improve one or more of these seven traits. Until you're 18, you train for a test which will evaluate all of these traits and put you in the corresponding "Tier" which is a social class. But not everyone lives inside The City, where you can work hard to reach a better class. Many people live outside The City where evolution runs its' good ol' course. Genepool tells the story of a broken system, in the way that I know it. The way of gene editing, biotechnology, and huge scientific risks with no ethical standpoint. It's the first of the series but so far the MC has major aroace vibes (which I love) and the amount of twists in this story had me on the edge of my seat. Sure, there are still some spelling mistakes in this book but they can always be edited out and I've never felt so seen. (Finally I know how theatre kids feel when they read any YA book). I loved this book and here are a few quotes to convince you to read it. -"Strength. Courage. Resilience. Beauty. Ambition. Ingenuity. Knowledge. But they forgot the damn humanity." -"Did you really think you could outsmart evolution?"

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Received as a review copy from NetGalley, this is is an honest review. A gorgeous, futuristic story that looks at how society would work if one's status is tied to their genes; better genes, better status and all that goes with it. The character of Anya is in a unique position while being a Gem whose standing to benefit from her modified genes and skills to earn her access to her desired career. But it's a harrowing encounter with Reyen and Leyna that will bring the world Anya knows crashing down; the ability to change The City and how it exists will alter its residents in ways no one can foresee. Highly recommended.

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I'm so glad I downloaded this ARC. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I finished it a few days ago and had to take some time to write this review because otherwise it would be pure screaming. tw: slavery, violence, human experiments Okey, so, first... I chose this one because the premise sounded really interesting. Science fiction, dystopia, genetics, that's my jam. Plus, the cover looked cool. It exceed my expectations. At first glance, it sounds similar to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, but with great characters and a cool plot, a mystery. But I think is so much more than a simple dystopia with genetics taken to the extreme. Most of the characters are lovely and really cool to follow. The exception is Reyen, he's insufferable but it's intended that way and it's really well constructed. Ben, Anya and Airen are all very great and had very cool characters arc. The morality switch of Anya and Airen is well done and Ben is just cute and cool. Leyna is also great, you feel for her in every page and want her to be safe and [spoiers] her negative arc is sooo cool! - The worldbuilding: I love dystopias and science fiction and this had it all. The City with it's tiers and the strans is very well constructed. The Slumbs, even thought we don't see much of them, are also well constructed and the hard life there it's very well displayed. The hints of history are interesting and made me want to know more about it. - The technology: sometimes in science fiction the "science" part is left aside a bit, technology takes a secondary place or serves only as a context. In Genepool it doesn't happen. Technology and science take a central place, especially since Anya is a scientist, it's part of the plot and also of the mystery; it has an active role, it's not left in the background. And that was one of the things I liked the most about the book. It finds the ideal balance between technology, science, a good plot and great characters. And the best part is that you never lose sight of any of these aspects. In addition, everything is very well explained and you understand perfectly what they're talking about when they talk about genetic stuff. In that sense, I think that having a character from the Slumbs who isn't very into genetic issues accompanying a scientist was a very good decision. - The characters: I think I screamed enough about them already but I loved the characters! Ben is my favorite without a doubt. Anya and Airen are in second place together. I liked Bonnie too, she was cute. - The mystery: I was hooked since the beginning. I liked how the three POV seemed disconnected at first but then you start to realize that all are connected by the same thing: the main mystery about the deaths and kidnappings. So, basically, I could keep talking about this book for days. I loved it. I want more of the characters and the world... I want book 2!

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I really enjoyed this book with a capital E. I am a strong believer that no matter who you are we all have flaws. In this book this idea is out dated. This isn't a heavy going scf-fi novel. But it is fast paced. In fact it would best be described as a rollercoaster ride. It's different and the characters are very well developed. But can we really control evolution? Well this book has so many twists, turns,ups and downs that grabs your interest literally from the first sentence. Grab this quick. It seriously is an awesome read. One that I couldn't put down. I even missed a doctor's appointment because I lost track of time. Shhh don't tell her. Enjoy!

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*4.5 stars* Genepool is like Divergent meets Brave New World meets Gattaca. This sci-fi “thriller” shows a society based on seven Tiers representing the seven character traits that represent the perfect Gem, or genetically modified human: beauty, strength, ingenuity, ambition, courage, knowledge, and resilience. Each of these is also represented by an element e.g. wood, air, water, etc. as well as a corresponding color. (Cue the dystopian vibes!) However, not everyone lives in The City - there are un-augmented humans called Nomods that are thought of as “not even human” because they are not created with biotechnology. They are forced to be slaves to The City and its inhabitants. We are mainly following three perspectives: - Anya is a Tier 2 geneticist whose mentor is murdered, and she embarks on a journey to find out why. -Leyna is a Nomod who is trying to find her brother who was taken in a City shuttle. -Reyen is a Tier 6 Gem who is going through his Trials, which will determine what Tier he will end up in. (When a gem is eighteen, they have to go through The Trials to determine their status - they can end up moving up in Tiers, or failing their Trial and lowering themselves as well as their entire family down into a lower Tier. Obviously, Tier 1 is the best, and Tier 7 is the worst) For a debut novel, I am in shock at this incredibly well-plotted and clever novel that used sci-fi dystopian tropes and created a world I love to read about and would love to see adapted to the silver screen! This is a refreshing take on the genre and I am highly anticipating the sequel!!! TW: Human Experimentation, Slavery, Violence ** Thanks to Netgalley and A.E.Price for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!**

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A heavy sci-fi novel? Not on your life! Genepool is an exciting, fast moving new book that takes the reader on a mesmerising rollercoaster of a journey into a monstrous new genetically modified society. If follows the destinies of three young people whose lives are inextricably linked, to be revealed in the nerve wracking climax. Essentially a sci-fi thriller, this novel’s underlying seriousness is mitigated by a keen sense of humour. Characters and relationships are beautifully developed and the style is highly readable. A compelling read to be unequivocally recommended. 5*

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Genepool was an excellent read, easily 5 stars! To begin with, I really enjoyed the world that A.E. Price creates. I particularly like the aspect of the Trials. I thought that it was interesting hearing about the Trials from Anya, who had already taken them, and then following Reyen's experiences as he currently takes them. In regard to the characters, they were all well-developed. I enjoyed that while each POV character (Anya, Reyen, and Leyna) has their own story, they all come together in the end. Each character's past impacts the decisions that they make throughout the novel. While not a POV character, Ben is one of my favorites! Overall, without giving any spoilers, it was an exciting read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a gripping sci-fi read. I cannot wait for the sequel!

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This book was good right from the start! What a concept! To be able to engineer your children in the hopes of elevating your status in life. You follow the main character, Anya, and her quest to discover the truth as to why her mentor is killed. So many secrets, so many plot twists and a great ending. Love that the author gave us a variety of characters to love and hate. “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” Thank you NetGalley and A. E. Price

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If you love Divergent, the Hunger Games, or Gattaca, this book is for you. I takes us to a futuristic society where either you are a Gem (genetically modified before birth to have "better" characteristics), or a Nomod, where your genes haven't been altered. Although this is what we would call "human" now, Nomods are treated like they are not people at all and are essentially servants to the Gems. Genepool follows the journeys of three characters - Anya, Reyen and Leyna. Anya is a brilliant but fiery Gem who is framed for murder and has to flee her home and family. Leyna is a compassionate Nomod who is on a journey to rescue her brother who has been kidnapped by the Gems. Reyen is a completely ruthless Gem who is undertaking his trials - series of brutal challenges which will determine his place in society. The book is fast paced from the beginning, takes some unexpected turns and comes to a thrilling end. Genepool is fast paced and immersive from the beginning. The characters - although totally different from each other - are all really likeable and in particular I really enjoyed Anya's character progression and the way that the Nomod Ben influences this. I really struggled to put the book down and would thoroughly recommend it.

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