Why Mummy Drinks

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Quite humorous with a similar voice to Bridget Jones. This book made me constantly want a drink as Ellen keeps talking about deserving a drink pretty much every day. Her children's antics were probably the funniest. I was a bit incredulous about the awful people around her, are people really so inconsiderate and oblivious? It took me a while to get into the book but I enjoyed 2nd half a lot more.
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I found this book hilarious at times I was able to put myself into the situation and wondered how I'd react.  A fun light read would recommend.
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Fairly amusing story, apart from the annoyingly feckless hippies, but contains a great deal of swearing all through the book.
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Ellen is like many other mum's, husband, 2 children and a job to keep going. The story is written in diary form and each day never fails to make you smile. Although this book is hilariously funny it is also so true to life which goes to make it rather poignant. I'm sure that many mum's will be able to relate to many of the stories held within this wonderful book.
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This book was very funny and I would recommend it to all parents. It gives a true picture of parenthood and I feel that any parent would find it entertaining.
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Starting to wonder if this book is an autobiography of myself!! Hilarious read, perfect sun lounger read!!
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If you've ever read the authors hilarious Peter and Jane page on Facebook and had to explain to partners (or parents or children) why you are snorting with laughter this book is for you. Funny and delightfully potty-mouthed.
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I liked this book but didn’t love it. I had read lots of ‘made me laugh out loud’ snaps of this book, but some of these were the best parts of the book. Although not a mother myself I can appreciate the stresses of running a home with just 2 adults and pets so can totally understand where the author is coming from........Only thing that ruined it for me a bit was the amount Ellen earned from a half- arsed attempt at an app, maybe if the writer had expanded a bit on what this was supposed to be like it may have made it more plausible.. The unlikeable relatives were all difficult not to like as could imagine the chaos at mealtimes
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Full Review: http://readingruby.co.uk/book-review-why-mommy-drinks-by-gill-sims/

*4 Stars*

First things first, I am NOT the target audience for this book, I am not a mum. However, being an aunt and having lots of little people in my life, I thought this one sounded like a really interesting, funny read. I've also never checked out the Gill Sims' blog, which this book is based on, and which I assume is just as humorous.

This book follows a middle-class family life with young children, and is told in a diary format. It covers the everyday aspects of the life of a parent, highlighting the struggles and the funny moments - along with a fair few references to wine and swearing - all of which added to the humour for me!

I think this is definitely one to re-read if/when I have kids of my own, when I feel like these situations will be extremely relatable! Therefore, I would recommend this one to mothers/fathers who are looking for an insight into the struggles/humours of family life, which they are living.

I received this E-Arc in exchange for an honest review and would like to say thank-you to HarperCollins for providing me with an advanced-readers-copy of this book.
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Hooray! A book that shows the reality of being a working mother juggling the demands of children, husband, family and work with the rose tinted spectacles removed. It is written in such a humorous way that it had me stifling full,on guffaws of laughter throughout. Mums will relate to all the examples of how even the simplest task with children in tow becomes a major manoeuvre and trying to compete with the seemingly perfect snooty mothers in the playground  with their equally perfect children certainly hit a chord with me. The horrors of Christmas with so many family members descending is hilarious, the descriptions of the characters and their quirky traits is inspired. Loved it!
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Bridget Jones meets motherhood; searingly honest, highly amusing, good entertainment all round.

For any person born in the 70s / 80s, their teen years were probably much supported by the hilarious Diary of Adrian Mole, then their feckless 20-something years back up by Bridget Jones' Diary. If you brought into those two books, and you're now a 30-40 year old, raising kids and peering towards 'middle-age', you'll adore this. 

Why Mummy Drinks is a brutally honest, often amusing appraisal of:

a)being a working mum
b) raising children that have a frequent tendency to embarrass you and 
c) drinking far too much as a consequence.

Right from the start, it sets the tone; outlining the 'ideal day' (offering the 'precious moppets' a choice of 'wholesome homemade breakfasts', serenely walking to school etc.) vs the grim reality of telling aforementioned moppets to 'disengage themselves from bastarding electronic devices' and legging it to school with moments to spare.

We're then immersed in Ellen's chaotic, madcap life, raising Peter and Jane, coping with her husband's irritating habits, designing an app, while defending herself against the 'coven' of yummy mummies in the playground. She befriends Sam, an uber-fit dad who happens to be gay, and together, they and her other friend Hannah spend a lot of time getting sozzled, particularly when there are relatives staying at home.

Ellen's frosty relations with her relatives are where much of the hilarity comes from - especially hippyish, feckless Louisa, who lets her youngest child poo where it pleases. There are many other laugh-out-loud moments in the book (the dangerous fireworks made me particularly chuckle), and several wince-worthy events that most parents will 100% relate to.

At times, I did find Ellen and her lifestyle a little bit cringeingly privileged and middle-class, and her decisions at times were a little unpleasant, yet conveyed as acceptable within the book. However, given this was her diary, this seems fair! Likewise, my attention was waning slightly in the middle, but hauled right back on track before long, which made me glad I persisted through the slightly slow section.

Overall, a really fun, lighthearted read - a nice change from all these bleak, weighty tomes that dominate the book shops (or maybe it's just me, continually investing in grim novels, tee hee!). If you loved Bridget Jones' antics, you'll definitely love this.
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Very funny,  much more serious and poignant than the cover might suggest.
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I went into this book slightly reserved - not having children of my own just yet, I wondered if I would be able to really relate to any of the characters and sink into the story the way I do with other novels. 

I was not disappointed.

A fun, witty and honest read that had me laughing out loud. 

I really thoroughly enjoyed this and began to follow Gill Sims blog for more of her funny anecdotes. 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone - children or no children, it is incredibly easy to read and relate to.
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Funny and true to life. An enjoyable read. Would recommend as a cheer up book.
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I enjoy the author’s social media posts, so I thought this book would be great. However, I struggled to get through it as after a few pages, it just stops being funny.  I don’t think this kind of humour is particularly suited to a book format - perhaps it would work better as a collection of shorter anecdotes that can be dipped in and out of.
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As an avid follower of Gill Simms ‘Peter and Jane’ Facebook page, I was delighted to be offered this title by NetGalley to review. 
It really is laugh-out-loud funny. Obviously it’s a fictional account of life, but there are so many things that chime with real experience that you feel validated - other people go through these too! Our heroine navigates school-gate mummies, feral offspring, an obstreperous ‘gadget twat’ husband, appalling relatives, and heart-broken friends with insouciance - accompanied by her faithful ‘judgy dog’ and copious amounts of gin, wine and tequila. This is a terrific life-affirming read - perfect for FIF!
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Funny, touching and highly relatable as a parent myself. Loved it.
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I love Peter and Jane on Facebook and have to admit to being rather excited when I heard that there was to be a book. 
It was a very easy book to read, written in the style of a diary but I never felt the draw that I feel from other books.  You know, desperate to know what is going to happen next and rushing home to be able to have even just another 5 minutes of reading. 
Unfortunately, I think that Sue Townsend and Helen Fielding did the diary books first and better.
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This book is so funny, I had to stop myself laughing out loud in the middle of the night. This is my first time reading from this author and it certainly won't be the last. I love the diary style writing that has a Bridget Jones feel to it. It's the type of book you can pick up time and time again for a funny light hearted read. 
I found myself reading parts and thinking is this lady in the same playground as me, it so true to life and this is what really sealed the deal for me and made me love this book. 
This book can be read by all ages because any, parent, mother or wife can relate to many part of this book. 
Gill Sims is one of those author to watch, I will be waiting to see whats next.
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