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Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile

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A laugh-out-loud book that makes reading fun!

Danny Dingle is a wannabe inventor and, with his best friend Percy, pulls out all the stops to impress his superhero idol, Gareth Trumpshaw. This book is full of funny illustrations and crazy fonts that brings the humour to life.

Packed with fun and wit, Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds is the perfect series for kids who aren't yet ready for Wimpy Kid but are ready to take on a book by themselves.
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Danny Dingle's Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile was a hit in my classroom. I passed it around the room after I’d read it myself and many students flew through it, some finishing it in one night. It was funny, appealing, entertaining and very relevant to my all boys Primary School class. The illustrations were comical at times and proved very appealing to my class. It stimulates many discussions among my students too and prompted them to seek out the other books in the series. We also used it as a spring board for creative writing exercises and it provoked many imaginative adventures among my students. It’s a great read for young children, one my class would definitely recommend.
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This was a hugely entertaining book and quite different from most of the other children's books I have read recently. It didn't appear to have a particular message to deliver. Instead, it was a book with a huge emphasis on fun, which I found rather refreshing. The book was certainly never boring!

Recommended for children who particularly enjoy reading about invention and adventure.
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I really enjoyed this book. I think the humor is perfect to draw in many children and keep them reading. I mean, honestly, who can resist burps and fart humor?! My eight-year-old son read this over my shoulder and laughed manically so this is a winner for me! This will be put in my home library very shortly.
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While potty humor isn't my thing, I can see bow this would draw in a certain type of reader, often the most reluctant reader. It was  an excellent book for inspiring creative thinking and problem solving with lots o  humor embedded. I would suggest this for any reluctant young reader.
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For elementary school boys only. A somewhat humorous and crass story about  the adventures of an inventive boy, his best friend, and pet frog, "Superdog." An inordinate amount of references to farting and vomit render this book tasteless despite some rather witty dialogue. Not something we'll be recommending.
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Pencil-like drawings, almost doodles, are interspersed throughout the story of a schoolkid whose only skills, despite his huge belief in himself, are goofing off and farting.
I think Superdog is a great name for a toad. My favorite line is “A tumbleweed rolled past.”
But seriously, there’s a lot of farting going on. And there’s only so much you can get out of a mediocre kid pretending he’s smart. The beginning of the egg chapter had me cringing.
Not sure what the message is here. Be an idiot, ignore your parents and your schoolwork, still win at the end?
2.5 pushed up to 3/5
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