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This story reminded me a little of the life of Princess Dee after her divorce. It was a nice tale i enjoyed!
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Another lovely, romantic read from Hannah Fielding.  A great addition to a beautiful series.
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Caliente, apasionado y maravilloso! I have never fell in love with a place inside the book like ever, more so I have never fell in love while reading a book! This is the first! Hannah Fielding's expertise in bringing us to Cadiz, Andalucia in Espana is great here as she takes us to this paradise of wonders.

Luna and Ruy's love is one of a kind. A different story of fate far from those that I have already read. They are destined for a tell-tale romance infused with secrets, repressed emotions and uncontrollable passion that the two lovers cannot escape.

Legacy is one hell of a by the sea romance. This novel have me falling hard for Cadiz that I also want to find love in that place. Although there are moments when I feel that making love is the language of the two leads, somehow Ms. Hannah Fielding really showed that Luna the Queen of the Night lights up the brooding Ruy Rueda de Calderón and like the Moon and the night sky they make the best complement.
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I'm excited to have read the Andalucían Nights series and even more excited to say that I have genuinely enjoyed each novel! I'm a fan of strong lead females and Luna had an exceptional story to follow. I loved the descriptions of Cadiz. Anytime an author can make you feel like you've actually been somewhere you've never even seen pictures of is such a treat. The romance was one that will leave you longing for your own romantic story.
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I have read all 3 books in the Andalucian Nights series. This is the third and final book in the series. It was great to revisit characters that show up in all 3 books. Reading this book, any of the books in the series really will make you forget your troubles as you get so absorbed in the book the afternoon will just fly by.The rich descriptions of Spain will make you fall in love with it. The cool spray of the beach.the exotic food,the gypsies. They will enchant you in this magical book. Luna Ward, a young science journalist investigates a clinic claiming to have natural cures that work for ailments including. Having no idea she was falling in love with the clinic's head of operations, Ruy Rueda de Calderón. He is not all all who she expected him to be and it's not helping that she is running into him literally everywhere she goes. The tension mounts as they spend more and more time together. I loved the dynamic relationship between them and respect between them even when they argued and had a misunderstanding. There is a longstanding family feud between their families What happened recently doesn't help it at all but love will find a way and family feuds doesn't stand a chance when the talking and forgiveness is present. I loved this whole series but each book can be read as a stand alone. I do recommend the whole series though!
Pub Date 02 Mar 2017 
Thank you to NetGalley and London Wall Publishing for a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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"Legacy" is a great conclusion and - for me - the best book in the series. Like the previous books, it's well written; the writing is captivating and wonderfully descriptive (you can almost see the spanish scenery in front of you). The protagonists are likeable, have edges to them and secrets that make the story exciting. The dynamic between them is interesting as well. Luna has problems to trust men due to traumatic experiences in her past, which is why she does not really welcome Ruy's advances even though she feels attracted to him. Moreover, her reason to be in Spain is to write about the alternative medicine he practices and she regards as quackery which he doesn't know. He also has a secret that could hurt their blooming relationship. conceals something that could hinder their relationship stones. This keeps the book captivating and as a reader, you just wait for both to learn the truth and how they react to it.

The development of their relationship is well written and there are many beautiful, romantic moments between them. I must say that Luna's prejudices against Ruy have bothered me a bit, but when you consider what she has experienced, they are understandable. It was nice to see that she slowly looked behind the facade and realized that some things are different than she thought. Of course it is not easy between them. Both make mistakes, there are misunderstandings, they do not communicate well. This was frustrating, but the book itself refers the famous Shakespare quote that the course of true love never runs smoothly and this certainly applies to Luna and Ruy. The chemistry between them is obvious and you feel that they belong together, but they have to overcome obstacles and mature before they are really ready for their happy ending. It was worth it though - I really liked the way the story ended.

I also liked that the couples from the first two volumes - Alexandra and Salvador as well as Luz and Andrés - appear again and that you can see how happy they still are after all the decades they were together.

I give "Legacy" four stars. The love story was nice, the characters likeable and although there is also drama, it was well balanced and not over the top.
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Great descriptive writing. Beautiful and exotic. Awesome cover too. Win Win
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A great romance novel, loved the setting, loved the characters.  It's been a long time since I've read a traditional straight forward romance novel and I really enjoyed it.
If you are looking for a lovely romance to read and especially as a holiday read then I would recommend this book to you.

Thank you to London Wall Publishing via Netgalley for the copy.
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Great book to read. I voluntarily read this book for my honest review.  I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.
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Legacy by Hannah Fielding was absolutely enchanting.  I was swept away by the powerful forces pushing and pulling Luna and Ruy this way and that along their paths to destiny.  This story was full of lust and love and all the fragile emotions in between.  I look forward to more of Fielding's works in the future.
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I read this book thrice! Yes, thrice!
I'd love to read the Andalucian Night Series after reading this book. With a playful and intense writing style, the Author takes you on a journey from New York to Cadiz, to the lifestyle of Gypsies, hopes of lovers and their torments, it's a delightful read.
The story follows Luna, a young Researcher who leaves New York to look into Dr. Rueda De Calderon's new take on medicine focusing on hypnosis that seems to be a big threat to the pharmaceutical industry while questioning logic. She meets the doctor, Ruy, and their's is a passion that smolders and beneath it all lies secrets that could make or destroy them.

I loved their bantering. These two can go on for ages and that guy, Ruy, is smooth! He's relentless in pursuing Luna, and slowly breaks down her barriers until she comes to accept him and overcome her fears.
This is the first I have read of Hannah's works and I am hooked. I would love to read more of her books because the romance swept me off my feet thrice! I am grateful to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for what I hoped would be an honest review but turned out to be an overly honest one, the prose is beautiful!
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This is an excellent series. I have read the final two books in the series and although they do work as stand alones, they would be much better read in order.
This is the story of a damaged female working for a publisher of a medical journal who is sent to Spain as a 
Journalist to find out if a medical facility is as good as it appears to be or is giving false reports of its data. Naturally the girl falls in love but cannot respond to this love as she is so damaged.
I love the way the story works with a conclusion to the book and the series.
I highly recommend this book, and the series.
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I enjoyed this book this was a fantastic installment of the series and I loved this just as much as the previous books
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Luna Ward goes to Spain as an undercover journalist to expose an alternate health clinic in Cadiz. She has lost her cousin to cancer and thinks she will be glad ot expose what they are doing. When she meets the head of the clinic there is an immediate attraction. Luna feels she still can do her job but as she spends time talking to Ruy and looking into their work she is thinking the article should take a different turn. They both have secrets and are falling more in love as time goes by. Can they get beyond all of the barriers to find true love??
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This is the third book in  the series but can be read as a standalone.This was a great read a super sweet romance that you won't want to put down.I just loved Luna she was a great character you can't help but like her and the chemistry between her and Ruy was amazing.
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Luna half Spanish half American gets an undercover job to investigate the controversial work of Doctor Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon. She must go in Spain for that, and the doctor isn’t what she expects to be, a young and attractive man. The attraction is vivid between them but could they cross all secrets and finally find true love?

Legacy is the third book of the Andalucian Nights series and perfectly written like the other two books. Hannah Fielding doesn’t spare words but genuinely gives us in this perfect story which started in Indiscretion, the first book of this series. This is well written and engaging story, which brings my emotions up and down along with Luna and Rodrigo.

Luna is smart and dedicated to work young woman, who is frightened to give her heart. Rodrigo is a half-gypsy, and his reputation isn’t good, but his charm and humor work like a magnet to Luna.

I like how they met and how slowly get to knowing each other playing hot and cold. The settings, beautiful Cadiz on the Spanish coast makes the story to sound more convenient and more romantic. The house on the beach which Luna rents is fascinating, and it fits very well in the picture of Cadiz.

The whole package which includes the story and the characters is unforgettable, and It will stay in my mind long time.

I recommend Legacy for everyone who likes romance in extremely romantic and exotic settings and for everyone who loves intriguing love story twining with secrets.
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