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Kiss My Boots is the second book in the Coming Home series (all of which are standalone) and follows Maverick and Clay's sister Quinn, who is feisty and badass in her own right being a mechanic. She is such a strong heroine, one I had no problem jumping on the bandwagon for. Quinn hasn't put her heart on the line since her old love left town unexpectedly, afraid that she'd get her heart broken once again. What's she to do when her old love Tate comes rollin' into town? Tate's back in town to make Quinn understand the reason he left nine years ago. Tate is such a loving, charming and good guy that it's impossible for Quinn's panties not to melt at the sight of him. With a little help from Homer, Tate, and Quinn will get the happily ever after that were always destined too!
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I loved the first book in this series. I couldn't wait to jump into this second chance romance with Tate and Quinn's story. Many of parts in this book felt a little repetitive.  I felt like we were rehashing  the same issues over and over again.

The reason I love second chance romances is watching the couple work their way back to one another. And when we find out why Tate left, I really got it. I  like he was glad Quinn didn't make him grovel to long. I could see why Quinn would not trust him tho. It was a good second chance romance. I will continue with the series.
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I'm a huge Harper Sloan fan and I loved the first book in this series. I couldn't wait to jump into this second chance romance with Tate and Quinn's story. Certain parts of their story felt a bit repetitive. It kind of felt like they were sorting through the same issues over and over again.

One thing I love about second chance romances is watching them work their way back to one another. And once we learn Tate's reasons for staying away, I honestly felt like I've would have done the same thing in his situation. I appreciated his honesty with her about it all and was thankful that Quinn didn't give him the run of the mill to make him grovel for so long.

But I understood Quinn's reason for her lack of trust in Tate. She seriously suffers from abandonment issues with not only Tate, but from her mother and brother. It was justified, but I loved watching her development and taking these issues head one....instead of running from them.

The bit of drama, I definitely saw that coming and just wish it never did. But I can't stay that I didn't mind the way that Quinn handled it ;-) Never mess with a country girl and her man, eh?

This was definitely a solid read, great small town second chance romance to absolutely adore!
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Quinn's story is the one I didn't know I wanted or needed. Of course, I loved her in the first book, Lost Rider. The story of Tate and her pulled at my heartstrings and made me fall in love. The two of them had a childhood romance and while Tate was always leaving for college, he makes promises that they'll always stay in touch and eventually be together. But it was all lies. 

Now nine years later, Quinn is a shell of a woman she used to be. She used to be in love, she believed in it and she lived it. Ever since Tate left and never came back, she hasn't let any man close enough to be let in all the way. As fate would have it though, Tate is back and he's back for good. He's got his eyes set of the beautiful woman he's let get away. 

“There wouldn’t ever be."
“There wouldn’t ever be what?”
“Anyone that could ever come close to the woman you are.

I loved Tate. I loved how he didn't play games and told Quinn straight up that he was going to fight for her. He knows what he wants and nothing was going to stand in the way of anything stopping that. It goes without saying that Quinn is amazing. How Tate stayed away from her all those years, I don't even know. But I was definitely rooting for him from the beginning!

Overall, this is one for the books, literally. I loved ever second of the book and Quinn is a force to be reckoned with. I have to admit though, I'm excited for Clay's book. I have been since we first met him in Lost Rider. He's just and mysterious. Ah...I need that book now!! Please and start the first one of the trilogy if you haven't already. You will not regret it!
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Let me just tell y'all, Quinn Davis is not a girl you wanna mess with, hence the title- Kiss My Boots!! It is more than fitting for her. Not only could she sling that insult at her brothers, but she does it with no problem to her love- Tate Montgomery!
As for Tate- hello hotness!! And, he's a hoochie doctor!!! How awesome is that?? The only thing that made me love these two more was their history together- and what a history it was. Childhood sweethearts, pulled apart by forces beyond their control, helped put the wedge in Quinn's heart that almost didn't pull free. Luckily, our man Tate was not afraid to grovel and beg for the woman he loved.
Not only did we get to see the oh so beautiful story unfold between Quinn and Tate, and the love they shared bloom again, and become something bigger than they imagined it could be- but we get a deeper look into the Davis family as well. Harper Sloan gives us a closer look at Clay, and what could possibly be in his future. 
I loved the fact that Harper brought about some closure with Quinn and her mother, because it broke my heart for her to carry that burden around for so long. She needed that peace, and I loved that Tate was there with her, every step of the way.
There isn't anything about this book that I didn't love and adore, and cannot wait to get my hands on Clay's story, because I know that it is going to blow my mind. He is the dark horse that is going to give us one heck of a show. And I, for one, am more than ready!
5 stars!!!
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around when it first came out and then was waiting anxiously for books two and three. Alas, life got ahold of me and I never got to this book until later. While I’m a little upset at myself for waiting so long to read this story, I was no less impressed with how this story turned out.

Kiss My Boots is the story of the about Quinn Davis and her long lost love Tate Montgomery. Quinn and Tate were childhood best-friends turned lovers. They had their whole lives planned out and were making arrangements to move in together after high school. Then Tate cut Quinn off and he was never heard from again. Quinn took her broken heart and refused to ever fall for another boy again. Then Tate-years later- comes waltzing back into her life looking to rebuild the connection they had. 

I really enjoyed Kiss My Boots. I think there were a couple aspects about this story that kept me from loving it as much as the first, but overall an enjoyable story and great addition to the series. 

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Quinn and Tate. It was there right from the beginning and felt so fulfilling when they were finally able to come together. The sexy scenes were great, but not overdone. Definitely fan-worthy, but they didn’t take over the story.

My main complaints about this series are that the story was predictable. I saw what was going to happen from a mile away. The other aspect of the story that was meh was the pacing. Nearing the end of the story the book picked up, but the rest of the story kind of dragged. While no scenes were really repeated, it felt like some scenes would be drawn out for no reason, or would repeat the same issues discussed in the same way as previous scenes.

Overall, Kiss My Boots is a worth it read. It’s fun and has great characters and a lot of character development. While parts were predictable and slow, that didn’t change the overall enjoyableness of the story.
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I really wanted to love this story, but unfortunately, it was just okay for me. It felt like your typical girl and boy have grown up together, boy leaves girl behind but is now back after many years and they both go around about their feelings for each other before they finally fall in line.

been there, done that...many times over.

What I did like

The Cover is beautiful! Most of the time, I am not a big fan of people on covers but I just loved this one and thought it actually fit the book quite well.

Quinn was a great female lead. I loved the fact that she was tomboyish and worked on cars like a grease monkey. But also had a soft side and could drive the boys wild.

The setting of the south was perfect and I loved the southern lingo. I found myself reading the story in my mind like a typical southern belle.

The side characters were a hoot and a half, especially Jana. I loved every time she talked about a vagina and the names they came up with...laugh out loud hilarious!

The above mentions were enough to keep me reading until the end. Not sure if maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this type of read? But I just wanted so much more from this book. It seemed too easy, the story line just kind of fell into place. I wanted something gritty. But what I got was an easy love story wrapped up in a nice neat package.
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During Lost Rider (book #1) we meet Quinn and she's a bit of a wild card and a bit of a player.  In Kiss My Boots we get to find out why Quinn won't settle down.  And its because she has loved once and he broke her heart.  Now that love comes back to town.

"He's a vagina doctor!"

Tate has only ever loved one woman and its time he wins her back.  Now that his shackles are broken free.

Once Quinn gets over her fear and finally listens to Tate she eventually has to let go of her past so they can move forward together.

~Are my fears of being hurt again just creating problems that aren't even there?~

I absolutely love the friendship of Leighton and Quinn.  Their banter is hilarious.

The thing I love most about this series is the couples get together quite quickly and the story is created around them instead of the whole angst being about the couple getting together and there is no other substance.
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I love this series by Harper Sloan and boy I am excited to finally get to know more about Quinn Davis. In Leigh and Mavericks story we caught a glimpse of her full of spunkiness and take charge attitude. In her own book though we see a side of Quinn nobody really see’s and it scares her all these feelings she has. Instead of being fearless she is actually like us just wanting to be loved and fill that whole of heartache. Tate Montgomery have to say I wanted to hit him first for well the pain he brought but like all Prince Charming’s he does redeem himself in a hot and passionate way. Harper Sloan just blew me away again in this series not only seeing Quinn searching for her own piece of happiness but knowing Maverick and Leigh still happy was beautiful. Now there’ still one more sibling I am looking forward to and that is Clays. Harper Sloan is an author you don’t want to pass up and Quinn with Tate well let’s just say they have tons more of rodeoing together and readers will want more of those scenes *wink*. Awesome book.

“I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”
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Cowboys stories are not my favorite. This one fell a little flat for me. Maybe it is me, maybe it was the writing, to the storyline. It wasn't for me.
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If you like western romances, then Book Two in Harper Sloan's Coming Home series is a great read.  Quinn Davis is found most of the time working on cars, it keeps her mind of Tate Montgomery, the boy she loved and thought loved her back at 16 when he said she was the only girl for him.  That was 9 years ago and when he left he broke her heart and she has never really let it repair.

But Tate is coming back, now a fully fledged Doctor, Gynecologist to boot and taking over his Paw's position after he passed away, living in his home and driving his truck, and this is where Quinn comes in, he wants her to return the truck to the condition it was when it was new, repair it, and in the meantime, repair Quinn's heart and make her his completely, finally.

This book is just as entertaining as the first, the characters are solid and it has everything you could want in a Western Romance.  Thoroughly enjoyable read and looking forward to the third book.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review.
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Review: I am so excited that Quinn’s book is the second in this series! I thought for sure it would be.

Quinn Davis is your quintessential tomboy, but she does have a girly side she shows off now and again. She’s quirky, free spirited, has a fiery temper, and fiercely protective of her brothers and best friend Leighton.

Quinn, Maverick, and Clay were abandoned by their mother when they were young, and their father was a drunk abusive jerk. Tate broke her heart into a million pieces once upon a time, and Maverick had left his siblings behind to pursue his bull riding career, but just moved back home. All of that is a lot for a young girl to deal with, but Quinn is spunky and was finally able to face the challenges she’d overcome.

Quinn earned bonus points with me because she allowed Tate to explain what happened and was able to forgive him. She showed maturity that many leading female characters don’t show until much later, if even then.

The Coming Home series are the first books that I’ve read by Ms. Sloan. I love how she layers depth and strong values in her characters. I do believe, however, that she could shave off at least 50 pages if there wasn’t so much inner dialogue.
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Harper Sloan is an author that I absolutely love and she has one again written a story that I loved. This was a passionate and hot read with characters that i adored reading about. This is enjoyable series and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.
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Loved Quinn and Tate’s love story. Quinn is hilarious. Even though this was an emotional there were some funny moments. Great read about a a second chance at Love. Years ago after Tate disappeared from her life, he return back to prove to her that they deserve a second chance. Secrets from the past are revealed. forgiveness is given Recommended read
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book in The Coming Home series from Harper Sloan, and while I did read the first you can definitely read this as a stand alone. I loved the first book, and this one did not disappoint. The main characters Tate and Quinn have amazing chemistry together, and I just love that Quinn is not your typical southern female. She is strong (er than she knows), she is full of sass, she is independent, but also vulnerable and cautious. Tate is someone that at first you want to hate, but he redeems himself over and over as the two rekindle their friendship and relationship. There are moments in the book that made me angry, made me tear up a little, and made me laugh and while reading I didn't want to put this book down.

The author does a great job looping in the secondary characters and you get to know them a bit more as this story unfolds. As I mentioned, this can certainly be read as a standalone however if you want to know the details of some of the other characters as well as some additional feedback on Quinn, definitely read book 1. I can't wait to read the third installment of this series.
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***4 ‘Starch & Grease’ Stars***

I have to say that I went in to Kiss My Boots expecting something different than what I got, but I ain’t mad about it at all. It was a fun, quick read that leaned more towards the open and honest then closed off and broody and I found myself eating up every word until the very end.

OMGTate! This man, I swear is just all kinds of goodness. The bottomline with him is that he man’s the fuck up. He isn’t perfect, he knows exactly what his faults are, but he puts it all out there and it’s up to you to either believe what he’s putting down or not. Quinn. God this girl. Those who know her best call her ‘Hell-Raiser’ and she most definitely is, but then things go a little sideways and you see that vulnerable side she does her best to hide and she actually becomes more approachable and makes it so much easier to see her heart.

So, I stated that this book went in a different direction than I expected and I honestly thought Tate and Quinn’s second chance romance would be a hell of a lot more angsty and it wasn’t. There was hesitation, there was a bit of not believing that things could work out, but it was in no way OTT. Tate and Quinn actually approached things like adults...well, for the most part...and were quite transparent (even when they didn’t want to be) with their feelings and it just made it so easy to see why they should be together when everything was said and done.

As much as I loved Tate and Quinn, I can’t deny that Mav, Leigh and Clay were huge factors in my overall enjoyment of this book, as well as a few other characters who played small but significant parts in the story *cough* Jana and Mark *cough* They made it fun and believable and kept things real and on the level, especially where Quinn was concerned. Kiss My Boots was a fun, low on the angst, smexy character driven romance and I am looking forward to diving into Clay’s book!
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This is the second book in the series and it has the sister Quinn Davis tomboy and the top mechanic in the area. Her fascination with restoration is really what makes this story stand out for me and her love of trucks. It is receiving a truck to be restored in her shop that begins to set her off, because that truck belongs to the one person who she gave her heart to and he took it. She has not been able to trust a guy or feel anything for a guy like she had with Tate Montgomery and now she is not looking forward to seeing him after all of these years. What is really good about this story is that as much as she is tough the shows you her gentle and feminine side. This adds to the story because she is always tough and hard core but you get to see her in a different light. Don’t get me wrong she is still tough especially when another women shows up thinking she is the one for Tate and Quinn in her way lets her know that she is mistaken and it is time to get her boney self-back in her car the easy way or the hard way. That of course was the Quinn we all know and love. The few times she shows up at his doctor’s office were good scenes as well. All of these plus Tate himself explaining why and what happen make for a very interesting and entertaining story. A very good book and of course good characters, who could go wrong with a women that can restore old trucks and talks to them as she rebuilds them.
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Second chance love story with a lot of feisty-ness and drama thrown in. I'm a sucker for a good tom-boy and Quinn fit the bill perfectly. I didn't love all of the story but overall was an enjoyable read. I've read book 1 and was committed to the series. Looking forward to book 3...
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What a fun book to read. In this second book of the series, we pick up with the story of Quinn and Tate who had a romantic relationship during their childhood summers. For reasons unknown to Quinn, Tate disappeared and never communicated with her. When he returns to town, he makes it his mission to win her back and explain why he stayed away all those years. I highly recommend these books.
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