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Santa's Countdown to Christmas

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Santa’s Countdown to Christmas is geschreven door Kim Thompson en voorzien van illustraties door Élodie Duhameau. Haar persoonlijke site met meer werk kun je hier vinden. In dit feestelijk geïllustreerde kinderboek is de Kerstman de dagen af aan het tellen totdat hij op pad gaat om cadeaus te bezorgen. Er moet nog een hoop gebeuren voordat het zover is!

Jumpin' jingle bells!

Elke avond voor het slapengaan een verhaal is sowieso leuk, dus met verhaaltjes aftellen naar kerstmis vind ik ook al meteen gezellig.

Sufferin' snowflakes!

De illustraties zijn leuk. Dit soort afbeeldingen - digitaal gemaakt of er in ieder geval zo uitziend – zijn niet echt mijn smaak, maar de stijl is vrolijk en past goed bij kerst. Het boek bestaat trouwens niet uit losse verhaaltjes, maar elke dag een deel van de voorbereidingen die de Kerstman moet treffen voordat hij cadeaus gaat rondbrengen op kerstavond. Net als James Bond heeft hij zijn eigen Q: een elf die van alles uitvindt.

Cracklin' candy canes!

Er zitten leuke dingen in zoals de puppy die op elke tekening te vinden is en waar je dus een zoekspelletje van kunt maken tijdens het voorlezen. Ook de kerstige uitroepen van de Kerstman zijn geinig, maar ik vind het verhaal en de illustraties verder middelmatig. Een tikkeltje plichtmatig misschien zelfs, alsof er niet zo veel moeite in gestoken is want ‘het is toch maar voor kinderen’. Jammer, want het idee is hartstikke leuk.
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An entertaining little book fitting for the little ones waiting for Christmas!

Full of fun illustrations that shows us Santa's side of December, how he, the elves and reindeers get ready for the big day. With lovely advices about caring for oneself and the others.

A n excellent seasonal reading!
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I read this with my three year old son. One chapter each day in the run up to Christmas. Very sweet with lovely illustrations. My son enjoyed "re-reading" the story back to me using the pictures as queues.

Really enjoyed it.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Chouette Publishing, CrackBoom! Books for my copy of Santa's Countdown to Christmas by Kim Thompson, illustrated by Élodie Duhameau. It published October 2, 2017.
What a great idea to share with your children! I think this book would make an excellent gift to help get children really excited for Christmas, and give them something to look forward to everyday! 
This would absolutely make a great gift!
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Well this was an absolutely charming read. 

Santa prepares for Christmas through the tradition of Advent, the book consists of 24 chapters representing the days until Christmas Day. It's a beautifully illustrated and humorously heart warming story, I loved it. I think the idea is to read one chapter per day but the girls couldn't do that with any book, so we read till the end, and I'm sure it'll be a re-read every year now! Its a truly lovely book, I recommend to all. 

Thanks to Netgalley, Kim Thompson and publishers for this ARC in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Santa's Countdown to Christmas is a storybook consisting of twenty four chapters.  Each chapter is supposed to represent the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

The illustrations are cute and the story chapters tell the tale of how Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and reindeer prepare for Christmas day.

Santa's Countdown to Christmas is meant to be read one day at a time, one chapter per day.  That is a tall order for a child so I'm not sure whether it's possible.  Though I suppose you could use an Advent calendar in conjunction with reading each chapter per day at bedtime.

Overall, a cute concept and story.  I liked it.  Three stars.

I received a digital copy of the book from Chouette Publishing/CrackBoom! Books through NetGalley.  The review here in is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
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Absolutely lovely book, I shared it with my 3 year old as he is just beginning to understand Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed it. A short story every day with clear, bold, illustrations. Spreads the magic of Christmas. Ideal for starting a new family tradition, a book that can be kept and passed on year after year.
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Author Kim Thompson and Illustrator Elodie Duhameau wrote a book to help little children (ages 3 till 7) to help them face the Christmas countdown. A bookish advent calender with a story for every night - from the 1st december till Christmas.

This book contains beautiful short stories that make one but are still well readed seperately. So there's no need to  read past the day on your callender. The stories are well written and placed on a double page, each time with lovely illustrations. That way it helps children to stop reading and not go any further. The amount of text is well chosen, not to much but enough to make a whole story in the end.

Thompson brings a lovely story about father Christmas, with some funny elements like a gps tracking system and a gift wrapping chicken for Santa. And besides that the story gives children an important lesson, there's no need to be alone. But most of all, trying to do the right thing and to behave well is really important, but everyone is naughty sometimes!
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A fun and colourfully illustrated book for children that I’m sure will delight. Nicely done. My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it. A nice addition to anyone’s seasonal bookshelf.
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A great book to read with your children over Christmas. It's a story where you read a little bit more each day and it explains what Father Christmas and the Elves have to do in the lead up to Christmas.
Can't wait to read this to my daughter during December - it's a magical story which will get her excited for the big day. 
The illustrations are perfect too.
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This was a great child's novel. My nephews loved it!  Great for the holidays and a must read for Christmas time. Children will definitely enjoy listening to this one read by a loved one!
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I read this to my nephew who was feeling down and it cheered him up.
I found it quite funny and we giggled at Santa's phrases.
Would highly recommend.
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Christmastime means Christmas stories, and what’s sweeter than a well-crafted, fun and festive children’s book with an unusual twist? It presents itself as some sort of advent calendar, an original touch. One page a day to follow Santa’s preparation with the elves until the big day. The story is light and heartwarming, although I doubt children would really wait patientely for 24 days to read the next page.

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A great book to build up to the excitement of Christmas for children. So much better than an Advent calendar. This book has the child involved, the colors, illustrations, and the anticipation for the next day is fantastic.  A book that will be handed down through many family generations.

Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to review this book.
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Advent calendars have changed a great deal over the past 40 years, they've been the traditional Christian images depicting the story of the season, to ones containing sweet and then even to have candles, beer and a range of consumerisms finest. More recently, a trend of giving a book a day for advent has been doing the rounds, a great, if expensive, idea. This book put that all in one book with a story a day for advent. The language used in the book is engaging and supportive of good reading. It promotes the good things about the holiday season and encourages youngsters to give without thought of receiving. A real book to be read with and to the whole family, a book for all ages.
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I read most of this and enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!
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Everybody knows advent calendars. My kids love those with chocolate. But they will love this one too: an advent calendar of Christmas stories. These tell us how Santa, the elves, and the reindeers are preparing themselves for the big day, Christmas day. The stories, thought extremely short, are very amusing. The illustrations help to turn this book into a very fun reading. I think it will add to the pleasure and excitement of kids waiting for Christmas day.
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I absolutely love this book! I am definitely going to purchase the hard cover copy for my son to have this year for the Christmas season! I really like how it gives children a visual of all the things Santa has to do to prepare for Christmas Eve and I love that it emphasizes that Santa and the elves read every letter kids send him. 

I think this book could really come to be considered a classic. Its so cute and the story is perfect for young Santa Claus believers. I can see children saying things like "It's December 10th so Santa and the elves are testing the huggability of the stuffed animals".

In a day and age where it seems children are growing up so fast and losing their imagination earlier and earlier, I think they need more books like these to nourish those fading imaginations. 

I highly recommend this book to parents during the holiday season and as I said I will be introducing it to my son on the first of December.
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We loved Santa's Countdown and some of the words Santa used was great.  "Twinklin Tinsel, Blisterin beards."  Just to name a few.  The book made is all laugh and for the boys to learn even though there is a naughty list, you can still have some great qualities that make Santa move you to the good list.  And the special gift for a little boy who only asked for a toy for his little sister was priceless.  A great read and wonderful illustrations.
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Wonderful way to countdown to Christmas. We will be reading a little story from this book next year and it will be a new tradition. Cute stories they are great for the family.
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