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Very personal, rather bleak poems dealing with issues of mental health, abuse and cultural heritage.
Not really to my taste but well written nonetheless.
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*Trigger Warnings - rape, molestation, abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, alcoholism, sexual content, death, prostitution and suicidal thoughts* 

Overall Opinion of the book:

Overall this was a very interesting book and I liked the mixture of poetry and prose. It was written well, but I just didn't connect to the book as a whole as much as I hoped. There were parts that were moving, interesting and insightful. There were some poems in particular that were particularly powerful in this collection, but overall the book didn't resonate with me as much as I hoped it would.

It's clear that the author has been very honest and raw, and there are parts of the book that discuss some particularly sensitive and traumatic topics which you may want to bear in mind prior to reading. Her words are full of emotion and it is clear this collection is written from the heart and some parts of this book are quite emotional and difficult to read at times.

There are many religious aspects to the book where Daley-Ward discusses her experiences with Christianity and the church. I didn't personally enjoy these parts or felt fully engaged with them as much as other aspects of the book. This is a personal preference however and others may very much enjoy this. It was interesting how she challenges religion's archaic views of the LGBTQIA+ community however. The parts in which Daley-Ward discusses her heritage and background were interesting and my favourite parts to the book as a whole.

She discusses real love and shows the ups and down's of this, there is also LGBTQIA+ rep. The book also talks about mental health in an honest way and seeking help when needed, which is good as it raise awareness of the importance of this.

Overall the spelling, punctuation and grammar was pretty much spot on, but the word 'gotten' was used when in UK English 'got' would be the correct term. I know I'm being picky here!

Final Thoughts:

Although this book didn't resonate me in the same way that other collections have, it was still an interesting read. I commend Daley-Ward's honesty in talking about her past and also her experiences with religion. I'd definitely recommend reading this and feel as though this book will help many people. The writing is raw, emotional and I enjoyed the poetry in particular.
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My relationship with poetry is somewhat strained. I want to love it, and sometimes I do, but it doesn't always speak to me the way it seems to speak to others and I wish it did. I have the same mixed feelings about this collection. It was beautiful to read at times, it was uncomfortable to read at times, and it was often both at once. There were definitely poems I loved, and overall, I definitely thought this was a good collection. But it also felt messy, especially thematically, because we bounced from one theme to another and there wasn't a clear structure.

CWs: rape, sexual assault, racism, homophobia, addiction
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Daley-Ward has an incredible way with words.  Bone is a powerful collection of poems that does not pull its punches in the slightest.  I personally found the shorter verses featured within this book to be the most devastating and almost brutal in their abruptness.  

A very raw and impactful offering here.  Recommended.

With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for allowing me to have a look at this.  

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So I finished this poetry collection about a month ago, and it is only now that I feel able to properly express my thoughts. 

Daley-Ward is a fantastic writer and poet. Out of all the poetry collections I've recently read that have similar themes and writing styles, hers captured my attention the most. When I read her poems, I felt like I was absorbing pure energy, as she manages to capture such deep and raw emotion almost effortlessly. Partly why I am praising this collection so much is that I really relate to a lot of her poems and her story - our lives are (of course) not exactly the same, but there are definitely some similar events and cultural issues that I have also experienced, and as such, at times it felt like poems were speaking directly to me. That's a very powerful thing to achieve. I would recommend this poetry collection to all young black women growing up in Britain - there is something for everyone. 

(As a side note - I am seeing her later this week at a book launch for her new memoir, The Terrible. I am so so excited!)
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Although the ARC formatting meant it was difficult to spot when a new poem began, I loved this collection. Every poem was striking and memorable. Thoroughly recommend.
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A wonderful collection of poetry that will resonate with modern readers. I will most certainly read Yrsa Daley Ward's future collections.
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Everything Yrsa writes is pure and brutally honest, like this book was and I fell in love with her writing in an instant.
I am obig sucker for poetry and this one was just as deep and frightening that it was one point, and it told me a story, so different from my own, but it still touched my soul.
So for all poetry lovers - read this book and enjoy!
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Book Review:

I had heard so many good things about this book and as I have been getting into poetry I wanted to give this ago. I did like bone but I feel like it could have been better and I didn't connect with personally. 

This collection combined poetry and prose linking to Yrsa's experiences. It is tender and cuts to the bone. There were definitely elements and pieces that I did enjoy did there were others that I didn't really connect with and I think that is what makes or breaks poetry collections for me. I would still love to read more of Daley-Ward's work and know that other people are going to really love this while I only enjoyed some of it. 

The Verdict:

bone is interesting and important that everyone should read as they might connect with this more than I did.
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This poetry collection is deeply personal. That is something I noticed very soon. Some of these poems border on short stories and those were the best in here. They cut deep and left me thinking. The shorter ones didn't really touch me that much and got a bit repetitive after time. 

The author is definitely talented and shows her inner feelings in this collection and that made it special. It set it apart from other poetry collections I read. Most of them have a similar feel, but this one stood out. 

I couldn't really connect to most of the religious themes, but I still enjoyed the critical stand it had towards how religion is carried out. The themes in this collection are dark and deal with anything from sexual assault to race. I would say it's more for mature readers, since the poetry can get a bit depressing, especially because of it's reality. I loved how it always felt real and like someone opened their heart to me as a reader and never like something made up.
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Poetry is not usually my thing but I was intrigued by the cover on this and had heard so much about it online. So glad I requested it. It was beautiful, painful and raw. Yrsa Daley-Ward is a bright talent. Devoured this collection. Looking forward to whatever Yrsa writes next.
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I liked a lot of the pieces in this collection. Whilst some didn't really have much effect on me. There were others that I found beautiful and heartfelt. Definitely worth a read.
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Some poems were more enjoyable than others, some felt more like text than poems, you need to be in the right mindset to enjoy this.
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Beautiful. Moving. Raw. It’s hard to describe my thoughts about this collection of poetry because I felt so many different emotions whilst reading it. I feel so thankful that the poet was able to open up about people and events that meant so much to her. It all felt so very real and personal. The poems vary in length from just a couple of lines, conveying a certain feeling or thought, to much longer ones that relay a certain event with a deeply rooted message behind it. Not all the poems flowed from one to another and some parts were a little confusing but everything added to the bigger picture. This book doesn’t seem as though it’s been over analysed or edited which I love because it keeps the integrity of the writer’s message. Being POC and from England I felt like I could relate to this book even more and cannot wait for her memoir coming out in June this year which I feel like will add to the apperception of Bone even more. Definitely worth the read!
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Her writing

Her words are direct and hard hitting. The author knows what she wants to say and how it ought to be said. The sentences are short. The only words that are there are those that NEED to be there. This poetry collection could be a reference for those who want to write simple but crisp.

Complications well-spoken of

Yrsa Daley-Ward is not a shier. She does not shy away from complicated feelings. There are feelings talked about. Be it of the darkest desires of the most devout women or the mental abuse that the makes you feel on the edge. It is all there bared naked.

Types of men she talks about- Spoiler alert: there is no good kind

Yrsa Daley-Ward talks about men. She talks about the men who have been dedicated to their family all their life only to turn out to be cross dresser. Interested in being someone else’s women. There are also those who are going to always have an excuse for forcing themselves upon you- but it looked like you were having fun, oh but you are great I couldn’t keep myself from you, oh but you like me on you don’t you remember, baby?

Semi-autobiographical writing

The author has poured pain in the form of poetry. She says- you are bruised but it will give you poetry. While some will disagree with the self-bleeding kind of talent I see it as channeling you pain into art. There are deepest darkest secrets and pain running through the soul that you will see in the poetry and to me that is out of the world.

There is positivity

There is some advice for those who do not see the light in the tunnel. She asks you to get up, sit up and serve your time. Do not run away.

The prose is as great as the poetry

It was due to her poetry that I wanted to read the author at least once. But in the collection I found some great prose as well. I read ‘It is what it is’ from On snakes and Other Stories that featured in this book as well.
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This felt like an accessible poetry collection. Most of the time, in place of rhyming, there was rhythm and it all feels very personal. Each poem is a peek into a story where you're told just enough (or, on occasion, not quite enough and, in those moments, one must simply decided what it might be about). Some of the poems feel more like short stories in verse/prose poetry. One such poem was /some kind of man/ and it might have been my favourite in the collection. It built the tense atmosphere so well and when it came to a head, it felt like a hammer came down or a balloon popped or something else sudden and disastrous that seeing coming didn't take the sting out of.
I don't need or expect to like every single poem in a poetry collection–just enough. And I liked the feel of a lot of these. This is the sort of collection I might come back to to re-read a few poems here and there. For me, that's a successful collection.

Some favourites were:
intro, when it is but it ain't, you don't know the half of it, q, the biggest tortoise in the world, what love isn't, body, not the end of the world but almost, some kind of man, true story, the stupid thing about it, mum, to the elders, poetry
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I've really diverged from my original reading list but I'm actually pretty excited about this read. I've been trying to enjoy more poetry this past year or so as I rarely read it. Though I've got a long way to go, modern poetry is something I'm really loving! Yrsa Daley-Ward's words are absolutely captivating in this collection and confirmed for me that I should really be reading more stuff like this. Whether the poem was twenty words or two pages long, I found it poignant and hard-hitting.

Daley-Ward really represents here. She herself is both a POC and LGBT and it was SO refreshing to read snippets of her thoughts and feelings through these poems. They are vulnerable and honest, focusing on relationships, love, mental illness, fear and abuse among so many other things. The title of the collection, 'bone' is exactly right because each one reflects that we are all, above everything else, human and reverberates to the very core.

Not every poem was relatable for me. That's fine. I preferred the longer to the shorter too. That being said, I just appreciated the collection as a whole and KNOW I will re-read it again and again. Particular favourites were 'it is what it is' (an excerpt from On Snakes & Other Stories'), 'nose', 'what love isn't' and 'some kind of man'. They just really got me. Yrsa Daley-Ward really proves that you don't need 300 odd pages to tell a story here. I'll definitely be revisiting her work again!
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This is an interesting collection of poems. I've not read Daley-Ward before but had heard a lot about the poetry she had been writing. This poem looks at bisexual relationships, abuse, the break down of the family and similar ideas. While I did enjoy the poetry and prose within the collection I often felt like I was missing something to fully understand them. Nevertheless an intriguing collection and 3 stars.
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The striking imagery in each and every poem; the playfulness with structure; the ongoing metaphors which resurface again and again. A unique collection that will leave me thinking for a long while now that I have closed the last few pages.
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Bone is the first book from Daley-Ward and in some ways it shows. A strong writer with an incredible way with words in these pages, her growth in talent shows in her debut. 

Daley-Ward has a way of making short poems powerful and writing prose poetry that gets under your skin - some say art is meant to make the comfortable, uncomfortable and actually, this book in moments really is art, bringing to light a personal style of poetry that gets to you. 

I love the honesty and the raw integrity of her work that you may not understand, but through those words she tries to make you and I think that’s pretty impressive for a debut poetry collection. If you like the works of Rupi Kaur, you’ll like this and will want more of it.
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