Two Kinds of Truth

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Harry Bosch, Michael Connolly.

Are more words needed?  The story hooks you from the opening chapters and rocks along at a good pace.

Let's face it, you know it will be a good read, so why are you reading the reviews - just go and buy the book. You will not be disappointed.
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This book was absolute drivel. I have previously read and enjoyed other books in the Bosch series but this was ridiculous. It was like 2 completely separate stories had been rammed into 1 book with no clear distinction between the 2 plot points actually within the book, just jumped from 1 to the other?? I really didn't understand the point of that, made it even more tedious. 

Also sooooo many characters! I really couldn't follow them all, by the end I was just glossing over the characters because I was so confused who was who.

Wouldn't recommend.
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Another great Bosch book from Michael Connelly.
Moves with such pace that at sometimes leaves you breathless . With several cases on Bosch's agenda. An old one that comes back to haunt him and a current one involving  a scam with prescription drugs which gives the reader plenty of skulduggery to get engrossed in .
Love all of Michael Connelly's books and this one certainly did not disappoint.
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Whoop whoop!! Harry is back! This is already the 20th book featuring Harry and once again doesn't disappoint! 
Well done, can't wait for the next one!
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Having been a fan of Harry Bosch for many years, it was good to catch up with him again. A great story which kept me enthralled until the very end. Highly recommend this book!
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Loved this, 20 books in and the pages flow so quickly. Bosch is on two cases, as has been the norm in the last few books; one delves into his past and puts his reputation on the line whilst one is a homicide that’s happened then and there, not a cold case like usual. 

The two stories interweave perfectly, knowing when to switch things up and keep things on edge without overdoing it seems to be Connelly’s forte. There are courtroom scenes which really highlight Connelly’s ability and got me on edge but also Harry hunting down the current day killers was gripping in its own right as there’s more tension with it not being a cold case. 

This should have got 5*s from me but there were about 30-40 pages when Harry was undercover which annoyed me and I lost concentration a couple of times. Failing that it was one of my favourites in the series. 

I can’t wait for the next, but wait I must. It’s nice to be up to date with the series but I hate waiting for the next one. I want to know where Harry goes next in his mission.
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I always worry that Harry is going to wind down into retirement one of these days but Two Kinds of Truth shows me that I don't have to worry about that yet! Michael Connelly has produced a fantastic book which I devoured in a day. Cannot recommend this highly enough!
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I couldn't put this book down.It's classic Michael Connelly,with everything you expect from him- familiar characters and a gripping dual plot.Recommended for all Harry Bosch fans and anyone who hasn't read any of the series -you are in for a treat!
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Another great addition to the Harry Bosch story. Connelly's ability to keep the story going is admirable. Long may it continue.
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Another cracking read by Michael Connelly. Some authors tend to go a bit off boil when they write a long series with one character but Michael Connelly still manages to keep Harry Bosch fresh. I really like the inclusion of Micky Haller too as I like the way they feed off each other.

Harry is still working the cold cases and has his work cut out trying to prove his innocence when new evidence suggests he may have framed a killer....
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I’m ashamed to say that my only prior knowledge of Harry Bosch was through the excellent TV series so when the chance came to actually read one of the books, I jumped at the chance.  As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews one of the joys of arriving late to a particular authors party is that you get an immense back catalogue and you can help yourself.  After reading Two Kinds of Truth, I can safely say that I’ll be reading a lot more by Michael Connolly.  This book has Harry Bosch semi retired and working on cold cases but before too long he finds himself working as the lead on a double homicide, which in turn finds him working undercover.  While this is going on, a case from 30 years previous involving a death row inmate comes back to haunt Harry and questions his integrity after its suggested that evidence has been planted.  This is a detailed, tight and well written book that keeps the reader turning the pages.  I would highly recommend it and will be delving into Bosch’s past myself before too long.
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cracking Bosch tale by Michael Connelly. Harry Bosch is working cold cases when one of his earlier collars is bought up for release with the accusation that Bosch planted evidence. On the outside of the case Bosch will need Haller and Cisco to assist in making sure the truth comes out.  Great pacing and plotting from Michael Connelly, Thoroughly Recommended.
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Harry Bosch procedural detective story – very good stuff

I hadn't read any Michael Connelly novels for a long time and received this one to review and it certainly puts me in mind to rediscover and continue with them soon. This one finds Harry Bosch working for the San Fernando police force and getting involved in a double murder at a pharmacy as well as trying to exonerate himself when a case from the past comes back to trouble him.

Characterisation of the main character is a major factor and the plot swings along very nicely and fluently, engaging the reader (I finished the book at 5 in the morning!). Straight-forward and interesting, it should be recommended to all lovers of detective fiction. My only gripe (a pet gripe of mine) is the need for thriller writers to give us readers street directions! Apart from locals who may read the book, this is meaningless to any other reader.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Michael Connelly scores another hit with Harry Bosch. 

Interesting theme this time as Bosch goes undercover and also fights a legal battle to clear his name on a previously tried case. Bosch's half-brother Mickey Waller also features and both characters work well in the same book, although being a Bosch novel his brother doesn't steel all the thunder!

A proper page turner where the reader keeps on going as they want to see how the plot unfolds and how it affects the characters.
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I will start this review saying that I have read every book that Michael Connelly has written. I really enjoy reading the Harry Bosch books and this latest novel did not disappoint.  I really like that fact that the author continues the saga of this character in each book,  However I do believe that they can be read on their own without knowing the back history of Harry's life.  This latest novel certainly did not disappoint me and I finished it, as usual, wanting to know more and therefore looking forward to the next book.
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Excellent new Bosch story - now working out of San Fernando Bosch tackles a double murder and an old case that's back to bite him. As ever great writing from Connelly, you will devour this quickly!
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Harry Bosch, a cold case detective, returns in this searing novel from one of my top ten favourite authors. He is called to a double murder at a local pharmacy but, almost simultaneously, a death row inmate claims that Bosch framed him and that he has fool-proof evidence. Bosch has to deal with both cases to find a murderer and keep one behind bars.

I have read all the Bosch books and feel that I have grown up with Harry. I will continue to read them until either the author or I depart this mortal coil! I just love Bosch’s humanity and honesty and the whole series is simply underpinned by brilliant crime writing. In this book, two fascinating stories are expertly interwoven and I find it incredible that Mr Connelly can still keep me glued to this series nineteen books after the first one.

Like all people (!), Bosch is getting older and Connelly deals with this sentimentally by mellowing his gung-ho attitude but whilst still coming at the reader with action aplenty. A character from the distant past, Haller, makes an appearance in this book which I found quite comforting and somewhat surprising and which added even more to the story. Harry’s attempts to save both his reputation and his life gave me a very enjoyable three evenings’ entertainment. 

Digger 95

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I have to say my two favourite long running detectives are Ian Rankin's John Rebus and Michael Connolly's Harry Bosch. So, I got to thinking - what is it that makes us pick up these books again and again and immerse ourselves, for a short time, in their lives?  The only answer I could come up with is that both characters have aged with me; sometimes gracefully and sometimes not so gracefully. They represent the  genre from opposite sides of the pond.  But for me, what really sells them to me is their humanity.  They are real characters with weaknesses and strengths.  They're still sticking to their guns and fighting for the underdog, no matter what the establishment throws at them ... and this is true of the latest Harry Bosch book Two Kinds of Truth.
Two Kinds of Truth  kicks off with Harry in jail ... well, actually he's working cold cases from the old disused jail in San Fernando where he's been sidelined to from LAPD. When a pharmacist and his son are shot, gangland style and simultaneously an old case of Harry's is reopened, Harry is plunged into a two pronged work schedule.  First he must find out what links the deaths of the pharmacists to a drug running enterprise that utilises the vulnerable.  Second, he must prove that contrary to new evidence, he did put away the correct murderer over twenty years previously. 
Connolly, with all the skill we've come to expect from this veteran writer, manages to show us an aging Harry (He's in his sixties), yet one who still has fire in his belly.  I love the way Harry and his brother Mickey's moral code is thrown up for scrutiny, yet leaves the reader to decide on degrees of rightness.  Harry's honesty and humanity sold the book for me.  It rang true... even after all these years, and I loved the welcome return of some characters from the past.  
It's fast paced, sensitive and reflects the sort of society we live in now whilst contemplating the changes that have occurred over the years.  Connolly always provides an observation of human nature and motivations which I find intriguing.  reading the book I was often prompted to wonder what I would do in a particular situation. 
All I can say to Michael Connolly is ...  "Keep 'em coming!!!"
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A typical Michael Connelly, Bosch story.  It's good to see the softer side of Bosch and his musings and concerns surrounding his daughter.  I've seen him age disgracefully, enjoyed as usual.
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