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How Can I Be Right with God?

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Christianity is a body of doctrines that were proclaimed to the world, first by Christ and then His Apostles, that we are called to embrace and to believe. It matters what we believe, and it matters eternally. 

The question becomes what are your trusting and how do you rely on your reconciliation with God? There are many differences in denomination of faith in Christianity however, the text is concentrated on justification. What it is. What it is not and the differences between the Catholic Church and the reformation. 

Do we rely on the sacraments for salvation such as baptism and communion? Why is it important that our justification be in Christ alone. The simple answer is anything else changes the Gospel. The gospel is what is at stake. 

RC Sproul in this short text uses clarity in what the word means and the purpose of justification. I highly recommend.

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This was such an informative book. Sproul goes in depth of the doctrine of justification. He also compares that with the Roman Church beliefs. He shares stories and give a lot of examples to prove his argument. Not only does he writes as a scholar but he writers in a personal way to easily connect the readers. The book was also rooted in Scripture. It's only thru Christ where a sinner can be made right with God!
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First sentence: In the old city of Geneva, Switzerland, there is a large park on the grounds of the University of Geneva that commemorates the Reformation. That park is adorned with a huge wall, called the International Monument to the Reformation or simply the Reformation Wall. In statues and bas-reliefs, the wall depicts figures from the Reformation including John Calvin, John Knox, William Farel, and Theodore Beza. Surrounding these and other statues, the motto of the Reformation is inscribed on each side: post tenebras lux—after darkness, light.

How Can I Be Right With God by R.C. Sproul is a wee little book on justification by faith alone. It is a little primer on what justification meant to the Reformers during the Reformation, and also why it remains important for believers today.

It is written for you and me. It is not written for academic scholars. The subject, you see, is a practical one. You may not believe me that any doctrine can be practical and that a book about a central doctrine is practical at heart and in nature. But think about it, is there any question more important that we can ask: HOW CAN I BE RIGHT WITH GOD?

It is a refresher course for most of us. But for some it may be life-changing indeed. Either way, this little book is well worth reading.
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