The Secret of Flirting

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Sabrina Jeffries delivers an amazing tale of love, lust, and romance to her readers in The Secret of Flirting. I've followed this authors journey from what seems like forever and she has not let me down yet. This novel is a delight and I recommend all readers of romance to read it!
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Very interesting book. The beginning was very slow, but good story and romance.  Thanks to Netgalley, for this free copy.
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I normally love Sabrina Jeffries, and this book hasn't put me off her, but the story felt flat and forced. It took me a couple of tries before I could really get into it, and then the chemistry between Baron and Monique didn't feel real which was difficult for me because I loved the circumstances surrounding the two of them. In the end, it was unraveling the mystery and intrigue that had me turning the pages and not them.
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This is a bog-standard Jeffries book. I enjoyed it, but do not think I will be revisiting it. If someone likes her books, then they'll like this one.
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I always enjoy Sabrina’s books! This was such a fun read. Gregory and Monique are fun characters and both have a lot to lose if things don’t work out. Since I love the theatre, I loved that Monique was an actress. I also enjoyed seeing the characters from previous books in the series.
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While this is not one of my favorites by Jeffries,  I still enjoyed this romance with spy elements.  I would have liked a little more guesswork.  Don't give it all away so soon.
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A great story.  Sabrina Jeffries is never disappointing.  A spy and phony princess, an attempted assassination and betrayal.  This one has it all.
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** I received an eARC of this book from NetGalley**

I’ve read enough Sabrina Jeffries to know how her stories work and this one is no different. That’s not a criticism at all - I keep reading her books after all. She’s one of those “comfort read” authors. I go back to her stuff when I need something fun and fluffy. 

This story fit that bill for sure. I liked the whole princess plot and that it wasn’t for any nefarious reason. The characters were good and the ending was satisfying. I need to read the other books from this series (I think I’ve read one or two - I’ve fallen behind). But I enjoyed this one quite a bit.
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Sabrina Jeffries' The Secret of Flirting is a fantastic addition to the A Sinful Suitors series. It was witty, sexy and a fantastic read!
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Another review of a book that's been out for a while as I try to clear up my backlog. This is the last full-length book in the "Sinful Suitors" series.

The Secrets of Flirting front cover (Pocket Books/Simion & Schuster)
THE PLOT: When British spymaster Gregory, Baron Fulkham first meets actress Monique, it's hate at first sight. Something about her sass sticks with him, though, and years later, he's sure that Monique is now playing the role of a princess vying for the throne of Belgium.
Monique is masquerading as her sick cousin, Aurore of Chanay, until Aurore is well. If Monique can claim the throne of Belgium on behalf of Aurore over Prince Leopold, then Monique's grandmother will be cared for in Chanay for the rest of her life. Monique will be able to go back to the acting life she loves.
Unfortunately, Baron Fulkham is involved in security for the meetings in London, and he knows darn well that "Aurore" is really Monique, whose memory has been under his skin all these years. He just can't get her to break character...unless maybe he seduces her into forgetting her role.
MY TWO CENTS: Cards on the table here: I didn't like Gregory. He turned me off in his very first scene with his grumpy picking on Monique and he never won me back over. I really wanted a book on "flirting" to have a light-hearted feel to it, but Gregory was just so heavy and serious! He was so hell-bent on "catching" Monique that I never believed he fell in love with her. She was an obsession or a puzzle to him, almost more like a criminal he longed to nab, but not a romantic partner.

I liked Monique much more; she was just trying to do the best she could for her grandmother. BUT, here's something that's been annoying me from a couple different authors now. When the female character is French, they suddenly throw in "Mon Dieu!" Or "merde!" And just these two phrases are supposed to remind the reader over and over that the character is French...even though everything else they say and think is in English. "Mon Dieu!" is especially distracting to me during love scenes; it just seems so artificial that it pulls me right out of the action.

Now that I've been totally negative, let me say that did not HATE this book or anything. I especially liked the historical aspect involving Belgium and Leopold I. The mystery of who was trying to kill Aurore was interesting, too.

BOTTOM LINE: I just didn't like the hero, but the historical setting of the story was good.

TEACUP RATING: Three out of five teacups.

ON SALE DATE: Available now in paperback, audio, and eformats.

Note: Review is based on an ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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While I did like some parts of this  book. toward the  end it  fell short  of  what I normally expect  of the  author.
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This held my attention, but wasn't my favorite of Jeffries' Sinful Suitors series. Because the reader learns the heroine's secret early in the book, it takes away some of the drama from the hero trying to find out the truth. But the plot is well-paced and I enjoyed seeing familiar characters from previous books.
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I was hooked from the first chapter to the end.  I loved the characters.  I enjoyed the push and pull between Gregory and Monique.  Monique's devotion to her beloved grandmother was sweet.  I liked how this book is part of a series, yet is a wonderful standalone.  Love it!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!
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The Secret of Flirting has a rapid changing dynamic storyline with the Prologue not only getting my attention but keeping me glued to the pages. Filled with interesting characters and danger as well as well written scenic descriptions this reader escaped for a while to the world of make believe.

Author Sabrina Jefferies continues to amaze me with her well written plots and the obvious detailed research she does for her stories shows in this book.

Both main characters are flawed but easy to come to love. This makes them real and believable. Monique does an excellent job of confusing Baron Fulkham and it was fun reading her ways of keeping him from discovering things he shouldn't.

Baron Fulkham is like a bulldog with a bone and he refuses to let things stay as they appear. His monitoring every word Monique says and trying to trip her up in her story was handled with finesse so it did not become redundant.

How the author ends this story will be rewarding for the reader and for this reason I give it 5 stars.
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Wonderful story with flirtatious characters. Monique was my favorite and the star. So glad i got to read this book. I grab any Jeffries book I can get my hands on and this one lived up to all her others.
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This story of Fulkham & Aurore was a good read but I found it repetitive in parts. The characters were good & the story of subterfuge worked well. I just found it a bit lacking & I can’t quite say what it was but I think that Aurore needed a bit more oomph as I fling myself wanting her to stand up for herself a bit more.
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From the moment Baron Fulkham met Princess Aurore of Chaney, he knows she’s not the princess, but an actress he met several years ago that totally entranced him. He’s determined to get to the bottom of why.
This was a great story as are all of this author’s books. She creates great characters in familiar settings, has a way of connecting the characters in her books seamlessly, and is able to throw in some good drama. This one had a couple of twists I hadn’t actually seen coming, but really enjoyed. Once I started this book, i didn’t really put it down until it was done. I look forward to her next book.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Ooooh! Intrigue and hot sexual tension are abound in The Secret of Flirting. 
Spymaster Gregory, Baron of Fulkam, has to have his wits about him when he meets Princess Anne, he’s sure he’s seen her before on the stage as she actually is being replaced by a actress named Monique, a lady he’d met several years before.
The story opens up to intrigue and a clever mystery develops with danger lurking for Monique and the Princess. A tight drama and hot romance are in the cards for this excellent plot line and Ms. Jeffries characters were excellent for the story as usual. 
A story not to be missed. I highly recommend it!
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I didn't want to put down Sabrina Jeffries latest novel "The Secret of Flirting" (Sinful Suitors, #5)! This novel could easily be considered a stand alone as the characters from Ms. Jeffries earlier novel only make cameo appearances. 
An absolute page turner from the beginning. Sparks fly the instant Monique Servais, an actress taking care of herself and her grandmother suffering from dementia, meets the spymaster Baron Fulkham. They'll meet again three years later under intriguing and mysterious circumstances. However, will the secrets that both of them carry bring them closer or tear them apart? Both characters are strong, independent and witty. Once you start reading their story you won't want to put the book down until the very end. Everything is not as it appears and that is only part of the enjoyment of this book.
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