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A compelling lgtbq poetry book with so much heart and heartbreak in it, that you know some pages in that this love was a real one!

I felt the heartbreak during reading like I did my last one in reality, and yet it felt so easy and flowy, that I just had to skip through the pages! 

I also loved the little letters and illustrations inside :)

But sometimes it felt a bit off and as a hetero being I couldn’t really feel some of the poems sadly!
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Thank you to Trista Mateer, Central Avenue Publishing, and NetGalley for allowing me the extreme pleasure of access to an advanced reader copy of “Honeybee” for an honest review. 

I was so pleased when I accepted to review this newest piece by Trista Mateer (who I'd been quietly starting to follow in the vein of Amanda Lovelace, Nikita Gil, Lang Leav, and R.H. Sin). This was a soul- and gut-wrenching travel through the land of heartbreak experienced both as a common occurrence (of love) and that of a bisexual woman, skimming the surface of her place in the world, in her own life, in the eyes of her family, and in the eyes of the family of her beloved. 

There is so much raw passion, pain, and beauty in this text and I will be acquiring a copy for those of my friends who are, also, aficionados of the current classic wave of confessional poetry.  I am incredibly pleased with all of this and looking forward to my recently acquired Dragonhearts and her forthcoming text, Aphrodite Made Me Do It).
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Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to read this book!  I appreciate the kindness. 
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It’s the third poetry collection I’m reading by Trista Mateer and it’s the one I liked the most. The reason is that I could relate to a lot of the poems since it deals with leaving/breaking up in a relationship. I also like the fact that it was about a lgbt relationship.
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Stunning and personal poetry, sure to resonate with the reader. Structure, tone, word choice, and sequence of poems are all handled perfectly.
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I've wished for books on Netgalley, but they're usually books that I never thought I had a chance of actually receiving for review, so I was surprised to get the email that my wish had been granted for Honeybee! I went into this book completely blind since I'd requested it because it was poetry and because the name Melissa means honeybee (from the Greek word melia). While I can't say that Honeybee has taken the title of favourite poetry collection of all time, I still really enjoyed this one. The writing was lyrical and beautiful and I loved all the little extras (like pressed flowers) in between the poems that made the book feel so real. I haven't yet seen this one out in the world, but I imagine that it's quite spectacular in hardcover.
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Remember first love? Being young and believing that love would last forever and ever? Remember how it felt when it didn't? Then this book is for you. It's filled with tears and yearning and heartbreak, and is really quite lovely. The journey of living through this seems to have taken a long time, and I sincerely hope the author has found love again, with someone who won't break her heart. The end speaks of coming through to the other side of heartbreak, where the pain has altered itself into something more manageable. I hope the pie was good, filled with sweetness and not one bit of bitterness.
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2 out of 5 stars 
     I was really looking forward to loving this book. I am so disappointed that I didn’t. So, I’m going to start with the things I did like. The writer had passion in what she was writing and I could feel it jumping off the page. I loved the symmetry of some of the poems. I enjoyed the way some of the words sounded together. I really loved the artwork both the cover and in the book itself. 
     The things I didn’t like: I wasn’t really a fan of the subject matter of the whole book if I’m honest. I understand the struggle. I have never been in love before. I don’t know what heartbreak feels like. I didn’t like the ebook formatting either. As I was reading I became more and more frustrated with the author and her feelings she portrayed. Many of the poems were lists of items. While it is inventive I just didn’t see the connection. I will try this author again and hopefully I will love her next work.
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Honeybee is a post-break-up centered collection of poems that branch out into topics such as the concept of bisexuality and how it's treated, the impact of religion, and eventual path to healing. It felt raw and genuine and I tasted the heartbreak in every single word. The flow was easy and they read well. What else is there to say? If I, as someone who isn't a huge poetry enthusiast, liked Honeybee, you might find yourself absolutely adoring it.
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ALL THE STARS. Honeybee is magical. This is my favorite poetry collection I've read of late. Trista Mateer is brilliant at capturing loss and heartbreak. None, not one, of these poems is banal. It's not filled with platitudes. It is gut-wrenching and so honest and beautiful. I cried several times throughout while reading Honeybee. The mix of stories, longer and almost more prose-y, with short verses is stunning. It's neither too long nor too short. Every poem adds something to the collective, there's no filler.

*Thanks so much to the publisher for granting my wish to read Honeybee! And to Trista for writing this and to NetGalley.*
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I could not connect with this collection at all. Which to me fair, is more on me than the writing. I have not experienced what the author is talking about. Some of the poems are gorgeous and I highlighted them. But, others...just fell flat. I also found Mateer's writing to be a bit simple and less immersive than other poetry I've read. 

She does craft a gorgeous narrative and I will continue to read her work.
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Written by Trista Mateer
2018; Central Avenue Publishing (160 pages)
Genre: poetry, literary, LGBT

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Powerful, raw and very readable poetry collection.  It really spoke to me because the theme of letting go is something I am going through myself, and have always kind of battled with.  Mateer gives words to those feelings.  And, omg, love this cover!!! 

***I received an eARC from EDELWEISS and NETGALLEY***

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I enjoyed it but it was just too much for me. I was looking for something more empowering. Nothing against the book or the author, as said above, it just was not my personal cup of tea.
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This collection of poetry was absolutely raw and beautiful.. It touches on a lot of deep, dark, heartfelt moments and thoughts and feelings that all of us can relate to one way or another. We all have dark corners of our minds, chapters we would prefer to keep closed and shut away; but this collection really shows the stream on consciousness of someone trying to wrestle with and get over a love that mattered but manifested into something toxic and harmful. The poem "leftovers" tore the heart right out of my chest and gave it a good aching squish for emphasis. I had to read this collection bits at a time, since they were so profoundly sad and some points, but hopeful in others. The author provides a disclaimer for those in the beginning of the book who may have a mental disorder like depression or suicidal tendencies, that they should take caution while reading these poems. They also provide helpful links, which I thought was an excellent touch, and really made a lasting impression throughout the entire book. I would suggest this to anyone who loves "Milk & Honey" or "The Sun and Her Flowers".
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I freaking loved this poetry book by Trista Mateer. She offers something so unique and refreshing with this poetry collection. I also love the cover!!
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I am very selective about the kinds of poetry I enjoy reading. Trista Mateer has compiled a wonderful collection of deeply personal poems full of love and heartbreak, in her book "Honeybee".
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Trista Mateer says everything I have wanted and needed to say and I cannot thank her enough. This book saved me.
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Trista Mateer's poetry is emotional and relatable for anyone who has dealt with heartbreak and judgment in their lives. The blurb on the book calls it a memoir in verse, but it reads better as individual poems on the topic of a breakup. Each poem is titled, helping them further stand alone. Mateer has written some fresh figurative language, and also effectively carries the extended metaphor of the honeybee throughout the book. I found myself highlighting powerful passages to return to.
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This is a copy provided by the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to them! 

This is a rewrite about things that really over from an honest perspective through the author. So it´s a rough position that Trista brings to us, a big step to her and, at the same time, a trustful bond that she creat between the reader. 

Her poems are essentially about the lost and how she recovers over a broken heart. The write is full of sensations like tastes and smells through comparisons with how love makes her feels. I enjoyed reading her poems, her words careless used with a strong bond in emotional feelings without a filter or rational thoughts. 

"She does not remind me of anything
Everything reminds me of her"

To me, a powerful poetry book is one that makes me feel real feelings and emotions, and I felt, I felt the pain! Otherwise, Trista writes about others issues that she had been through, such as sexual orientation, stereotypes, and love and losses. With such major issues that she compromised to expresses, I think that this poetry book is much more than a compilation of poems about love and loss, but her journey painfully and beautifully written. 

Thank you for your transparency, Trista. 

Happy readings, 

Next to a Book.
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