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The last thing Detective Inspector Andrew Capstan remembers was being shot by a serial killer, so it's not completely surprising that he wakes up in a hospital, minus one leg. What is surprising is that he was put into cryogenic stasis for 450 years, accidentally awakened, then immediately given his old job back with the distant descendant of his dim-witted subordinate Dewbush at his side. Their first case is to track down a missing cow, which is quite an important task given the prominence of dairy products in the intergalactic economy. Plotting politicians and breast-themed aliens complicate matters considerably. Vulgarity and absurdity provide less humor than promised.
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This is the first book from David Blake I have read,and it was really very good.Absolutely hilarious in bits and so reminiscent of Douglas Adams. really well worth a read if you want a light hearted romp.
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I received an electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. I had read a prior book starring Detective Inspector Capstan, and was a little surprised to see him appear so far in the future. The future Earth is a strange place. run by a Trump-like dictator. The humor here is not subtle. It is a broad farce that is intended to make readers laugh out loud. I did a couple of times. I can't say the plot was predictable, but Capstan's reactions were. I felt he accepted the whole waking up after hundreds of years in suspended animation far too easily. I had trouble swallowing that elephant. But with some of the other wild things going on here, this was a minor concern. Not deep, but funny.
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DISCLAIMER: I got this book for free.

It's very.. British. But in a good sense. 
If you're a fan of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, you know what I mean. It has a subtle, elegant humor, witty storyline, and slow-as-snails pacing.  
It really comes down to one question: did you like the HHG2TG, and Discworld books? 
If no, then keep away. 
If yes, you're in for a treat.
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I don't think I have ever read anything quite like this, and that is not a bad thing.It was delightfully bonkers and very funny.I loved the idea that the cleaner had turned off some ones cryogenic machine by accident and they had thawed out.that was just the start of a wild and wonderful adventure.I bet the author had some fun writing this book, I certainly had fun reading it. I loved the characters and the wacky situations I have to give this 5 stars for originality alone, and I enjoyed the story.Thanks to the Publishers and Netgalley for an ARC.
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I really enjoyed this one, it was humorous and very easy  / quick to read. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes.
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I expected a fun, quirky reading experience. The description, the cover, the blurbs led me to believe that this would be a refreshing take on the genre.  Unfortunately, after a fairly strong beginning, I was disappointed. It may have been my expectations but I felt that the characters lacked development, the writing just felt flat, and the story didn't engage my interest. Did I need to read previous books?
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As a fan of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett I was attracted by the cover as it reminded me of both these authors.
The book is hilarious and really fun to read. Hope to be able to read the next instalment at soonest.
Many thanks to Britcom Publishing and Netgalley
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What a hilarious, riotous and surreal tale. I absolutely loved it. Many a chuckle, many laugh out loud “oh know I’m reading this in public!” moments. I’m defintely going to read more of David Blake’s books. A brilliant find.
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The holiday season can get a bit overwrought so, when I saw this book I thought it looked different enough to inject a little spice into the wilderness that is the bit of the year between Christmas and New Year that is usually a bit flat. I mean, who can't resist a book with a great big cow on the cover? 
Anyway, what I got was a totally bonkers romp through time and space which kept me amused for the duration with its often irreverent humour. I can see it being a bit of a marmite book though as you really need to have a similar sense of humour as the author to really get the good bits so I would recommend you do make use of the sample system to test the water so to speak before diving right in. One man's meat and all that jazz.
Anyway, we first meet DI Capstan when he is accidentally woken up from being cryogenically frozen because a cleaner forgot to pug him back in after using the socket. He's a bit confused initially even though there is the familiar face of his Sergeant, Dewbush, in attendance. Thing is, he has no idea he had been frozen and is more confused when he is told the date and that his Sergeant isn't his Sergeant after all but his great, great etc grandson. But, there's no going back - time travel is banned - so, as he never actually retired from the force in the first place, it seems the right thing to do to accept when he is offered his old job back and partnered with Dewbush who will also double up as his guide to the 25th Century. A place where things are really not the same as he soon finds out when his first case is one of a missing cow; a rather precious commodity in the time he is now in. 
As already mentioned, this book is really rather delightfully bonkers. It also contains some really rather interesting characters that I will not mention in detail here as it is way more fun to meet them cold along the way. As our intrepid duo get in scrape after shenanigan to follow the moos, sorry clues, to find and rescue the bewildered bovine, they get in all kinds of trouble and even get embroiled in an intergalactic incident. It also contains some very interesting memory links for those of a certain age, as well as some rather amusing word play along the way which all had me tittering and, on occasion, laughing out loud as I devoured the story in just a few sittings.
I understand that this is not the first outing for Capstan but I haven't met him before and we got on here just fine so I guess you don't have to have read the previous books. Being the first in this new series, and with some elements of the now only being touched on, there is definitely a lot more to the characters and the situation they, especially Capstan, find themselves in in this first offering and I for one really can't wait to see what happens in book two.
My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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Inspector Capstan is back with a bang and I loved it. This time he has been cryogenically frozen for over 400 years and when he is woken he has to work on a case with the umpteenth descendant of his former colleague Dewbush and also get used to being in the future where everything is different.

If you liked the previous series then you will also love this one, I can't recommend it highly enough
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Detective Inspector Capstan awakes 450 years in the future, too a confused new world, as he is drafted back into the police force to look for a missing cow!!  This is a good book with some nice funny moments, hopefully the characters will develop more in the next book.
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I was lucky enough to receive an arc copy of the ebook and I loved it!!
I love the characters, particularly Capstan and Dewbush and of course, Lucy Butterbum. Capstan's adjustment to the future is hilarious. I really enjoyed the quirky humour and bizarre adventure. Well worth a read.
Looking forward to the next installment.
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Strange but unique story.  Decently written but the sense of humor is not for everyone
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Inspector Capstan is back after waking from cryogenic sleep when the cleaner unplugs his unit to clean the area he’s stored in.
Waking up in the future must be very disorienting but Capstan copes very well. Unfortunately the farce has dropped in these books due to boring readers who don’t have senses of humour!
A cow has gone missing and he’s charged with Dewbush’s relative to find it and return it as milk and cows are now an expensive commodity.
Looking forward to book 2 in this ongoing saga thanks David
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