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Cover Image: The Astonishing Colour of After

The Astonishing Colour of After

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Chloe M, Reviewer

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I was excited to read this and thankful for an ARC copy. Recently I've seen a lot of reviews in the book community, however, this one wasn't for me. The novel focuses on Leigh who is dealing with her mother's suicide on a road that leads her to Taiwan to visit the grandparents she has never met. 

While I liked the idea of the novel and can only applaud the portrayal of mental illness, it was the magical realism element that I couldn't get on with. It just seemed to take away from the novel for me and I got slightly confused and while I may sound like a bore it just got in the way for me. I also didn't understand the point of the love interest that suddenly disappears? I wonder if this was necessary. 

I can see the appeal of this novel and why some people really enjoy it but I'm not a huge fan of magical realism at this point. I gave this 2.5 stars, not for me! 

Thank you to the author and publisher for this ARC.

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