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Lying To You

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As all readers know,when you start reading the second book by a author who's first book was absolutely brilliant there is always that fear in the back of your mind that their second book won't be as good.Well I can honestly say that I enjoyed reading Lying To You just as much as Close To Me

The death of her mother has forced Jess Tidy to return to the small village where she grew up.Ten years ago Jess had made a accusation that resulted in her teacher Mark Winter,despite his claims of being innocent being convicted and sent to prison for three years.Mark and his devoted wife Karen still live in the village and Jess`s sudden return will result in secrets and lies being uncovered and the truth of what happened on that night finally being revealed.

This riveting story is narrated by Jess,Mark and Karen through different mediums.The events before,during and after the funeral are narrated in chapters that alternate between Jess and Karen.Interspersed throughout the book are chapters where Jess is talking about her life to a councillor.Mark tells his version of the events leading up to and on that terrible night in the form of a book.I thought it was ingenious how the author used this book within a book method as a way for the reader to learn Mark`s version of events through the eyes of Karen as she covertly read her husband's writing.The characters in this story are vivid and realistic,Jess,Karen and Mark where deeply flawed characters who`s lives and the lives of the people around them had been torn apart by whatever happened in the past.The narratives where very unreliable,you were not sure who`s version of events you should believe until the truth was revealed in the very last chapter.

This is a gripping,well written,page turner that had me hooked in from beginning to end.Actually,i was enjoying this book so much,i wanted to stay up and finish it last night but my poor old eyes had other ideas.Well worth more than five stars,this is definitely going to be one of my favourite books of this year.

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