The Risk of Rogues

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Daring to take a risk, this couple reunites after a long absence complicated by misinformation.  Sabrina Jeffries always comes up with a new take on romance.  Having read all of her books, I know fans will love the latest installment of rogues and rascals.  Really enjoyed the way she made this hero THINK about his actions, and their ramifications.  Love really does conquer all!
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Risk of Rogues was a fun, quick read. The characters are likeable and easy to root for. Their love story is that of reunited lovers which is a favorite of mine. 

However, it was a little rushed-especially on the side of the heroine. She goes from being furious with the hero (Hart) to saying she's his fiance (when she isn't). This is one of my regular complaints about novellas. They often feel rushed/forced. Hart's feeling came across much more authentic. 

Overall, this was a pretty standard historical romance novella. If you like that and/or Sabrina Jeffries I'd say this would be an entertaining read for you.
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Publisher's Description:

Featuring New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’ “hallmark humor, poignancy, and sensuality” (Romantic Times), this entry in the Sinful Suitors series inspires you to risk all for love.

Lady Anne is shocked when Captain Lord Hartley Corry—her former fiancé who left for India after her father forbade their marriage—returns to England and acts as if everything is all water under the bridge. He never fought for her hand or eloped with her as he promised and he thinks she’d still be willing to marry him? Not a chance.

Hartley is equally shocked to literally run into his past love upon arriving at his brother’s house. Though he yearns to take advantage of this second chance to woo his beloved, he can hardly admit that he is secretly a spy—at least not until he can be sure he trusts her. But convincing Lady Anne to let him prove his sincerity by courting her respectably all over again might be his undoing. Because all he wants is to show her how much of a rogue he can be when the right woman is in his arms.

My Thoughts:

You can always count on Sabrina Jefferies to entertain her readers.
This book is a short read. It can easily be completed in one sitting. The characters are interesting and well developed in spite of the shortness of this book.
Hartley's one wish in life was to marry the love of his life, Anne. When her father refused his offer of marriage he was determined to change the man's mind by proving he could and would support them so he purchased a commission in the army and left for India. He wrote to Anne constantly but she never received his letters which were intercepted by her father.
Now Anne's father is dead and Hartley has returned to England with no idea where she has disappeared to.
Imagine his surprise when literally running into her at his brother's house party.
Will he be able to convince Anne of his undying devotion?
Read this enjoyable read of less than two hours and find out for yourself.
I gave this novella 4.75 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization and a high sensual rating of 4.25 of 5.0 flames. Although Anne is still a virgin the intimacy ran very hot indeed.
I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
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4.5 stars

Years ago Lord Hartley Corry fell in love with Miss Anne Barkley, but when their father's refused to approve a marriage between them, he left to join the army - hoping to make a living to support her.  But when he returns to England five years later, Anne has disappeared.  He is devastated and returns to India, but he has never forgotten her.  When he returns to England again, six years later and takes a position spying for Lord Fulkham, he doesn't use his connections to find her, because he doesn't want to learn that she married and will never be his.  He makes it clear to family and friends that he is a confirmed bachelor, because if he can't marry Anne, he won't marry.

So imagine his surprise when he arrives at his brother's hunting lodge for a week of manly pursuits and finds not only a house party in full swing but his lost love Anne!  But she is no longer Miss Barkley, she is now Lady Anne.  He convinces her to meet him alone and is ready to pick up where they left off - but Anne has other ideas.  

Anne was heartbroken when Hart left her with no word, he promised to elope with her if her father refused and instead he just up and left.  It was probably for the best, her father told her that he was a gambler and a wastrel and the rumors she has heard over the years have only confirmed what her father said.  She insists that they don't know each other and she doesn't trust him.  He asks if he can court her, give them time to reacquaint themselves and see if marry is possible.  

Anne is still in love with Hart, but old fears and new secrets keep her from fully committing to him.  He is sweet and woos her with gifts and kisses, but she can't seem to accept him - especially when he is so closemouthed about his prospects.  Hart wants to tell her, but he needs her to trust him and commit before he can.  When they finally make love and she still refuses to marry, he knows what he has to do to prove that he loves her for her and not for what she brings to a marriage.

This is a very sweet second chance at love story, it is very short, but it is well written, flows without feeling rushed and has wonderful characters, warm love scenes and a very lovely ending.  It is part of the Sinful Suitors series, but it can be read as a stand alone title with no issues.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*
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Anachronisms abound in this vastly improper, but at least speedy, novella addition to Jeffries’s latest redeeming-the-bad-boy historical series. Here, Lady Anne and Lord Hartley meet after eleven years. Once, he had been turned away as unsuitable by her magnate father and she had been similarly dismissed by his aristocratic one. Now, they are in charge of their own destinies, but old grievances and insecurities must first be conquered before they can recommit to their one-time True Love. They do. It’s… fine. – Clara Shipman

1 1/2 stars
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A lovely new novella to take you away to another time and place for an evening reading in your favorite chair with a glass of wine.  
Hart and Anne were in love when they were young and planning on getting married.  Their parents forbid the match.  Anne was not well-born and Hart had a reputation as a gambler.   The match was forbidden and Hart's father bought his son a commission in the Army and he was shipped off to India.
Hart has never had the urge to marry if he couldn't marry the woman he loved then why bother. Eleven years later he literally bumps into Anne at a ball given by his brother.  He thought she had long since married and had a passel of kids.  That she hasn't is a miracle and he is now determined to prove he still loves her and wants to marry her.
Anne doesn't know how she can trust Hart after so many years.  She still loves him, but if he has been back in England for three years, why hasn't he tried to find her.
Secrets and misunderstandings could cost them both their chance at love and marriage.  Will they learn to trust each other? Give enough to finally put the past behind them.
This is a wonderful story that reads more like a full-length novel.  It has everything you would want in a love story.  Surprise, excitement, and a steamy love scene.  Sabrina is one of my go-to authors, I love everything she writes.
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This was a lovely addition to Sabrina Jeffries' works! It was a quick read and fans of Sabrina will definitely enjoy it.
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Eleven years ago Hart left behind Anne and their plans of elopement. Seeing her again stirs a desire to make her his wife if they can get past all their bad decisions and current obstacles. 

I found this story to be just ok. Anne does a lot of pushing away but considering what happened years ago, as well as events that have changed her during the past decade, it’s understandable. Hart was playing his cards close to his chest, unsure how much he could share about his current status. Both of them struggled with trust. I struggled a bit with both of them.

Due to its length we don’t get a ton of goodness but we do get a look at the re-courtship between these two characters as well as the chemistry they share. Secondary characters are minimal, the pace is fast, and there is no skimming required here.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Gallery Books. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Series: Sinful Suitors #5.5
Publication Date: 7/2/18

Lord love a duck – save us all from those all-knowing, omniscient parents who wreak havoc on their children’s lives – even after said parents are dead and gone! Those parents created havoc on the lives of our lovely hero and heroine in this delightfully written, very short novella. I thoroughly enjoyed the novella and that is why I would have really liked it to be a bit longer than it was. However, it did tie up the Sinful Suitors series nicely.

Captain Lord Hartley (Hart) Corry is the spare heir to a cold, unfeeling, uncaring marquess. When Hart fell in love and wanted to marry, his father flatly refused to allow it. Not only that, he pulled him out of school and bought him a commission with a unit that was leaving for India very quickly. Hart sent his beloved a note telling her what had happened, where he was going, why he was going and asked her to wait for him. Then, while he was gone, he wrote her letter after letter – and never got anything in return.

Lady Anne Barkley’s father was a very rich merchant – then, later in life, inherited an earldom. When Hart asked for Anne’s hand, she was only sixteen years old and her father thought him to be a fortune hunter – not to mention that her father hated the aristocracy - so he refused to allow the marriage. What is Anne to think when the man she loves and plans to marry abruptly leaves for India? Is it because what her father said about him being a fortune hunter was true? Why didn’t he at least write to her? Why did she have to learn of his leaving through an article?

Fast forward about eleven years and you have Hart arriving at his brother’s hunting lodge for a week-long gathering of male friends to hunt, drink and play billiards. To his great surprise, there is a ball in progress when he’s greeted at the door. Now, will he stay or will he go? He tells his sister-in-law “I know a matchmaking scheme when I see one, dear lady.” He decides he won’t go into the ball, but he will go into the card room and find his brother and friends.

Whoops – he runs smack-dab into a lady – wearing a wild turban. Shock, it is Anne. He has never forgotten her and has always loved her. Now, he can find out why she never answered any of his letters, why she didn’t wait for him and maybe, just maybe, they can find their way back to each other.

It is a delightful, but very short path for them to find their HEA. I loved Hart from the beginning but had a harder time warming up to Anne. I did come to like her, but she just had way too much self-doubt and angst.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and certainly recommend it. It was a wonderful story and a great wrap-up for the series. 

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"I requested and received this e-book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher."
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A Short and Absorbing Read.
Two people reconnect after a period of eleven years. Can Anne trust him with her heart again, after he abandoned her and can he trust that the sixteen year old girl who he fell in love with, still lives within the twenty-seven year old woman. Thought this was a lovely story and though it was complete in itself, it would have been nice if it had been made into a longer book (perhaps with some spying involved, leading to misunderstandings and Anne’s mother being involved in the storyline)
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Sweet second chance at love Regency novella.

Sabrina Jeffries' The Risk of Rogues was a fun short read.  This is the final story in the Sinful Suitors and I was happy to see Hart get his HEA with Anne. As always the dialogue was smart and the time period felt authentic.  Did I wish the story was longer, yes. However I knew it was a novella when I chose to read it and I think the author did a good job in fleshing out the characters, their concerns and the chemistry that brought them together. I do believe you need to have read the series to appreciate the story.
I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley.
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I have loved this whole series.  I really liked this story too, but it was so short.  Hart and Anne would be good together if they could just let go of the past.  Both of their fathers did not want them to get married and so they were separated.  She was too young and didn't understand some of what went on and her father kept things from her.  Hart had tried to get messages to her when he left, but was thwarted by Anne's father.  But, that doesn't excuse his behavior since he has been back.  Anne doesn't know if she can trust him anymore.  They have both grown up and changed.  Can they find their way back to each other?
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Hart has been living a secret, but when he runs into his past love, it finally believes it has come an hinderance. He wants to put right what he should have long ago but there’s only so much he can explain and the lady isn’t too eager anyway.
A great fast read, just right for an afternoon. Nice little plot with engaging characters. A well written novella, lots of detail for a short read. Loved it!
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First let me say that I am partially to blame for the low rating - novellas are really not my cup of tea. I should have done my research on this book before requesting, since it was not made clear on NetGalley that this was a novella.  That being said, it felt way too rushed, and I needed more backstory for these two characters.  It definitely could have been a full-length novel, and it should have been.  I felt their conflict was forced to resolve more quickly than made sense.  More groveling would have been preferred!  I think I will stick to her full length books from now on.
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Lord Hartley "Hart" Corry proposed to Lady Anne when she was just sixteen, but her father forbade the union. They planned to elope, but Hart unexpectedly left for India. For eleven years they've been apart, but a chance meeting at a house party throws them together again, and Hart is determined to show Anne that he's the one for her and that he still loves her while figuring out if he can trust her with his secrets. 

Long-time readers will recognize Hart as a secondary character in the main Sinful Suitors series. Specifically he's a spy for Lord Fulkam and he's always had the threat of matchmaking held over his head by the various heroines from said series. 

But as we learn Hart doesn't need to be set up because his heart has always belonged to Anne. 

This is the final send off of the Sinful Suitors series. I liked / appreciated that Sabrina Jeffries gave all our characters their own stories (or novellas) and they all got their HEAs. Hart's was a nice second-chance romance which I read in a couple of hours. 

Sabrina Jeffries hits all the major points: there's backstory, chemistry, heat, romance. Regardless of all this, I still have to give it a 3 star rating. It's just so quick and short, and really there's not much to the story. I just wanted a little bit more out of the history between Anne and Hart. But still for me it's a solid 3 star. 

I've really enjoyed this series, and I'm looking forward to whatever Sabrina Jeffries has in store next.
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Perfection. Does Sabrina Jeffries write any thing but? Our hero has secrets and long ago he left the one he loved behind. He's determined to secure his career and never marry unless it's the one who got away. Our heroine loves her hats and orphans. She is witty and intelligent as well an artist. To find their way back to each mother they must forgive the past, share their secrets and accept each other for who they are now. In doing so, they lead the reader down a path of lust, honesty and determination. The story if fluent and well written. The characters are enjoyable and entertaining.
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This was a fun novella in The Sinful Suitors series. We had met Hart in the last book in this series and it was fun to read his story. This story had seduction, some angst, and two characters who were perfect for each other, even if they didn't always know it. Anne was a spitfire of a character and really stuck to what she thought was right and wrong, which made her a strong heroine. The only thing I didn't like about this story was that it was too short; I could have read about Hart and Anne all day!
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When I receive an ARC I promise to give a fair and honest review.  Short but sweet just like most of Sabrina Jeffries books.
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At the risk of sounding too blunt and blatant, I’m just going to put this right out there, folks. The haughty, antagonist manner in which this main couple first interacted just didn’t endear them to me. Anne pretty much instantly grated on my nerves. Hartley didn’t make my heart race, either. On top of that, I found the writing rather stilted. 

Here’s to hoping others really enjoy this 73 page short novella. I wish this very popular author continued success. Though the hero here has a reputation of being a gambler, I do not. My time and attention would be better spent on another sure to win me over romantic read. I just didn’t see the point in finishing this book after only 30% into it, even though it is very short.

Title: The Risk of Rogues, Series: Sinful Suitors (Book 5.5), Author: Sabrina Jeffries, Pages: 73.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
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Great addition to this series.  This quick read gives us Captain Lord Hartley Corry's story.  When Hart asked for Miss Anne Barkley's hand in marriage when they were teenagers, he was flatly refused by her father.  Hoping she was still going to run away and elope with him, he was very disappointed when she didn't show.  After time in the service, and his current work as a spy, Hart is finally back in England after 11 years of being away.  Imagine his surprise when he sees Anne at his brother's house!  It is obvious that the spark is still there and Hart wants to pursue Anne again but he is reluctant to tell her about his past since it could harm his current position as a spy.  Through some soul searching and a few stolen kisses, these two finally get their happy ending.  I loved these characters and their story.  It was a fun, sweet story.
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