Pieces of Her

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Imagine thinking you know your mother, and who she is, and then suddenly she reveals a part of her that you did not expect to ever see..... Recommended.
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I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy this story as much as I’d hoped. The premise was good - Andrea Oliver is back in her home town to look after her mother, Laura, following a cancer scare. Whilst eating together at a diner, a gunman appears, shoots dead two customers then turns the gun on the pair. Rather than being afraid, Laura confronts the gunman and stabs him in the neck. What follows for Andy is a nightmare trip across America as she discovers that Laura is not the innocent she appears.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I found myself losing interest, and not really bothered whether Andy discovered the truth and sorted out her problems or not. A shame, because I’ve really enjoyed other Karin Slaughter books I’ve read.

Not my cup of tea, but may appeal to others.
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A terrifying act of violence…  It takes a split second for your life to change forever. And for Andrea Oliver that split second is a mass shooting in her local mall.
A woman whose life is built on a lie…  But this shocking act is only the start. Because then, as the bodies fall around them, Andy’s mother Laura takes a step forward into the line of fire.
A fight for survival…  Hours later, Laura is in hospital, her face splashed over the newspapers. But the danger has only just begun. Now Andy must embark on a desperate race against time to uncover the secrets of her mother’s past before any more blood is shed…

I'm not going to say anything about this book for fear of giving spoilers.  A good 3.5*
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As usual I really enjoy Karin Slaughter's writing style! I'm a massive fan of hers having read several of her books Pretty girls being one of my favourites.
This kinda let me down a little if I'm being honest.
The first half of the book had me so intrigued and then it fell flat. It's nowhere near as gruesome and gritty as her other books. This one felt a bit lacklustre.
I'm not saying it's a terrible book at all and I guess if I hadn't read her previous work this may have got a higher rating.
I enjoyed the characters and the plot I just feel like thrillers should have you gasping out loud and at points the story seemed to build suspense for it then just not to lead anywhere. 
Overall this isn't my favourite book of hers but then she's wrote a lot that I completely love so I guess one that didn't wow me is to be expected.
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Another gripping standalone from Slaughter. After reading a few of her previous books, picking this one off the shelf wasn't a disappointment. We meet Andy whose world turns upside down when a shooter walks into the diner she and her mother are sitting at. Her mother faces the shooter head on and proves herself to be someone Andy thought she wasn't.

There's a dual timeline which unravels the secrets in Laura's life and Andy goes on a dangerous road trip to uncover the truth. I was a tad confused at the half way mark where one character appears but I figured it out and loved the rest of this. 

As usual, and probably expected, Slaughter's writing is compelling, powerful and addictive. The strong violence is always evident when something happens, she doesn't shy away from the gruesome reality of what happens at a shooting or murder. 

If you enjoyed the Good Daughter or Pretty Girls, you'll enjoy this one. Would recommend to any thriller fan!
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As a big fan of Karin's two main series' I won't compare this book to them as they have developing characters. This book took me a few chapters to get into, as does any book with new characters. I did enjoy the storyline and characters, and the ending was very good.
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Pieces of Her is an exciting thriller by Karin Slaughter and quite different from the previous books of hers that I’ve read. The study is told from two different points of view from two different eras. At first I found it hard to work out how the two stories would fit together but it all became clear further into the book.

I really enjoyed Andy’s point of view but found some of Jane’s scenes too slow to be enjoyable and was wishing to be back in Andy’s story.
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Wow. This book was amazing kept you guessing how all the characters were intertwined. You really felt for Jane having such abusive relationships with her father and then her boyfriend Nick - is it a cult, is he the leader . Is anyone who they say they are? Or do.they all have secrets they want to keep buried? I loved this book couldn't put it down, even when on holiday I was reading by the pool, which I don't normally do!

Thank you net galley for giving me the opportunity to read this book and to Karen Slaughter for writing it, can't wait to read more from her.
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I love Karen Slaughter’s books and this one is another belter!  It’s a stand alone book so don’t worry if you’ve never read her before. The two main characters are so well depicted and deep that you feel like you know them. A good way of breaking up the plot is to have two timelines and voices.  This book is a cross between a crime thriller and a psychological drama.
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I really enjoyed this chilling thriller - Very clever plot over 2 time frames  and different from the other books in this genre which was very welcomed. Every step of Andreas journey I was with her and wondering whether I would of been so brave! The dynamics and relationships between the characters were complex and fascinating. Lots of little twists and turns throughout the book and a very satisfying ending for those of us who like everything being tied up neatly.
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A rollercoaster of a read that kept me turning the pages! Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advanced reading copy.
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Karen Slaughter on song with this offering exploring mother and daughter relationships through a fast paced thriller. Andy cones home to nurse her sick mother Laura and ends up being she’ll shocked when Laura steps in to a dangerous situation. What had she done in her earlier life. The background then unfolds
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I have heard so many great things about Karin Slaughter's books, I had read one and didn't really like it but that may have been because it was a mid-series book so I thought I would give her another try.
Sadly, this was not much better, it leapt from past to present which started to confuse me and the story kind of dragged for me.
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I've been a big fan if Karin Slaughter for a long time and have always looked forward to her new releases to receiving her newest release as an ARC made me really happy.

Unfortunately and disappointingly this is just not Karins best work.

I found the whole thing quite boring to be honest. A real slow burner that had me wanting to skip ahead constantly. The actual storyline was dull and tame compared to previous novels. I also missed the whole multilayered plots that the author usually writes with.

The main characters weren't easy to connect with at all in my opinion and left no lasting impression and the filler characters were forgettable. 

The back story terrorism seemed to take away the grit and detail that Karin usuallybwrites with and I feel this actually comprised the whole book.

Sadly just a 1.5* from me on this one. Maybe I had too high expectations from previous books.

Thanks to netgalley and Harper Collins for the ARC
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I have to be honest and say this was not up to Karin's usually standards
I will say that ever other book I have read hase been excellent.
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his book was an average read. I had been expecting more but it was still an ok book. 
An ok book but not of her usual standard
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This is the first Karin Slaughter book that I've read and I found parts of it rather gory and violent.  But I guess that I am more used to pure psychological thrillers whereas this leaves nothing to the imagination!
It starts at a diner where mother, Laura, and daughter, Andy, are celebrating a birthday lunch.  That is until a gunman begins firing at customers.  Although Andy is rooted to the spot, fear paralysing her, Laura's reaction is much more in control,.  She deals with the situation calmly and disposes of the shooter mercilessly. Andy is left reeling at Laura's response. Stunned by her mothers actions, She is left wondering if she really knows her mother at all.  And so begins Andy's scary and shocking journey of discovery that we follow in the hope of unravelling the mystery.
Overall an enjoyable read.  It took a little while for me to get hooked, but once I was, it became a real page turner for me.  As it has now been commissioned as a Netflix series, it is definitely worth a read before the TV series gives the game away.
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Andrea and her mum Laura are enjoying a birthday lunch when suddenly a gunman appears. What happens leads to a chain of events that sends Andrea on the run and leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about her mother.
This book is set over 2 time periods and is told from both Laura ( in the past) and Andrea ( in the present)
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend,
Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review
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I was so pleased to receive a copy of this book for review, having recently finished and really enjoyed Karin Slaughter’s ‘The Last Widow.’  What a disappointment this title has turned out to be. It’s hard to believe it’s written by the same author. 

 The main character Andy is portrayed as such a feeble, pathetic individual, and I wonder how she would have lived to the age of 31 years without developing any personality or backbone, especially as her mother Laura appears to be a strong, feisty, intelligent, forward thinking woman. 

The dual timeline does not work, the plotting is non-existent, and the narrative is fragmented to the point of making no sense at all to this reader. I have read to 50%, and find I just cannot read any more. 

The storyline is so far fetched and unbelievable, and I’m sorry to say I do not care enough about any of the characters to struggle on any further with this book. It may have appeal for some readers, but sadly not for me.

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my advance copy of this title.
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Cracking premise. Andrea (Andy), who’s in her 30s, has moved back to be near her parents and now works as a police despatcher. One morning, after a long night shift, she’s sitting in a diner when a man walks in and begins shooting. Her mother reacts in a completely unexpected way and shows a side of herself that Andy never knew was there. And thus begins Andy’s literal and metaphorical journey to find out who her mother really is. 

This rattles along at pace and is a great beach read - lots of twists and turns along the way and plenty of action. It slightly faded at the end for me, but I think still wrapped up nicely.
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