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I am the mother of a police officer.  When I saw this was available to request on NetGalley, I knew I would need to read this book.

This is a must-read for anyone who is involved in law enforcement.  The devotions are spot-on and will encourage individuals working in the various fields of law enforcement spiritually and professionally.  The scripture passages provided are very appropriate for each day.

I would highly recommend purchasing this book, especially if you know of an individual who is just starting out in this field.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I received this book as a gift for my husband. After ten years of service, I can't imagine the things he has seen on the job. 

This book would have been a gem starting out. A guide, a helping hand, a resource to lean on after those tough calls, before heading out for a shift. 

This book is a necessity for any and all areas of LEO. I would recommend it for it's words but also for the lay out, the passages, the strength it pours into the reader. My husband is not a reader but took to reading this daily and as I see his book mark move through the book I could sense it was giving him peace and calm, giving him a message he badly needed to hear.

I encourage others to buy this for a friend, a colleague, a family member involved in any area of LEO - whether they are a rookie or a veteran. This is a must for all!

I'm highly anticipating more by the author and cannot wait for his marriage book that should be following this soon!
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Loved the book which covers daily spiritual guidelines on focusing on the job of Law Enforcement providing themes on peace, integrity, strength, family divine intervention and blessings.
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I read this and shared with my husband who is a LEO. The devotions are geared towards those on the street, but can be understood by all. This would be a nice and thoughtful gift. Typical of this type of devotional.
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I had a hard time staying interested in the police aspect of these devotions, which is weird because I am a police wife and I come from a family of policemen. I like the parallels Mr. Davis made between our daily Christian walk and the policeman, but if you're not a cop, you might not understand many of the aspects of what he is saying. 
I think many police officers would enjoy this devotional, but civilians might have a hard time understanding parts of this book.
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