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This is a beautifully written tale that explores the depths of your heart. I couldn't believe it was a debut novel with how emotive the language was. It really is a story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page. It is astounding.
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If I could, I’d give this books 3.5 stars, but as I can’t do that, I’ll score it a 4, mainly due to what I believe to be an original story. 

It is the story of Nova, blind from birth, who has a life-changing surgery giving her sight and as a result, she now has to learn to see. I found the way the author delved into the learning to see process fresh and innovative and it certainly opened my eyes to many things I’d have never thought of before reading this.

This is also the story of Kate’s self-discovery journey and for me this is where the book drags a little at times.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an ecopy of this book in exchange for an impartial and honest review.
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Nova is an interpreter for the Metropolitan Police. She can speak five different languages and can tell when someone is lying just by the sound of their voice. She also always finds the silver lining in everything.. thing is Nova is blind. 

From the support of her brother she goes and has an operation to restore her sight, problem is nothing is as she remebers, and she is struggling to understand the world she can now see. Nova is struggling until she meets Kate. Kate is supportive and helps Nova but Nova also helps Kate. Kate's past threatens the future, but can the two overcome everything?

This book was so well written and I really enjoyed it. I loved Nova's character and how she overcame her difficulties with learning to see again and using other senses that she hadn't used for some time. Kate was also very likeable and I couldn't help but feeling for her. 

Overcoming the hardships the pair move forward to their future. Add in some hard topics with Heap doing them justice and you have yourself a good book.
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Unfortunately, I have not been able to read and review this book.

After losing and replacing my broken Kindle and getting a new phone I was unable to download the title again for review as it was no longer available on Netgalley. 

I’m really sorry about this and hope that it won’t affect you allowing me to read and review your titles in the future.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 
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What a beautifully written book and a debut, to boot.   The author certainly doesn't shy away from making the reader experience all the emotions. 

I am going to be telling everyone to read this book.  It really is fantastic and I can't wait to read more by the author.
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A really interesting book dealing with the restoration of sight to someone blind and the need to see what is in plain sight to one who is not blind.  Learning how to see is a huge change and the novel makes us think about how this would feel.  I wasn't entirely convinced by the sub-story but enjoyed the whole concept of seeing in a different way.
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I’ve realised I read very little by male authors and I need to remedy that! This book was so good. Totally different from anything I’ve read before. I got completely lost in it and can’t wait to read more from him. Fabulous book!
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If you need to see the world in a different way - then this is the book for you to get stuck into. Beautifully written, emotive and with truly lovable characters, this is a brilliant read.
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I loved the premise of this; Nova has sight restored after years of being blind and falls in love with Kate, a troubled woman with an abusive husband and although it was a fast read I wasn't entirely convinced by the story. 

Nova and Kate lacked chemistry and I didn’t get a strong sense of attraction or  desire and the relationship felt platonic, nothing more.
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A great psychological thriller - two women meet in unusual circumstances.  Nova has been blind from birth but has had an operation to give her sight - but is this really what she wants ? Kate is happily married but there’s something about her husband that she can’t put her finger.  They meet each other at a time in their lives when they both really need a friend.  This book will make you look at the world in a different way .  Highly recommended
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Nova has been blind since birth. Kate is in a manipulative, violent marriage with a detective in the Met police. 
A groundbreaking operation means that Nova has the chance to see for the first time in her life. Whilst in hospital her and Kate meet. 
What follows is a charming story of love and learning to see the world through the eyes of a person who has never seen before.
I enjoyed seeing how Nova adapts to a sighted life. Part up-lit, part domestic thriller, I can't say that it was anything like Eleanor Oliphant as some reviewers have said. But it's non the worse for that.
A solid four star read.
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Hard to believe that this is a debut novel. The writing and characterization are very assured. The originality of the story appealed - a girl born blind who has an operation to give her sight and this has a very unexpected result in hope she then views the world. Also a touching depiction of human relationships. An excellent read.
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The Rules of Seeing is a poignant debut novel.  A blind interpreter is given the gift of sight and by chance meets an architect in an abused relationship.  Sensitive writing makes this a compelling read.
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The rules of seeing by Joe Heap.  I had read reviews of this book before reading it and they were very mixed, seems a lot of readers either  loved or hated it!   Nova has been blind from birth but has had an operation to try and  give her sight.  Kate found herself involved in a violent attack and was in hospital recovering, there the two very different women met!  This is a very gentle story or love, loss and friendship written by a man.  It was a very different book to any other I have read, generally I loved it but I did find some parts a little repetitive and didn't hold my interest but over all a great book which I would definitely  recommend.
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Beautiful book and very well written. 
I enjoyed the characters and the story made me reflect a lot.
Highly recommend
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Thank you for the advance review copy, took me long enough but enjoyed reading it and would recommend!
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I don't often choose books based solely on their cover, but this one I did and it didn't disappoint.

Nova was born blind. She has spent the first 30 years of her life only able to see pale shapes, but now her brother has learned about an operation that could give her sight and a whole new world to discover. Unsure, she undergoes the operation and in order to make sense of the world she now sees before her, she comes up with the Rules of Seeing.

Kate, an architect, is married to Tony, a police officer. Following a head injury at home, she meets Nova outside the hospital. As their friendship develops, the 2 women help each other to see the world in a whole new way. 

This was a thought-provoking and emotional read. I found myself imagining what it must be like to see things around me for the first time, and try to make sense of them. Exploring complex, changing relationships I was hooked from the first page. I also loved how each chapter focused on a shape or an object that linked to the developing story line.

Towards the end of the story, the 2 women travel to Bradford, my home city and I enjoyed reading a little about a place that was familiar to me. 

This was a brilliant debut and I will keep my eye out for more by Joe Heap in the future!

Thanks to the author and publisher for allowing me access to an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Like some other reviewers I loved the first half of this book and thought the love story between Kate and Nova and the sensory exploration that Nova experiences were brilliantly handled. Sadly though I was less interested in, and convinced, by the psychological suspense element and by Tony’s character which felt stereotypical/undeveloped and like a missed opportunity. I thought the author’s writing was excellent and fresh and despite not loving all the elements of the plot would definitely read another title by this Joe Heap.
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Beautifully written book about love and friendship and how we can overcome adversity. The characters came to life with incredible ease, such as they do with good writing. Harrowing in parts, but stick with it. 
Thanks NetGalley and Joe Heap for the great read.
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Two very different women are brought together by a chance meeting in a hospital ward... one blind since birth has just had her sight restored through surgery, the other must open her eyes to the world she is living in if she wants to survive. The Rules of Seeing takes us on a journey with Kate and Nova, but life is never as smooth as it looks... can these two women help each other to see the world through a fresh lens, only time will tell.

In truth I found myself not that bothered whilst reading this book, neither character grabbed me and with time started to annoy me in their own ways. Thankfully the evil Tony kept things interesting but I found these encounters predictable in their outcomes. It would be unfair to say I’ll be racing to read Joe Heap’s next story.

Thank you to#nergalley for the chance to read this title.
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