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All the Hidden Truths

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An absolutely brilliant crime debut, following in the footsteps of Rebus et al without the misogyny and questionable personal habits. A gripping page-turner of a read, I can't wait to see this become a best seller.
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I thought this was a great book and, unfortunately, very topical.  Ryan Summers walks into his college with guns and kills thirteen young women before killing himself.
The story is written from three POV, Moira who is Ryan’s mother, Ashbel, the mother of Abigail, the first victim and DI Helen Birch who is in charge of the investigation.
You also have the stereotypical tabloid journalist trying to further his career on the aftermath.
I thought this book was well written and gripped from the start.  It was thought provoking to go through the aftermath with these three individuals and the story stays with you.  Ryan Summers was a well balanced character and not demonised by the author, neither were the victims all perfect which made it much more realistic.
Highly recommend and thanks to Hodder&Stoughton and Net Galley for the ARC.
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This book centres around the aftermath of a college shooting. The story is told from three different character point of views and done really well. We have Moira, the mother of the man who shot dead all the women students before killing himself, we have the mother of one of the victims, and we have detective inspector Birch. The writing is excellent and the emotions are real. It's a raw, emotional, book that makes you ask questions and that leaves you thinking long after you've finished reading. The journalist creeping around, asking questions is done so well and the way the press surround Moria's house, the death threats she received. It's all so real and so well written. I loved how the book delved deep into the characters and the stories of each family and it really is a page turner with more than just a college shooting. It's a book that I will be recommending and one that I know I will be adding to my bookshelves.
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Story of the aftermath of a school shooting in the UK, from the perspective of the victims' families, the police and the mother of killers.  A page turning read with an air punching twist at the end.  Highly recommended
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This is a quick read because it is so compelling. It will be difficult for many readers and lead to soul searching and reconsideration of family relationships. Seemingly normal families are not like that as the story unfolds. The characterisation of the police and journalists is bang on. The relationships between victims are well structured and end well. This is not just a book to pass the time. It is much more than that.
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A good novel but this felt too close to home for me as I lived in Edinburgh for a number of years and even travelled that same bus route past the meadows and around the city. This chills for the obvious reasons of a man killing people in a college and there is a lot of emotions and tension throughout.

It's an timely story given the shocking tragedies of recent months especially in the USA. The way the novel delved into the secrets and stories of each of the families and those involved was what really sold it and the focus is done in an interesting way. The character led plot is hard reading at times since these issues are so much in the news headlines and I think because of this, I found it difficult to really get into.
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I loved this book!

Ofcourse, I love any good book with a serial killer, but this one held me in its grasp until the final page! Very interesting read and can highly recommend it
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