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The Natural Baker

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I have gone through my fair share of recipe books recently. It is not that I immediately set to work on trying to recreate the magic so tastefully depicted within the pages but I still have a partiality for them. They are for those imaginary future instances when I would dazzle those even more imaginary visitors with delicacies. This particular book though puts something more attainable within my reach.

This is a book with baking recipes for different meals of the day with varying amounts of complexities and although I am a vegetarian, there are ample options provided for me. Most of the ingredients are basic but the combinations relatively unique. The pictures do need to be mentioned though a lot of painstaking effort seems to go into the photographs of food books of late. The presentation of each recipe with a few tidbits of information made it time spent reading this ARC enjoyable. It is the kind of book I would gift a baking enthusiast who wants to cook for the slightly out of ordinary flavours.

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