Blackbird Song

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Randy Lundy, a member of the Barren Lands (Cree) First Nation, has lived most of his life in Saskatchewan, Canada which is reflected in his writing. His poetry and prose poetry, both included in this volume, are close to the earth, to nature, to his family, to pets and wild animals. Birds carry his messages as they seem to bring seasonal change. The rhythms of his tribal life and historical past are also present in poetic rhythms.

There are three sections in the book. The first is poetry; the second is prose poetry while the third returns to poetry. It is the second section where Lundy reflects most sharply back on his own history, family, personal experience. This section is more overtly biographical, continuing with the same nature-based imagery but now focusing on self, family, memory and its gaps and leaps between generations, native life. In the other sections, the personal glimpses are quicker, more sliding, wrapped in with evocative views of the natural world.

the final poem Another Season

Buds on the mountain ash this spring, a green paler than
you have ever seen .
Sunlight, blackbird singing. What more could you ask, friend?
Pilgrim, what more ?

This is an excellent collection, which I took my time to savor. Recommended to all who enjoy poetry.

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Randy Lundy is a unique voice combining his Native American roots with Western poetry. Lundy creates such beautiful imagery as he remarks about the natural world around him.
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This is a beautiful collection of poetry. I enjoyed it so much that I will be buying myself a copy as the formatting of the ARC meant the beginnings and ends of some of the poems where a little difficult to decipher. 

This is the first poetry collection I have read by a First Nations writer and I have since researched a little more on Lundy. I will certainly be looking at his other two books as his poetry is so beautifully rendered and evocative of childhood and nature. His writing is intimate and I especially loved the poems about his mother. 
Definitely, a poet to follow.
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4.5 stars. Simply amazing work. I would love to read a physical copy of this, and refer back to it, as my ebook copy had everything a little merged together. But the beauty of Lundy's poetry shone through regardless.
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In this collection of poems and prose poems, Randy Lundy writes of memory, the natural world, solitude and mourning. The writing is beautiful, evocative and thoughtful, but I'm probably not the perfect reader for this right now, as I'm struggling with more contemplative reads. I would look out for future works by this author, however - I expect there's a lot more to come.
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Blackbird Song
by Randy Lundy

University of Regina Press

Multicultural Interest , Poetry
Pub Date 16 Jun 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Blackbird Song through University of Regina Press and Netgalley:

In this book Randy Lundy draws deeply from his Cree Heritage along with European and Asian traditions to create the beautifully written poems in this book.  The poems here can you remind you of such poets as Simon Ortiz, Par Lagerkvist and Jane Hirshfield.  

If you're looking for a book that takes you to that place of beauty, and of peace.  It allows us a glimpse into a heritage that embraces the beautiful creations.

I give Blackbird Song five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Blackbird Song by Randy Lundy is the poet's third collection of poetry.  Lundy is a member of the Barren Lands (Cree) First Nation. He has published two previous collections of poetry, Under the Night Sun and Gift of the Hawk. His work has been widely anthologized. 

Lundy's poetry does something very unique.  He is able to capture the Native American experience and culture and insert it into Western poetry without compromising either tradition or form.  He recreatess a familiar past and common memories with the reader. 

Remember the butter glazed, golden
crust of bread fresh from the oven
Remember the oven door
creaking, heat blasting
your six year old face

The first section of poetry is in a traditional style and frequently include a crow on the fringes of the poetry.  The second section is prose poetry with a connection to the earth and the seasons.  The collection closes with more traditional poetry. An outstanding collection of North American poetry.
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Can’t believe Randy Lundy has passed me by until now.

Blackbird Song is epic that deserves multiple readings over time to appreciate its full impact. Lundy invokes powerful imagery throughout this work and covers a range of emotions; loss, love, belonging, loneliness, all throughout the changing seasons, so much so, it’s hard not to stop and get completely lost in the odd verse every so often.

I think I what I loved most about this collection was how central a role the natural world, in all of its guises, plays throughout the work. It’s vibrant and complements Lundy’s reflections on emotion and memory perfectly.

Will probably go out and get a physical copy on the back of this.

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