One Thousand Stars and You

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The description of Sri Lanka in this book made it quite believable that you were experiencing it, however the main character and the general story line of this book wasn’t a concept I could get on board with therefore making it a struggle  to relate to the main concept running through.
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Beautifully written book that immediately made me want to book a trip to explore Sri Lanka for myself. Heartfelt and compelling and a great read.
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This is a bittersweet story. I really enjoyed it, heartbreaking at times and I cried deeply. A lovely story and not your typical romantic novel but beautifully written.
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Please note that this book is not for me - I have read the book, However I had to DNF and because i do not like to give negative reviews I will not review this book fully - there is no specific reason for not liking this book. I found it a struggle to read and did not enjoy trying to force myself to read this book.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for the opportunity to read this book
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Isabelle Broom has an uncanny ability to take her readers to locations around the world. This time, it’s Sri Lanka, but by reading her previous books, I’ve also been to Greece, Prague, Spain and Lake Como. All the trips have been delightful, and this one is no different. And just like all memorable trips, there’s good times and beautiful scenery, but eventually real life invades and things get complicated. Isabelle Broom writes beautifully, and I found myself really rooting for Alice and Max.

Full disclosure: Obviously I’m going to give this novel five stars because not only is there a character called Maureen in it, but she actually is named after me. To explain, I won a “Get a Character Named After You” lot in the Authors for Grenfell auction. I’m thrilled with my namesake (she’s a bit energetic and mouthy, like me) and I love this book. 

My self-interest aside, I still highly recommend this novel.
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A nice little story... quite an easy read but one of those stories which is almost too easy.  Quite a lot of 'description' and some fairly generic characters so nothing very challenging but enjoyable nonetheless.
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Gorgeous, romantic, heartwarming and evocative is pretty much how I'd sum up this book. I really felt like I was right there in Sri Lanka and accompanying Alice on her travels.
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This book is lovely
Alice is an adventurer but her family and fiance don't think that she should be - the scars on her face bear witness to what could happen.
On a 'final fling' before she settles down Alice meets Max in Sri Lanka and the pull is inescapable.
Alice finds that true bravery is not about sky diving but being true to your feelings.
Beautiful setting.
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I think I’ve found a new favourite chick lit author! This was immediately engaging and an easy read that I didn’t want to put down. I liked the relationships between the characters though I had to mark it down a star because Alice irritated me the way she went on about her accident and her relationship with Richard and her mam. Also the fact she would even remotely compare her scar on her face to Max losing a leg. On the whole I enjoyed the story though I would have liked more of a resolution at the end. Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin and the author for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Take me to Sri Lanka for I am hooked!

I've never been to Sri Lanka, but this book certainly peaked my interest for the island in the Indian Ocean. Alice and her three best friends all turn thirty within the same week, so they decide to skip out on the celebrations back home in England and go on a trip of a lifetime across the globe. Alice has been with her boyfriend, Richard since forever, it's steady, healthy, but borderline boring as heck, so she welcomes this change of scenery.

On their first night in Sri Lanka, the girls meet Max and Jamal, two fellow British travellers and there's an instant connection between Alice and Max. But Alice has Richard, so she keeps her distance, but despite her own efforts, the two grow closer as they share the experiences of climbing mountains together, going on safari and get deep with stories about themselves. 
Max is dealing with an injury from his time as a soldier and Alice is also scarred from her childhood, which connects them even more throughout their trip.

Set in exotic surroundings where you can practically smell the spices and feel the sun on your face, readers are indulged in a romantic story that grips you from takeoff and doesn't release you until the final page has been turned, a page that comes far too soon in my humble opinion. I could have used a few more or maybe fifty.

We are taken on a journey through Sri Lanka and it almost serves as a tourist guide to the places to visit if you ever go there. The climbing of Adam's Peak in the middle of the night to get to the top to watch the sunrise made me want to put on my hiking boots (not that I own any) and go climb a mountain (Denmark doesn't have any). But that's what this book did to me. It excelled in selling Sri Lanka as a must-visit country, with its old temples and monks, the white sandy beaches and friendly atmosphere of the locals. It was weaved into the story in an expertly fashion and helped further the story and plot along. 

As of characters, I enjoyed all of them in their own way. 
Alice is growing out of her comfort zone and is finding out who she truly is and not who her boyfriend or overbearing mother want her to be. And it's great to see her spread her wings and throw caution to the wind. 

Steph and Maureen, her best friends are both very different; Steph is the more relaxed one whereas Maureen is the wild and spontaneous one, leaving Alice in the middle, struggling to figure out where she belongs. 

And then there's Max. On a quest of healing and to prove to himself and the people around him that his injury does not define who he is and Alice helps him with that along the way.

The romance is a slow-burning build-up and you are eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens between the two.

So all in all, an amazing book, perfect for these cold and dark months where you can dream yourself off to exotic places and heated romances.
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Isabelle's novels ate sometimes labelled as travel and I can understand why. I know that Isabelle visits each destination when she is planning/writing her next novel and this is very clear as you quickly get sucked into another dimension. In this case gorgeous, sunny, Sri Lanka! Who needs a suitcase and passport when you can simply pick up a novel by Isabelle Broom and get transported to a new destination? The other positive is that you get a flipping great story to devour too (and devour this I did!)
Alice is pent up and unhappy (although I'm sure she doesn't realise just how unhappy) but the exotic beaches and surroundings of Sri Lanka soon help to remedy that. She has gone away for a 'last hurrah' with her friends leaving boyfriend Richard - who wants to marry her - behind. 
Max has lost a leg whilst fighting in Afganistan and has had to fight many demons on his journey to some semblance of a recovery. Friendships and romance have been hard to come by. 
However when Max meets Alice something clicks and there is definitely an instant connection between them. Max isn't looking for a woman and Alice is in a long-term relationship. 

Decisions need to be made and they both need to look at past events that have defined their characters. 
Tissues will be needed and possibly a cold drink as the heat and humidity of Sri Lanka jump off the pages! 

Another triumph of escapism by Isabelle Broom without leaving the comfort of your own sofa. 

Thank you to Michael Joseph and Penguin for the ARC which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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I love Isabella Broom books for their wonderful characters, and a plot that draws you and of course an beautiful location.   Alice’s growth as a person was inspiring, so many of us put others happiness before ourselves which makes Alice, Max and their journey relatable.  One Thousand Stars and You, like Isabella Broom’s previous novels is inspiring and emotional in its story with characters that you really care about.  Isabella Broom is fast becoming one of my favourite authors
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The story is about Alice who wants to celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday differently: visiting Sri Lanka. I liked the descriptions Sri Lanka as Alice and her friends traveled from one city to another. On their first day in Lanka, Alice and her friends meet Max and his friend. From then on, they embark on a journey that will change their lives. 

To be honest, I could not relate to the main character, Alice. She has a boyfriend back home but isn't satisfied with her romantic life. Upon meeting Max, she suddenly questions everything. The romance felt forced to me. 

I gave two stars only because of the beautiful description and the way the theme of disability was handled.
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Oh my goodness, what an absolutely beautiful story, it was such a pleasure to read and I fell so in love with Isabelle Brooms writing, that I went and picked up the paperback too.
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I have read this book before but really enjoyed reading it again, particularly with the descriptions of places in Sri Lanka which seemed more vital second time around. I think the first time I focused on the relationships but this time I found the descriptions of the places visited more vibrant. A worthy book and a good story covering so much.
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Isabelle Broom always manages to capture the essence of the places she writes about. In One Thousand Stars and You Sri Lanka comes alive. You feel as though you are there alongside Alice and Max. The book is light and easy to read. It is fun and magical and manages to transport you away from real life. It’s heart felt and real and you can tell that Isabelle researches the places she writes about. You can tell her enthusiasm for travel and adventure and life.
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What a mesmerising wonderful story. As I started I thought that it was a simple love story and how wrong I was. The story begins by setting the stage for Alice at home and the excitement of leaving to go on vacation with her two friends to celebrate their 30th birthdays. I found that this was at its base a love story but encompasses so much more: 
- from an almost travel book.about Sri Lanka, 
- the life as an amputee and the issues of being such, 
- the emotions of always pleasing others and ignoring your own happiness,
- mental breakdown,  drug taking and recovery
- group female interactions when life does not go as planned.
Alice eventually realises that she is as important as those around her that are unwittingly denying her happiness and she begins to consider herself, although not without an internal emotional fight. 
I loved the solid warmth of the book and have already recommended it to my friends and book club group as an excellent book to read.
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One Thousand Stars and You is the first novel by Isabelle Broom that I've read and I really enjoyed it - I'm not one for really cheesy, over-the-top romance/ chick-lit (hate that word, sorry) but this managed to have a good dose of relationships, fun friendship and humour without being any of those offputting things...

The characters are great, and they're a big part of what makes this book so enjoyable. Alice is likeable and sweet, and though at times she can perhaps come across a little naive, she makes a great protagonist. Her friends Maureen and Steph are vibrant, entertaining characters (though Maureen got on my nerves sometimes!) and Max seems like a great guy - kind, fair and brave considering everything he's been through. It may be obvious from near the start that Max and Alice are going to hit it off, and there are various parts that are fairly predictable, but the story is lovely to read about anyway, so to me that doesn't matter!

The setting for this book completely sucked me in - I've always wanted to go to Sri Lanka and I felt like I could really picture their trip, from the bustling streets and vibrant colours - Isabelle Broom manages to bring this amazing place to life for the reader. Definitely gave me travel envy (yes, this is fiction but still...!)

I really enjoyed One Thousand Stars and You, and would recommend it to anyone who fancies a light, entertaining but also quite emotional read. It's touching, heartfelt and definitely has its funny moments!
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I absolutely loved this book!  Alice is old before her time and decides to go off on an adventure with her girlfriends for their 30th birthdays in a last chance escape from her settled and safe life.  The trip of a lifetime to Sri Lanka is set to change the path her life has taken thus far, when she meets Max, a war veteran.  These two characters were delightful - both warm, credible and incredibly complex - both struggling to rediscover who they  truly are.

This was a truly lovely holiday read and what surprised me more was what an incredible job the author did of showcasing Sri Lanka as a holiday destination!

Many thanks to netgalley for an arc of this book in return for an honest review.
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Brooms signature style is to revolve her story arc around an issue/s that plagues her protractors in great locations.  Despite this, each of her novels has been unique.  So one begins reading Broom's latest novel with high expectations.  It scales new heights as she tackles the complex issue of disability in exotic Sri Lanka.  Yes, she has strayed from her conventional but charming European locations to the east.  And she does a surprisingly good job of both.  Traversing a range of emotions, she weaves a spell binding tale sure to enthral even the pickiest of readers.  Moreover, Brooms protractors give her plenty of scope to exercise her innate acuity.  Undeniably, those born with a disability have different life experiences from the able bodied.  However, an able-bodied person acquiring a disability has to adjust to the new circumstances, perhaps rebuilding ones life.  Often an emotional journey, fraught with the complications surrounding ones disability as one comes to terms with their handicap and learns to manoeuvre around it.  Broom explores this dynamic and does a rather good job both in its scope and veracity.  Rather than a taut, depressing tearjerker, the entire novel proves to be awe inspiring and uplifting.  Doubtless there are the ah moments and then the oh moments interspersed with copious tears.  Brooms wordsmithery shines as her amazing characters spring to life and it is not merely their physique.  There is a very good reason for Max's fitness as he explains to Alice.  Um…I leave you to discover for yourself.  There are no spoilers in my reviews.  Though the novel revolves around Max and Alice, their friends play an equally crucial role in its telling – a very Broom trait.  With characteristic depth and intensity, she weaves each characters persona with the setting.  Beware of the ubiquitous papaya juice.  Oops is that a spoiler.  Thought provoking both Max and Alice are frequently questioning their life decisions.  Often in life, one opts for the comfortable rather than the challenging until life's roadblocks force one to face them.  Bursting with feeling this is another unputdownable read by Broom.  When the last page is turned and one wipes away tears of joy, one cannot help but realise that there is possibly not one but two sequels to this novel.  Well Broom dare you rise to the challenge?
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