Your Closest Friend

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I’d like to say that I enjoyed this book. I didn’t. It started off well and actually, I can’t really pin point where it started to not work for me, but it got to the point where I was shaking my head on disbelief at many points.

It was meant to be scary and thrilling. Instead, I couldn’t wait to finish the book so I wouldn’t have to read any more.

It’s done now. I won’t be recommending it to anyone, sadly.
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Imagine yourself the MC of a thriller. At every turn you either make the considerate decision or the stupid rookie move nobody ever would consider. You choose the stupid move. Always.

Read the first chapter, rolled my eyes, skimmed the rest of the book.

Never have I ever met such stupid characters. It hurts.
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I absolutely loved this book, I thought it was fantastic. The storyline was well thought out with lots of surprises, twists and turns I haven't seen it coming.  The book is well written and excellently plotted right to the last page.! Love it!
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This book started off well - Cara and Amy meet when there is a terrorist attack and Amy drags Cara to safety - while together she tells Amy all of her secrets thinking she would never see her again. They reconnect and bizarrely she asks her to look after her daughter. Amy wants to get closer so agrees. I found the whole story dragged on and became unbelievable. I finished it but it wasn't easy.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

I have previously enjoyed books by Karen Perry and was excited to be given the opportunity to read this book before the release day. 

The premise of the story was interesting and very current. It started off quite intriguingly; I was quite surprised when the story deviated into something very different to what I was expecting initially. I still enjoyed it. I felt it was a little unrealistic in parts. The characters didn't behave in ways that you would expect in a similar real life situation. Everything happened too conveniently for the story's progression. The main character was dumb.
All these factors aside, I enjoyed the story. It was very easy to read and get lost in. The suspense was ramped up in the correct places and it held my attention.
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For some reason I had this sat on my kindle for some time and never got round to reading it - I have no idea why, as I really enjoyed it once I did.
Lots of twists and some great characters, some dark secrets and plenty of suspense.
I will be looking out for more by this author.
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I really enjoyed this book, particularly at the start during the terrorist attack - the tension in the room was gripping.

There were certain decisions further into the book that were questionable to say the least, and the protagonist seemed naive at times but it was a very enjoyable read.
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I really did not enjoy this book and I struggled to finish it. It started out well, with the tension of the terrorist attack and then Cara started receiving creepy messages. The story soon went downhill for me becoming very slow and unbelievable.  
It seems really unlikely that someone would trust a stranger to look after their child. Cara invites Amy to stay in their home and look after her young child without knowing anything about her. I highly doubt that this would be something that any parent would do. I think from this moment you know that something terrible is going to happen but it isn’t really surprising. 
I didn’t like any of the characters in this book. I have a feeling we aren’t supposed to like Amy but I feel as if the author wanted us to like Cara. I, however, did not like Cara’s character she made some really questionable decisions. Also, I didn’t feel that the characters were particularly memorable. 
I liked the idea for this book but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.
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This is a great dark, twisty physiological thriller that keeps you turning pages long into the night ( but you wont be reading in the dark)
Amy becomes Obsessed with Cara after saving her from a terrorist,  Cara overshares and suddenly Amy, a complete stranger knows more than anyone else about her.  For me it was obviously Amy wasnt just a  do gooder trying to help out - and it should have been more obvious to Cara which annoyed me a little - I just wanted to shake her and say open your eyes, look!  It doesnt take away the enjoyment of the book though.
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I did enjoy this book and it certainly qualifies as a page turner but I felt that it was a bit too far-fetched and didn't always feel true to life.
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Your Closest Friend is a slow burner of a psychological thriller.  When Cara is caught up in a terrifying terrorist attack she encounters a troubled young woman and their meeting leads Cars down a very dark path.  Two unreliable narrators make this a compelling read.
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A great psychological thriller that keeps you captivated. It felt a little predictable and similar to others in its genre but it was still an enjoyable read and kept me interested until the end.
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Your Closest Friend starts straight into the action with a group of people trapped in a sandwich shop during a terrorist attack. I found this to be an excellent opening to an exciting read. I found the book creepy throughout and gripping. The characters were well developed and the author kept feeding more and more information about the plot.
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We meet Cara, at the beginning of this story, caught up in a horrific terrorist attack in London. She is saved from almost certain death by Amy, a complete stranger who works in a coffee shop nearby. 
What follows is what happens after that night and how these two ladies lives become intertwined in a thriller of a story. 
Karen Parry is a brilliant author and my attention was held by all the twists and turns throughout this book. 

Many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest opinion.
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She saved your life.

One hot, humid night in London, Cara is caught up in a wave of terror and chaos. Until a hand reaches out - and a stranger pulls her to safety.

She knows your darkest secrets.

Taking refuge with her unlikely rescuer, Cara shares more of herself with Amy than she ever has with anyone, including her husband. But after the hours of darkness are over, she can't remember exactly what secrets she revealed. Cara attempts to put it all behind her. But cracks begin to show in her life and marriage, and she starts to receive anonymous threats.

She's your closest friend.

As Cara's life begins to skid out of control, Amy reappears, offering to help. Amy is only person Cara can turn to, who knows her hidden side. Amy saved her that night. But what if the biggest threat to Cara is the stranger she's invited into her home?

She's your worst nightmare.

A really good psychological thriller that sets a rapid pace from page 1 and doesn't stop.  Clever writing which draws out the character brilliantly and keeps you mesmerised.  You think you know what's coming - but you really don't.  Good work Ms Perry!  Now on my 'go to' author list
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A real gripping thriller with twists and turns a plenty. I was genuinely hooked and just couldn't put this down.  Well paced with plenty of surpirses, I recommend this book.
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Gripping read! Kept me turning the pages and in the end, I had to stop everything just so I could concentrate on getting to the end and finishing this roller coaster ride - great read, would heartily recommend!
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Wow wow wow this book was spooky but amazingly spooky it had me on the edge of my seat from the first page i loved it
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A terrorist attack starts a series of events which throws caress life into chaos. Really enjoyed the first two this of this book. It was creepy and made me want to carry on reading.unfortunately the end was a little farfetched and it lost the slightly sinister edge I'd enjoyed. Overall, not bad. Would recommend.
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Over the last few years this genre has become more and more popular, which is good because done right they can make for the best books. However the more psychological thrillers that are published the more the stories all seem to be very similar so it always feels like you have read the book before. This was exactly the case for this book and added to this none of the characters were very likeable, which made this a book not for me.
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