Cinderella Blue

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Great story with the perfect amount of smutty. I didn’t read the first book in the series but didn’t feel like I was missing anything. So hard to put down
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This is my first book by this author and I was swept up in this laugh out loud story about 2 equally strong characters having to learn how to work together as cops while trying to cope with their reluctant physical attraction.  The characters reminded me of Martin Riggs and Lorna Cole of Lethal Weapon 3 (movie) especially in one scene where Andie and Bruce meet for the first time.  Mild steam.  Hoping Peyton and Andie’s dad get a story.  A fun and light hearted read.
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DNF at 56%.
I didn't enjoy the book at all. I tried really hard to get invested in the book and the characters but i just groaned and were bored, so then i gave up. I didn't see the funny -comedy part and the romance felt forced.
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This book was so much fun! I loved the humor and the barbs our couple threw at each other.  And then there is the electricity between them....
This was a great beach read.  
Many thanks to Season Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Cinderella Blue by Joan Reeves is fun romp through a police procedural. The first scene where Andie and Benton meet is hilarious. The back and forth between them keeps the book light and funny. And the attraction between the two is scorching. Loved the characters and the plot. Can’t wait to read more.
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Not for me.

First chapter is Andie Luft nagging about the impracticality of a veil in a disguise and wedding dresses in general. How did she even get into the wedding dress? She seems to be at the bad guy's lair.

Second chapter is Bruce Benton being a male chauvinst. He doesn't even use the standard issue gun of his police department (how does he get away with that one?) And while he contemplates food and the heat he wonders why all the women are out to reduce his testosteron level. *eye roll*

I stopped reading at Hadn't they heard that soy milk could decrease male potency? No, I've never heard of that. But I have heard of men that are secure in their masculinity, or at least secure enough that they don't have to go around blaming women for their moments of self-doubt.

I'm giving this one a miss.
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This is my first book by this author and I loved it!  It's a wonderful romance that kept me reading all the way through without putting it down!  I love the chemistry between Bruce and Andie, both strong characters who start a clandestine office romance.  The character development is spot on and the electricity sparks between them with a perfect mix of romance, humor, action, and soul searching.  

I also loved the secondary characters and can't wait to read about them in future books!
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Wow, what a great funny romance this is......I really enjoyed it , definitely worth the read if you like a good romance with a bit of laughter
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This book is Hilarious! Fun! Cute! And even has a dog. Light read and smiles throughout. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Fast and flirty. 

That's how I would describe the book and the characters. 

The book was pretty well written and the writing style was flowing and easy to read. The conversation and the dialogues appeared fluent and natural. 

I liked the relationship the characters had with their family. Though both the characters were commitment phobic in the beginning, they work out their issues, all the while catching the bad guys. I enjoyed their interactions and had fun reading this book.

What I didn't like was liberties taken with the plot and the realities of the life of the police - going in without a back-up, not identifying yourself immediately, wearing high heels to work etc. Sexism and gender discrimination at work place are not only portrayed here, but romanticized. I do realize that the book's central theme was romance, but I felt that because the setting was so unrealistic, it kept me away from enjoying the book as much.

Despite that, the book was engaging throughout. And it made a fun light read. I will be on a lookout for more books by this author.
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This was a fast, fun story with good main characters. I should also say that they each have strong personalities and ethics. Andie also has a strong family that is backing her as well as often being protectively in her business. Well, that would mainly be her four brothers who try to circle around her and protect her when they can. Which isn't often Andie would say with a sigh because they all had busy lives.

Bruce has quite the reputation when it comes to women but Andie has knocked him sideways. So his one line of defense is to be mouthy in a some offensive words at least in the beginning. Anything to keep her irritated and keep his mind off of his desire to be more than just her partner as a police officer. Having been raised with four brothers, she wasn't easily offended but often amused by his tactics.
I really did enjoy the first meeting between Andie and Bruce. It really was something out of the ordinary. It made me smile but there was also other smile-worthy times.
There are bad guys who NEEDED to be caught in separate cases. And they will be but not before things get interesting.
You might ask if there is any sex in the book and the answer would be yes. It doesn't overtake the book though which is something that I appreciated a lot.
I gave it 3.5 STARS on Amazon. 
“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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This was a fun fast read. I loved how Andie an Bruce meet. The book is well written and the chemistry is good but I would have like it to be a little more fleshed out. All in all a good read.
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Andie is a cop undercover trying to catch a thief stealing expensive wedding gowns. Bruce is a cop and walks by the shop and sees a woman in a wedding dress, holding a gun. He goes in and tries to get the weapon away from the woman, who happens to be Andie. She knocks him flat but the thief gets away. Now their bosses have decided to team them up to catch the thief. Bruce tries his best to get under Andie’s skin but she a woman who has four brothers and a long line of cops, so nothing bothers her. The more they get to know each other, the harder they fall but Andie has a rule about not dating cops. Can Bruce convince her to change her rules and give them a try?
Funny and sexy. First time I have read any books my Ms. Reeves and I really enjoyed it. Two people not looking for love but it finds them anyway. 
* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *
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This book was such a disappointment. The premise sounded interesting and it started out decent, but it quickly lost any good feelings I had about it. Let me start with this. As the proud owner of 2 pitbulls, I was appalled at the treatment the breed received in this book. Andie (h) suffered a childhood trauma: a pitbull off the leash in the neighborhood bit her when she was 6 years old and her brothers had to fight it off. That is all that is said about the incident. That leaves some serious questions about the incident and without any other clarification, makes it hard to believe it was just a random attack. When she knocks on the door of a residence, the (you guessed it) pitbull is barking like crazy and when she finds out it's a pit, she mentally calls it a monster. For the purpose of the story, when she actually makes it into the house, the dog only shows aggression towards her; not the owner or her partner, just her. Give me a break. Then later, when she sneaks into the yard in the middle of the night, Andie is confronted by the dog and is almost attacked. She manages to save herself and her partner by throwing pork rinds at it. First of all, show me a dog, ANY breed that doesn't go crazy and bark when someone knocks on the front door. My pits sometimes crash into the door because they're so excited. Secondly, she's wandering into the backyard in the middle of the night. Again, ANY breed can be territorial and want to protect their home. The dog could have just as easily been a German Shepherd or a Doberman Pinscher or a Rottweiler or even a Chihuahua. By making it a pitbull, the author was attempting to add a "danger" to the story, but all she accomplished was the perpetuated demonizing of the breed. Poorly done.

My next issue with the book: after working with Andie for what, not even 2 full days, Bruce Benton (the H) was thinking he was probably in love with her. I get instalove is a popular trope and I know it can be done well, but that's not true in this case. There was nothing to suggest any believable chemistry between them at that point. Quite honestly, I had a hard time even believing in InstaLUST with them.

Decent editing was lacking as well. There were several misplaced quotation marks (on thoughts or actions, not the speech), both point of views constantly switched in the middle of a paragraph, making it really confusing as to who was "speaking." There were a few times when "too" should have been used and it was written as "to." Another editing issued that glared at me, "No probably cause to go after Santiago." The term is "no PROBABLE cause." There were several more, but this post is getting quite long as it is.

I was going to give this book 2 stars, but after reading the author note about how  supposedly this book was re-vamped and re-released years later, and with as many errors filled the book and how demoralizing she treated pits, and how lacking I found the characters, I had to go with 1 star. I will not recommend this book, nor will I read this author again.
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Andie and Bruce tell a funny story. I love their back and forth banter and their rollercoaster ride into love. This is a very well rounded story with such chemistry between the characters. The writing is very good and very easy to read. It moves smoothly and keeps you so engaged.
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Andy was on the verge of nabbing her suspect, only to have an intruder walking in and giving the thief the perfect opportunity to escape. He made her missed the opportunity of closing the case. Bruce was unaware of the leverage he gave the thief when he walked in on on the takedown, his mistake caused a tense working environment for both of them since they both have the same nemesis one who holds a grudge. Bruce and Andie make one explosive working team, on the job and in the bedroom, they are a fiery duo.  A police crime novel like no other, it makes for an entertaining and fun read. I like the complexity of the character Andie and the brazen attitude of Bruce, they balance each other, making this one enjoyable and exciting book.
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This story gives some lighthearted moments and the two detectives have many fantasies about each other. Deep down for Detective Andrea Luft is the feeling she has that she will not date cops. Her father, grandfather and four brothers are all in some kind of law enforcement but she has this feeling from her mom who died in a traffic accident many years ago. There is Detective Bruce Benton who makes her tingle but he is a cop so off limits though they are forced to work together on a case. The underlining message in this story to me was life is what it is and whether being in law enforcement or a stay at home mom you can die. There are no guarantees. Are you going to go for the love of your life or pass it by? Read this story to see how they worked it out.
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Not a favorite book but I"d check out more by this author.  I didn't find it as humorous as other reviewers and that's on me.  But the writing style is well done and the story flows.
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A fun book from the very beginning to the last page. With a strong female lead Detective Andie Luft. She is in the process of nabbing a thief who stealing wedding dresses. When she pulls her weapon from her grater lo and behold Detective Bruce Benton is standing outside on the sidewalk looking first at her legs and back to realizing she must be holding up the store, rushing in and telling her to drop her weapon only begins a yelling match between the two of them and when it ends Andie has put Bruce on the ground, and the talk of his unit, not in a good way. She of course lost her suspect and is more than upset. Her anger goes to a new level the next day when she is transferred temporally to his unit and they are to work the case together. Can they even stand to be together let alone work together? Read this fun fast paced story and see what happens. A good book with good characters also.
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This is not the first book I have read by Joan but it is the first from this series and what a super read it was it was so much much fun I was pulled right into the book and enjoyed every last page. Andie and Bruce were just fantastic characters and I just loved the banter between them.I can't wait to read more
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