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Death Rope

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Last updated on 21 Jul 2018

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Book eleven in the very popular Geraldine Steel series, and things have not gone well for her. She is now living and working in York as a DS, moved from the Met and demoted from DI after trying to help her newly discovered birth sister escape from her drug dealer. Not only that but one of her former sergeants Ian Peterson is now her boss! She is finding it hard to take orders again after her demotion and still acts at times like she is in charge of the case. Fortunately her senior officers show some faith in her and let her work in her own time. The case only turns into a murder investigation part way through the book but Geraldine has had one of her famous hunches right from the start and pushes the case along to its conclusion with twists and turns along the way. The entire series has been consistently great (one of my favourites) and I am already looking forward to book 12!

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