The Killer You Know

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Five bored teenagers, the summer holidays stretching out in front of them, devise a game to play to keep them occupied which years later will affect them all in the most shocking way.  As the story progresses, the characters unfold with a gripping storyline placed 16 years later when they decide to reunite. Unbeknown to them the game is afoot once more, and as they unravel the evidence it leads them to only one conclusion.  Or does it?
I enjoyed this book, I really didn’t want to put it down, gripping stuff.
Netgally copy.
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Entertain, and very psychological with some nice unusual plot lines that felt real and I didn’t know where they would end up. Definitely one to really sink your teeth into.
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I really enjoyed this, Back and forward through the years you just know Will is going to change everybody's life, Whether for good or bad you will have to read for yourselves, great read.
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This debut thriller did not disappoint. The premise alone was exciting; what if someone you knew was a serial killer? Would you see clues in your shared history warning it could happen? Would you be able to stop them? And if a friend says they plan to become one do you take them seriously or treat is as the joke you assume, and hope, it is?

The characters in this book were easy for me to relate to, having also been a teenager in the 90s when the flashback scenes are set. They’re just normal kids living normal lives and trying to make the most of the fun they can have before life forces them to go their separate ways.  I liked how the book was narrated in present day by Adeline but how the flashbacks were narrated by all the gang at different times offering you a glimpse of their perspectives and building a fuller picture of each person and those final summers. 

The book talks a lot about nostalgia and memories of “the best time in our lives”. But it also reminds us that events, and people, can be tinted through rose coloured or jet black lenses which prevent us from seeing clearly. A darkness can reside well hidden in a friend or a kindness misunderstood leading us to misjudge someone we thought we knew. 

A great read for any fans of mystery or thriller stories.
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A gripping page-turner that I enjoyed from page one until the thrilling conclusion. Full of gripping suspense wrapped around an interesting plot.

Fast-paced, the author forces the characters to deal with issues that are plausible. Strong character development and witty word-craft. Looking forward to the next book
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The synopsis of the book sounded really interesting, but unfortunately the story just didn't hold my attention, and I found the plot very implausible.  It was a bit of a struggle to get to the end if I'm honest, as I didn't really care about any of the characters or their outcome.
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I thought this book started out well, I quite liked the main female character,and the rest of the group seemed ok .At first I liked the technique of taking us back to the past and then fast forwarding to the future,but as the story unfolded I became less interested in the past and increasingly impatient to stay in the story now and see it develop.I also started to not like some of the main characters and that made me less interested in what happened to them.I felt like .this was a strange book for me strangely compelling yet too slow paced for me with all the trips back to the past.I would give it 3 and a half stars if I could but will round this up to 4 stars as I don't think it is fair to round it down.I would say it wasn't a perfect fit for me but hope others enjoy it and it is worth a read.Thanks to the Publishers and netgalley for an ARC.
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The Killer You Know is an excellent, twisty suspense novel.

It deals with five friends across two main time periods, and flicks frequently between the five different points of view in the past and a single point of view in the present. This is a really good way of handling multiple characters, without everything getting too complex, as all of the present day events are seen from a single perspective. It also keeps the reader guessing about what the other four characters are really up to in the present day plotline.

As teenagers, we see the five hang out as teens over two summer holidays, falling into relationships and making up silly games to keep themselves entertained. There's plenty of conflict between them too, particularly when you throw in the possibly creepy neighbour one of them befriends. Their final summer ends with one of them deciding that when he grows up he'll be a serial killer, complete with all of the details of the murders he'll commit.

In the present day, four of the five meet up for a reunion, and begin to find clues that their missing friend may have actually followed up on his serial killing plans. They're never fully convinced whether they are being a bit silly, imagining things or whether they've stumbled onto a genuine threat.

This novel plays with different time periods really well. We get hints and foreshadowing of events in the past, which are slowly explored through the eyes of the five characters, each with a distinct voice and mannerisms. The present day mystery is enthralling enough, and kept me guessing for much of the book, and I really enjoyed the way the two narrative threads intertwined and built to a conclusion. There are a few threads that are never resolved, but that doesn't detract from the main thrust of the story. The main character is very likeable, even though she makes some quite frustrating choices at times. Some of the others are rather irrititating at times though, and it was hard to really care much for a couple of them, which diminished the growing feeling of jeopardy a bit towards the end.
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I really loved the premise and blurb of this book but unfortunately, it did not deliver for me.

I did not like any of the characters and I felt the story dragged on a lot. It was still an OK read but I do not think I would read it again.
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The premise of this book was really interesting:  a group of five people, close friends as teenagers, organise a reunion in their home town.  Now in their thirties, they recall an idea raised by one of them during their last night together in the nineties, that the way to become famous is to be a serial killer.  But has the idea already been put into motion by one of them?

The story is told partly in the present day and partly in flashbacks to the long teenage summers in 1990s Blythe.  The sense of being a teenager, the nostalgia for the days of youth and the group dynamics are well written.  It's a clever idea.

However, I really struggled to care about the group.  They all seemed quite unpleasant or crazy in their own ways and the motives weren't really very believable.  I'm not even really sure, having got to the end, that I know what happened as there were some 11th hour curveballs thrown in, and not in a good way.  I also found the long flashbacks quite dull at times, especially the ins and outs of their games.  It never really felt sinister or tense, yet had so much potential.  It's a shame.

Overall, this is well written and engaging if you are prepared to suspend disbelief at some of the behaviour and decisions of the characters.  It's interesting and will keep you reading, but it left me a bit cold.
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#TheKillerYouKnow #NetGalley This was a strange book for me.  I loved all the twists and turns and how the relationship between the five friends shifted and twisted! But, there was something that didn't quite gel for me in how realistic the plot was and I did find that I got bored with some of the flashbacks where there seemed to be a lot of repetition and I found myself skim reading them so that I could get back to the present day action.  The ending left me somewhat hanging and not 100% certain of who actually did what...….. Maybe a follow up book to come?
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Ooh creepy.  Who did it?  Who murdered who?  Were the suicides of the two women really murders?  Just because someone says they're going to kill people and then they follow through with some of the actions; does it mean that they have followed through with the murders too?  Is it a set up - and if so by whom?

All these questions came to mind while I was reading this book; and, I have to admit, that not all of them were answered to my total satisfaction.  I can say that I'm 99% - well 90% perhaps - certain that they got the right person, but...

I enjoyed this book, the people are real - as 16 year olds they were all as gauche as we all were - as grown ups, so grown up and dumb as we all are.  Can we not see people for 16 years and still find points of contact?  Well worth a read.
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Some spoilers folks ...This is a very popular book looking at the rateings and I am one that can suspend belief to a degree 
However this was way too silly ,they jumped on the idea right away ooooh that the character will may have killed ,why?cause of odd suicide at festival ,and the characters briefly suggest a coincidence ,then bam they all buying into this idea 
The nivanna  badges left at the killings  well who didn’t have a badge sticker like that  hardly key evidence .
Then it’s like the author knows this and begins to have characters find these images on their shower walls or about the place ,again I was not convinced 
How they located the character Will  also was a long winded way and then ooh suddenly easy opt out ,he had a diffirent name ,that the doctor wasn’t happy looking into when they suggested looking for him under his original name  but was fine breaking  confidentiality when was the other name .?
You have to at least be able to believe in some of it 
I’m sorry to say this was just depesrate attempt at a good concept ,great idea very badly plotted  ,rushed ,grabbing at several straws and sad that it did that .

I rushed the ending as was bored 
It’s well written and good sense of nostalgia and friend dynamics just not enough facts evidence trails for them to really believe he wd do anything and that just kept stopping me from buying  in to the fact ,that they  all did, so readily .
He wasn’t even that bad as a kid ,no hugely worrying signs ,maybe a bit awquard but nothing to really suggest he had it in him and was a threat ,
Thanks though netgalley and the publishers ,good writing good nostalgia just not much substance
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