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This is a very intriguing story. I actually enjoyed it once I figured out who everyone is to everyone else. There are many many people. I took notes at first just to keep from getting lost. But in the end, it turned out to be a fantastic story. Wish there was more...

I received this copy from Netgalley for an honest review.
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Holy Barghest! I’ve finally completed this book after 2 Long months and I’m proud to say that this book delivers despite me taking a lot of pauses in between due to my hectic schedule and probably forgetting half the story.

I’m impressed with the universe Vincent Bobbe created. Unique characters, new races (the Ifrit, the Barghest, etc) spun out from nowhere. I appreciate the creativity and effort required to create these ideas so I will always commend when I see them. 

Do not be fooled by Immortal’s Requiem’s cheesy title, though it is probably cooler than “Lord of the Rings”. Hahaha. The book is indeed much more entertaining than the title suggest.

Magic exists since the start of time. Fast forward to the current age, the magic is found to be slowly dying, just like earth in global warming. In a foolish and desperate attempt to stop this, the man at the top betrayed his own elven race by unleashing a century-old Monster to tap on his reservoir of power. 
Thankfully, an entity that goes by the name of Maiden of Water and Earth has foreseen this and stored seeds of power safely throughout time in order to prepare for this adversity.

Destiny then wove the lives of a group of individuals from different backgrounds and different races together to stop the monstrosity. The prose was good (anything that has humour in it is good), the gore content was innovative. I appreciate the novelty behind it but it still hovers around mainstream gore. Personally I prefer my gore sick, disgusting and repulsive. But still, a good enough package for me to give it 5 good stars.

It was a hell of a read and I can’t imagine how much more I would have enjoyed it had I sat down to read it at one go. Definitely would pick up the sequel if there is one. 

Some questions I would ask the author...
- If you were going to make a title out of sword names, why not take Camulus instead of Immortal’s Requiem? Or rather, why not name Cu Roi’s nemesis as Immortal’s Requiem instead of Camulus?
- What happened to the vamp? I know the kid sister died, but the Brother fled did he not? If that was really the case, I felt that there should be closure on that topic. Somehow I was really rooting for the vamps and elves to team up against Cu Roi.
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Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe is the opening salvo in a larger fantasy epic. If you like fantasy, you will probably find a lot to like in this book. In the end, I was sort of lukewarm about the book. I cannot really think of any technical or larger narrative reasons why this would be the case. On those levels, the book was well written. I think in the end there was just something about the story that did not grab me.

The basic setting is that all the magical stories we tell our true. There is a world that is alongside ours. The story follows five characters on a journey, the search for a “miracle child“, and the potential destruction of humanity. Along the way they encounter just about every magical creature human beings have ever dreamed up. Along the way we encounter vampires, werewolves, zombies, giants, and a host of other magical creatures. 

Except for a slow start, it has everything a reader looks for in an epic fantasy tale. So, in the end, I just don’t know why this novel didn’t speak to me. I think I was ultimately given the impression that Bobbe made a list of everything your could put into a great fantasy epic and just sort of went down the list checking one box after another.
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Found this book on dark fantasy on Net Galley. Love this book! It has a little bit of everything for everyone. The magical realm is dying and they are in need of more magic to survive. Evil seeps into the human realm and all hell breaks loose.
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At first I thought I was not going to like this book, but I am not one to give up on a book. So I read a few chapters and I was hooked! I fell in love with Cam, Mark, Rowan and Grif. We live among fairies and dragons just as we live among evil. We have to protect Mother Earth from the evil forces that want to take over our space. We must remain true to ourselves. We are protected by Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. If they die, we die.
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I was surprised by the content of this book. The book is a travel in the time between magical creatures and a battle between evil and good. I cannot stop to read the book until the end.

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Thankyou to NetGalley, BooksGoSocial and the author, Vincent Bobbe, for the opportunity to read a digital copy of Immortals Requiem. 
I found the beginning of the story to be a bit slow. It just seemed to drag along. But,  I persevered though and  am so glad I did because I ended up enjoying the book. 
Well worth a read for fans of the genre.
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I quite enjoyed this novel. But I did find the beginning slow, and slightly dull. What kept me reading were the little hints of something more and the griping foreshadowing. 

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Theoretically this book is right up my alley - fantasy, magic, spans different eras, very dark. Ultimately, I did come away with a favorable opinion, but it took me a little time and work to get there. 

It starts off with a bang - a cold open that ultimately is cut off. You jump from character to character for the first few sections with very little idea of what’s going on. The book really doesn’t find its footing until a quarter of the way in. I’m 10% in and I still have no idea how the characters are connected. I don’t even have the vaguest understanding of what the plot it, and there are no likable characters. 20% in and there’s been fighting, rape, domestic violence, elves, and time travel, yet still no discernible plot. 

At this point I’m about to give up but it would be my first DNF if the year and I’d rather not have that, especially in my core genre, so I keep pushing on. And I’m glad I did. I got the sense that the author knew where he was going but maybe not quite how to get there. It turned out to be a very dark, creative fantasy novel with some interesting lore weaved throughout it, a couple nuanced characters, and a not quite satisfying but neat little ending. I enjoyed reading it but I just wish it didn’t feel like such a chore for the first quarter of the book. 

Thanks as always to NetGalley, the publishers and the author for a chance to read and review.
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I really enjoyed this book! It has everything I look for in supernatural stories like this - fantastic world building, real life characters with flaws and vices, creepy crawly vibe to it and the feeling that theres always something MORE lurking just beyond what you can see.  My only big problem was that it changed point of view enough, I felt myself at times becoming a bit confused.  But it was still a fantastic, gory, supernatural thriller.  I would definitely recommend this book.
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Truly a tale to unleash ones inner fantasy of sword play,gruesome bloodshed and disembowelment! Interesting  characters that will be fun to follow up on in the next books (If they survive!) Nice transitions between the worlds and great atmospheric buildings which was my favorite aspect of the book.
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This was probably one of the best books I've read in this year. Filled to the brim with all the supernatural you could handle. a compelling, dark, and unique storyline that enthralled and enraptured me from start to finish. 
An Epic Fantasy for the ages. Gritty and entertaining. Smooth pacing almost throughout. Some areas dragged longer than I felt was necessary, some descriptive language was dragged out longer, as well, but overall a great novel to read in on a free weekend.
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This book had everything a horror/supernatural/paranormal book fan wants and needs!  There are vampires, shifters, zombies, and other creepy, weird supernatural things/creatures.  I wanted for nothing when I read this book!  It is top-notch horror at its very best and I can't recommend it enough!  This will definitely be a re-read for me...probably more than a few times.  :)
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This story is a wild thrill ride through the dark places of two worlds. If you thought the modern world was dark, wait until you visit the dark underbelly of the alternate world of the old Celtic gods. The story begins with a clash between two near-immortals whose fates are tied together- Cu Roi, a demonic abomination created by darker elements of the fey, and Grimnir, a warrior created by the elves to fight him.

This battle appears to end with both their deaths. However, when modern-day England is besieged with a trail of deaths and carnage, it seems that evil has been reborn. Grimnir has been reborn as well, and must traverse the modern landscape in search of his enemy, along with Cam, a reluctant elf who has given up on the old world and its dying magic. They must stop Cu Roi before his power grows strong enough to enslave both worlds. Along the way, they must dodge a murderers row of ancient villains born of nightmares who seek to destroy them- werewolves, vampires, fire spirits, zombies and slimy tentacled beasts birthed in the bowels of the ancient world. The story is filled with colorful characters, and it takes about one-third of the novel to get a good feel for where the story may be headed, but the paths begin to converge toward the end, in a climactic battle with a body count and carnage that is off the charts.

This book is profane and grisly, and the carnage is indeed like running through a non-stop slaughterhouse full of graphic, grisly depictions of unholy sex scenes, death and dismemberment. I found it over the top for my taste, and I found myself wishing for the whole fey world to be extinguished- I discovered that I didn't find any characters that I really cared about that much. However, I was fascinated by the Celtic lore which was well-researched. The author clearly enjoyed bringing the old gods to life on the pages of the novel, and as a result, this novel is a great read for fans of dark fantasy, horror and pagan gods of that region.
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