Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble

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I found this very useful on my recent trip to Spain. I already had a good basic grasp of Spanish and this book built on my existing knowledge in an easy to use way. A bit repetitive at times but otherwise great. Recommended for beginner and intermediate level Spanish speakers.
Thanks to Netgalley and Collins for my copy of this book.
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This is the perfect book for those who want to learn Spanish. It keeps everything simple and truly focuses on you learning words as opposed to simply memorising them. I would highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.
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This was exactly what I expected, great resource for anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Easy to pick up.
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Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble is an excellent introduction to learning Spanish, without the hardships of memorising thousands of words in the hopes of having an unlikely conversation. This guide helps with real life conversations and exchanges, in a very quick and easy to manage manner.

The quick witted theory of ‘stealing’ English words and placing a few letters at the end to transform it into its Spanish counter part simplifies the learning into an easy going experience. 

This text has definitely helped in my introduction to becoming bilingual ha!
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I'm not sure how useful "Unlocking Spanish" would be to someone who has never taken as Spanish course before. This book doesn't teach any grammar and instead relies on teaching how to "steal" vocabulary from English to quickly and effectively expand the vocabulary of someone trying to learn Spanish.

The phrases that are taught are rather basic and not really useful in real circumstances, so I think that this book might be more useful to someone like me who already knows basic grammar and is just looking for a way to improve their vocabulary and become better at constructing sentences.
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Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble is a great book for beginners to learn words and phrases. I found it very easy to follow and I would recommend it. I look forward to trying out my phrases on my next trip to Spain.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Collins for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Let me start by saying that I have wanted to learn Spanish for a while as I intend on living there sometime in the near future so it is a language I need to get a grip of. Paul Noble knows exactly how to get you engaged and absorbing information rapidly. This book is miraculous! I have read plenty of books that tout themselves as being the one book that can teach you the language in a very short amount of time. Up until I read "Unlocking Spanish with Paul Noble" I have not found any of them lived up to my expectations or their claims. Here, Noble truly has you learning by methods I have never seen before and, most importantly, they work!

If you are looking to learn a language you cannot go wrong with these books from Collins. I can't recommend this highly enough. As it says in the synopsis, even if you struggled at languages in school or find it difficult to learn or remember what you have been taught this is the perfect title for you! Absolutely brilliant!

Many thanks to Collins for an ARC. I was not required to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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Paul Noble makes learning a language so easy! Within minutes you can construct a sentence. His method of showing just how many words European languages have in common means you instantly have a vocabulary of hundreds of words. His method is quite laid back. If you read the instructions on how to use the book you can pick up the basics within hours. My copy was an advanced publication on my iPad and so the page layout wasn't correct for coming up the answers as Paul advises still, reading it on the bus home I really felt like I could quickly become a competent Spanish speaker.
Many thanks to the publisher Collins and NetGalley for introducing me to Paul Noble.
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As a languages student, I was so excited to find this book on NetGalley and absolutely had to read it! I have studied Spanish for 10 years, and whilst I am at a fairly advanced level, I'm rubbish at studying and because of being a part-time student am unable to devote as much time as I would like to my languages, so this book sounds perfect for me! 

I started reading this book almost as soon as I got a copy, and I found it so engaging and easy to get into the flow of. Each chapter is of a reasonable length and doesn't try to cram in too much. I like how the book emphasises the importance of not having to learn everything you read off by heart and instead it uses repetition to help you remember words and phrases.

Unlocking Spanish is yet another fantastic addition to the Collins language collection, and it's one that I will be thoroughly recommending to people wanting to improve on their language learning. It's such a unique take on learning a language that really explains why you're doing a certain exercise and focuses more on how we naturally learn a language rather than expecting you to remember everything you learn.
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