Scottish Dance

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If you are familiar with the dance, this is a great recap, but I struggled to visualise the new ones.

More pics and diagrams would help. I was on my kindle - maybe there are more in a print copy.
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This is a reference book to Scottish Dance and is 200+ pages of word descriptions of dances. The first thing that struck me about this book is that the authors have a different sense of paragraphing to mine. It isn't very important, but you are hereby warned that narrative directions in the introductory text might change in the middle of a paragraph.

After that it becomes a question of how without a DVD we are to use this book.  Really it should come with a DVD, although there are over 2000 Amazon Scottish Dance resources to help to identify the dances and music. YouTube too.

If you are a practicing folk dancer and want to learn more dances, I would imagine that this book, will might help you pair many of the dances you do with their proper names and correct music. For the rest of us, I don't think it will be of much practical use.
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This book talks about the history of many Scottish dances that are remember fondly or not so fondly from school days. It will refresh your memories of the steps and will prepare you for your next Scottish wedding of ceilidh.
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I really liked this little book. I think the last time I did any Scottish Country Dancing was in primary school but it's a part of my Scottish Culture that I love and this was such a great little book detailing the history the scottish dance!
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