Craft Beer

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Such an interesting little book! 
 This is my first time reviewing a book about food and drink but I thought I would give it a go. 
It is full of great information and an amazing variety of craft beers listed, some I knew of but most I didn't. 
I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in craft beers as its informative and interesting.
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This is a colourful and informative guide to craft beers is perfect for any beer enthusiasts who wants to expand their drink horizons. it is full of a selection of the world's bets craft beers and has a wealth of information about them and their composition and tastes.
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“Probably” the best book I have read about beer making.
Having attended beer festivals for some 15 years I have seen the growth of micro breweries in this time. Set alongside that in the U.K. has been the alarming figures of pubs closing each week.
The reality is perhaps less gloomy and not restricted to halls full of predominately men, that good beer has never been more accessible. Enthusiasts have pioneered new concepts and built on tradition through small scale operations and the advent of craft beer has been declared and flourishes today.
Here is a great, handy book to reference some of the best across various styles and beyond one’s preferred colour palette.
It champions those who have joined a movement that was born out of necessity to provide the taste many traditional breweries had neglected or ignored. Bringing a world of beer into your local outlet in a bottle or can setting new trends even when available on draft.
I loved reading this guide to the most outstanding samples of the art. Each brew is identified by name and the brewery and founders mentioned in a charming and interesting potted history.
The beer process and ingredients are then mentioned before its consumption is described from smell, flavours and hints of character through to the aftertaste left in your mouth.
This isn’t pretentious beer muddled babble but quality knowledge shared with the same passion by which it was brewed. 
The result is a detailed account with website references and a photo where appropriate.
The reader can not be but drawn to each pen portrait, even where in other publications you might skip the information as you don’t drink stouts or porters.
Trust me each beer presented is seared onto your subconscious and all your senses involved that you would drink any of these offerings on any page if it was to materialise from this book.
My enthusiasm for drinking beer has been rekindled by knowledge and the index has provided me with many hours to spend over the internet.
This is a must have book. It perhaps will help educate drinkers to what they actually do like in terms of style, finish and flavour. It makes it possible to try more than the ubiquitous cans and bottles on the shelf or at the bar. Carling time on mediocracy and bland and craftily making the world of beers come to you.
Buy this for anyone who likes a drink, male and female consumers alike and they’ll love you forever.
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