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The Taking of Annie Thorne

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I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. It isn't quite upto the standard of Stephen Kings books but was a great read. It will keep you wanting to read more and read it in a few days. it ticks all of the boxes for suspense and drama and a bit of darkness.
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It was OK. The beginning was definitely better than the end which became a bit far fetched and left far too many questions unanswered. The great reveal at the end about who Fat Man was, wasn’t even a question I had wanted answered!
Joe is a downtrodden teacher who returns to the Nottinghamshire  town he grew up in to take up the post of English teacher which has become vacant after the last teacher apparently killed herself and her son. He forges a reference, having left his last job under suspicious circumstances and convinces the Head he is there to give something back. He rents the cottage where the teacher killed herself and her son very cheaply as we soon find out he has no money and huge debts. Annie Thorne was Joe’s sister and the real reason he is back in Arnhill is to avenge her death by extorting money from the person he thought was responsible for the events that led to it.
I would class this book as a horror more than thriller and sadly it is not original, with the idea of a place where people come back from death possessed.
I finished the book quite happily but it didn’t leave me wanting more, only perhaps wanting answers to questions such as what did happen to Annie in the 48 hours she was missing and what actually led to the teacher killing herself and her son? I would recommend this to people who I know specifically like this kind of horror with a warning about its shortcomings (in my opinion).
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Unfortunately I read this book a while ago and seem to have missed it when writing reviews. - sadly I cant remember enough detail to give a full review.
However, thanks to NetGalley for the ARC :-)
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Very much in the same vein as The Chalk Man, but that isn't a bad thing. Dark and compelling, with a touch of the supernatural. I really enjoyed it.
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A masterpiece by female Stephen King. 
One night Annie disappeared and then returned after 24 hours. Her parents thought that there was nothing wrong but her brother, Joe knew that this was not his sister Annie. 
Told from two POV's, this thriller is a masterpiece. Characters are so creepy that once you start reading about Joe then you would lose yourself in his story while Annie attracts you towards her story. They both are perfectly written. Its a fast paced thriller which kept me hooked whole night. 
A must read. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin UK for giving me an advance copy of this masterpiece.
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Joe Thorne returns to the village where he was raised and from where his sister Annie disappeared when she was eight. She returned, seemingly unharmed, 24 hours later, and even if Joe’s parents didn’t admit that there was something very different about Annie, it was obvious to Joe that she wasn’t the same as before. Joe is a failed gambler on the run from someone he owes a large amount of money to and he returns to Arnhill, a mining town with a dark past, to teach at his old school. He needs money to pay his debts and has scores to settle.

I was initially hooked by the mystery of what happened to Annie but was then drawn into Joe’s story of his past and what had happened to his friends from the nineties to the present day. The book is set in two timelines, the present day and twenty-five years before when Annie disappeared and then returned, and I thought the two were tied together brilliantly. I hadn’t realised there would be a supernatural side to the story, and I think that’s the only part I didn’t really enjoy, but the characters in this book, the build up of tension, and the unexpected twists were brilliant.

I hadn’t read C J Tudor’s previous book and so didn’t know what to expect, but The Taking of Annie Thorne kept me reading late into the night and then, when I’d finished, I was too spooked to go to sleep. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin (UK) for an ARC copy in return for an honest review.
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C J Tudor has fast become one of my favorite authors. The Taking of Annie Thorne is a great read and one that shouldnt be missed.
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I absolutely loved The Chalk Man from this author so was looking forward to this follow up and it wasn't bad at all. As with the first one the story flips between two eras; this time present day and flashbacks to 1992. The flashbacks took a little too long to get going  for me. I understood building up the suspense but I got bored a bit waiting for it to kick off. With the present day I couldn't find anyone to actually like. 

That didn't matter too much, we aren't being asked to like him or see him as anything except a failed gambler on the run and I did like the fact that there wasn't an attempt to redeem him towards the end. 

It is quite creepy and there's an element of horror but it doesn't go far. I would have loved it to go further. Overall not bad but I wanted a bit more
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Many Thanks to Net Galley, Penguin UK and C.J. Tudor for this outstanding book

The Taking Of Annie Thorne is a sinister story with supernatural elements that chills and tingles the spine. What a brilliant 2nd book this turned out to be after The Chalk Man. C J Tudor has surely manage to create a genre that would appeal to all thriller lovers with a touch of supernatural.

Joe Thorne is returning to Arnhill, a dilapidated mining village whose residents look upon any new face with dislike and suspicion and the closed up pit mine serving as reminder of the lost glory. The atmosphere created by Tudor in showing the village is masterful, The rundown pub, the failing school in this deteriorating and desolate village everything comes alive in the minds of the reader. It's been 25 years that Joe has escaped Arnhill but he's forced to return and take up a job in the school due to his gambling debts  but slowly the truth emerges and lots of twists and turns later we are sitting on tenterhooks to find out where the story is leading to. 
Joe is flawed but he's been struggling for 25 years and one can't help but feel for his misfortunes. The truth of his sister Annie's disappearance and return makes for some chilling and terrifying account.

Looking forward to read more by C J Tudor.
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There are a lot of positives about this novel. 

I liked the quality of the dialogue, especially in the sections describing the child-hoods of the 'gang'. The characterisation was excellent. At times some of the characters had an almost ghost-like quality.

The tension builds steadily throughout the book. There are plenty of red herrings along the way before the truth is revealed. This novel certainly kept me gripped. Both in terms of the adult Joe Thorne and the child version. 

I found it hard to settle on a star rating, I have given a charitable 4* score because of the clever one-liners in the dialogue, both child related and school teacher related. 

My thanks go to Netgalley and Penguin UK (Michael Joseph) for a copy of this novel in exchange for this review.
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I am in love with CJ Tudor's writing style since her first book - "The Chalk Man" came out. Taking of Annie Thorne just goes onto prove that we will be seeing many more masterpieces from this author in the days to come. I cant recommend this book enough.
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Joe Thorne has returned to arnhill. He has to find out what happened to his friend and his sister.
He's a school teacher and starts a job at his old school but hierarchy aren't happy with his appointment.
He's living in a cottage where a teacher killed her son and herself. Could this be linked to what happened to his sister?
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book

oh my word...what a nail biting frightening book this glad i am off to work tonight and not going to bed as this one would give me nightmares....

annie thorne is missing...she was put to bed by her father but she wasnt in her bed in the morning...two days later she is found alive ...but is it annie that has come back....

joe the brother has a checkered past, his love of cards is ruining him, he has run up a load of debt and has run off from a loan shark and started a new job at his old school....

he runs into several of his former school mates and a whole host of he has taken over residence of a cottage that had seen a suicide and a murder ...bad vibes

this is one creepy story and i loved it...thank god i work nights though gonna be adding this author to my list of ever growing authors to keep an eye out for
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An absolutely stunning novel with dark twists that capture your imagination on every page. I have heard many speak that the author is the UK equivalent of Stephen King, and I couldn't agree more. The story is atmospheric and at times an utter shock! With an eccentric take on a classic chiller thriller, this novel will pull you in so deep you will be hooked until the very end.
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Great book. Fab storyline and great characters. This book really surprised me and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I will defo be checking out more books by the author.
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OMG! Where to begin? I recently read Chalk Man and couldn’t put it down. Then I read this one and was gripped from the beginning. Full of twists and turns it leaves you wondering throughout. Highly recommend it! It’s a must read for sure!
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The Taking of Annie Thorne by C.J.Tudor is dark, creepy, spellbinding and (yes, I know it’s such an abused word right now, but) unputdownable! 

Like her first novel (The Chalk Man) it is filled with suspense, horror and the supernatural and it’s simply masterful.

The storyline alternates between past and present and it is evident from the very beginning that things are not right down in Arnhill – they weren’t then, and they aren’t now.  

The ending leaves a few unanswered questions, and that’s just how all supernatural thrillers should be. Left to the imagination, the spookiness grows and grows.

After reading Ms. Tudor’s debut novel, she became an author on my “to always read” bookshelf and having read this one, I know I made the right decision!

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"When my sister was eight years old she disappeared. At the time I thought it was the worst thing in the world that could ever happen.

And then she came back."

Joe Thorne is pulled back to his dreary hometown of Arnhill by a teeth-grittingly, alluring e-mail, giving Joe something he has wanted for twenty five years; 'I know what happened to your sister.' Armed with a huge gambling debt, a fake reference for a job, and a promise for answers, Joe rents a cottage that has recently become available due to a murder-suicide. In fact, that is exactly why he chose to rent that cottage. Convinced it is somehow connected to the disappearance - and reappearance - of his eight year old younger sister, Joe steps on the toes of his old frenemy whilst trying to make amends for his shaded past.

I literally demolished this in a few hours. I say this as a young, blossoming, pregnant woman but honestly? children make for the best villains in a horror story. They're unreliable, unpredictable, and we as adult humans have natural instincts to protect them and essentially do what they want most of the time. 

C.J. Tudor has this unwitting ability to weave a strange story that completely sets the reader on edge. 

Her attention to detail with regards to the setting, Arnhill, was impeccable and extremely atmospheric. I also really enjoyed Joe as the main character, cynical, brash and the only reliability he seems to have is his penchant for making bad choices, I also found him altruistic at times, especially when it comes to kids, his moral compass poked just a little shy off North, he was a gritty main character with lots of personality that definitely pulled me in.
"'Obviously,' James says, 'if any of us had suspected there was anything wrong-'
What? I think. What would you have done? Asked her if she was okay and smiled with relief when she said that she was fine. Job done. Concern-box ticked. The truth is, none of us wants to know. Not really. Because then we might have to care, and who has the time for that?"

I feel that whenever an author writes a horror book, they are compared to Stephen King, whereas C.J. Tudor is a talent of her own. 

I actually find her writing much more creepy than the King's, where he tends to go for character development and the complexity of choices, actions and reactions his characters have, I find that C.J. Tudor focuses much more on the narrative of the tale, this is the second book of hers I have read (another four star from me), and I can tell that she is fond of using unreliable main characters, realistically spooky settings and causing her readers to shiver with horror and distaste. Oh, and she's really good at it.

I'm not sure I could ever survive sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories with her.

Many thanks to Net Galley and Penguin UK for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved CJ Tudor's The Chalk Man and was keen to read The Taking of Annie Thorne. The opening of this book is shocking and absolutely gripping and the rest of the story develops well. 

There were some similarities to TCM here: again, the roots of this story stretch far back into the past, the flashbacks concern a group of young friends and a dark secret, and there was at least one tangential reference to TCM, but this is definitely its own creepy story!

I really like Tudor's writing: it is witty and incisive and she crafts great characters and brilliantly illustrates their feelings. There is a real gut-wrenching emotional core to this book and once again, Tudor has written a very powerful story.

Thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for the ARC of The Taking of Annie Thorne.
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Wow what a thrilling book.  Just as soon as you think you've survived a twist, there is another one!! This was really a fantastically entertaining read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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