Pecan Pies and Dead Guys

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I love cozy mysteries and I enjoyed this one.  The title alone had me drooling- love pecan pies! haha.  This is a great story- loved the characters and it was a very good mystery.
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Started out in the middle of the series by accident, but it was surprisingly easy to get into and an absolute quirky delight! I loved all of the characters and the wide variety of personalities on display, and the dynamic between Veritty and all of her various cohorts.

I was a little less sold on the two mysteries going on, which weren't very connected. The ghost mystery with its swinging 20s party going on every night was a delight, even if I did get duped by the red herrings (I am clearly bad at this!) but the living-person mystery was just...not even there, really. It was a dead girl at the start, and then "nope, working on the ghost mystery," and then a random killer popping up at the end to go "yeah, that was me. Surprise climax time, stabbity stabbity!" Honestly, I could have done with a little more integration or (even better) just leaving out that second one altogether.
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I didn't expect to, but I loved this story! Who knew that ghosts could be so entertaining!?!
Verity Long lives with the ghost of a 1920s gangster. With his help, she's able to interact with ghosts. Together they solve crimes.
I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book provided by NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I don't remember where I was in September of 2018 but I somehow missed this story at my local bookstore.  Pecan Pies and Dead Guys, by Angie Fox, is book 7 in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series.  I've enjoyed this read so much I'm now off to find the rest of the series.  Pecan Pies works as a stand alone even though it's part of a series.  I didn't realize that until I'd finished the book, there wasn't a need to backtrack, it was all well taken care of by the author.

Our lead is Verity Long, former graphic artist turned ghost hunter.  Her world has done a 180 several times over but she's still standing.  She's got guts, even when she scared spitless she pushes on.  I like that about her.  Her current boyfriend is hot policeman Ellis Wydell.  Ellis happens to be a brother of her ex-fiancée.  His mother hates her, to say the least, but she and Ellis are in love and to heck with other opinions.  Ellis is written as a good guy, does what he needs to do, isn't a pushover, and takes care of those he loves.

A ghost named Frankie "The German" Winklemann, former mobster, is thrown into this mix as spirit guide to Verity.  He's a hoot but can't move on to the light just yet.  In the meantime he's got a ghost girlfriend and they go to ghost clubs, it's not  a bad afterlife.  The ghost hunting is scary and funny at the same time, I laughed a lot.  

The best line in book is "I'm here to report a suspicious pie".  Don't hesitate to give Pecan Pies and Dead Guys a try.  Happy reading.

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I did not finish - I have tried reading this book on multiple occasions and just could not get into it.
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Just loved it...and that pecan pie kept freaking me out hahahahahaha...
Now, being serious, i knew there was something wrong with that woman, i could read her nuttiness (if that's a word).
As always, a great book, full of suspense, laughter, romance and ghosts...
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Pecan Pies and Dead Guys by Angie Fox is set in southern United States, with Verity, who has a mobster ghost that lends her energy so she can interact with other ghosts, is often asked to look into ghostly goings on, but not everyone believes she can do what she can do.

This is the 7th book in the series, but Angie Fox has ensured that you won't feel like you've missed out on too much, catching you up on essential details, so I didn't find it a problem!

The 1st book in the series (Southern Spirits) is free from Amazon, and it turns out I read it in 2017, and rated it 4 stars as well!

Angie Fox also has another series of books called Accidental Demon Slayer, which has 11 books in the series! She also has a Facebook page and a reader group.

I really enjoyed Pecan Pies and Dead Guys, which I would classify as a cosy mystery.  It was fun and kept me guessing.

Pecan Pies and Dead Guys was published on 18th September 2018, and is available on Amazon  to buy on Kindle and on Waterstones to pre-order the hardback, which is coming out on 16th May this year.  I've found a link to where you can search for local bookshops, including independent!

I was given this book for free in return for an unbiased review, so my thanks to NetGalley and to Moose Island Books (the publishers) for this book.

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This is a 7th Book in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.   

I love this book! I read the first book in my bookclub Cozies and Coffee and everyone enjoyed it!
In this book you get two mysteries. 
The living mystery is who killed the girl thrown from the cliff and who is sending Verity mouthwatering pecan pies and why? 
The ghostly mystery is trying to find the killer of an unsolved mystery back in 1928. The inspector on that case died two years after the crime and cannot rest until the killer is brought to justice. So, he calls upon Frankie to help him. And of course where Frankie goes, Verity goes too, so the mayhem begins. 
Verity and Frankie are a hoot! They act like brother and sister sometimes. When the going gets tough, they got each other’s backs. The scene I found exciting was the one with the dominant ghost going after them; Frankie trying to distract the ghost and Verity trying to get the clues. Very suspenseful! 
Verity is a smart, southern girl who can see ghosts. Frankie is a 1920’s gangster ghost with a criminal mind. 

The author did a great job at explaining when Verity gets tuned into the ghostly plane through Frankie, she can see the ghostly realm and the world of the living at the same time. I found that very fascinating. 
My only regret about the book is I wish Verity would put her ex nearly mother in law in her place! 

There is a mention of the previous book, but it can still be read as a standalone. 
A fun read with great character development, complex mystery and lots of humor.  

A favorite author is mine, I just love her books!
I always highly recommend this author. 

I give this book a solid 5 stars. I would give more, but the highest is 5.     

Book Cover gets 5 stars as well. 

This book has no sex, graphic violence or profanity. 

A Big Thank You goes out to Netgalley and Moose Island Books for providing me with an advanced digital read. The opinions expressed on this review are my own. 


“Still, you should know one thing about life in the South. If it stands still long enough, we monogram it.” – Verity   

“I’m just saying you have an uncanny knack for stirring up trouble.” – Ellis    

“You know how unpredictable the living can be.” – Frankie
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I would like to thank Angie Fox for allowing me to be a member of her Review Crew and for sending me a free electronic ARC of this book, obligation free!

‘Pecan Pies and Dead Guys’ is the seventh book in Ms Fox’s ‘Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries’ series and does not disappoint! Okay, so yes I didn’t rate it as high as I have rated some of the other books in this series, but I will explain that later. This is just meant to be the attention grabbing paragraph to truly sell you this book. 😉

In this tale our beloved heroine Verity is back on the case. This time she is trying to find a murderer at a three day party. The twist is that the party happened almost a century ago and the ghostly party goers have had to have the exact same party every year since… so are well rehearsed at it and know how to hide the truth.

This part of the story I loved. It is what makes the ‘Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries’ such a great series. These windows into the past that need help at being closed so the ghosts can move on and find their rest. Fantastic!

It was the twin storyline in the living world that I wasn’t such a fan of. Every Verity tale has her investigating mysteries in both the land of the living and the dead… but I just found the living mystery in ‘Pecan Pies and Dead Guys’ wasn’t as seamlessly entwined into the tale as well as they have been in the past. In places it almost seemed stapled in to ensure there was that living mystery to solve at the same time as the ghost one. It was more a forced inclusion than a natural flow.

But we all know I am a cynical cow and so what would I know, right? Remember that mantra for when you don’t agree: “Pffft, what would SHE know?” 😉

I can’t say this less than smooth weaving of living mystery and ghostly mystery was bad enough to put me off the story – far from it! I still absolutely enjoyed ‘Pecan Pies and Dead Guys’ and don’t feel let down or disappointed in it at all. I guess it was more of a mild jarring annoyance than an actual issue.

But other than that everything was its usual top notch entertaining read. Verity, Frankie, Ellis and – the star of the books 😉 – Lucy were all there in fine form, along with all the other cast of regulars. The story fit well into the series and really does keep the love of Sugarland alive for the fans.

I will say here that, being an ARC, the copy I read had some proofing issues and plot inconsistencies in it, but I have been assured by Ms Fox’s lovely assistant that these should all be sorted out now and those final, tiny little creases, smoothed out.

Pecan Pies and Dead Guys
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Would I recommend this book to others?
Yes I would. You know I am going to say it… As this is the seventh book in a series I would strongly recommend people read the whole series from book one. I mean, you COULD read this as a stand-alone novel, but you really would be missing out on other great stories that lead up to ‘Pecan Pies and Dead Guys’.

So I guess I could say this book would encourage me to recommend the whole series so far.

Would I buy this book for myself?
Yes I would. Seriously, any issues I had with it were really minor. Yes it’s not my favourite book in the ‘Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries’ series, but hey! These things happen in any series. You will always have that one book you prefer over the others, even if you love them all.

In summary: Fans of the ‘Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries’ series will not be disappointed by ‘Pecan Pies and Dead Guys’. If you’ve been hanging out for book 7, go get it today!
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Pecan Pies and Dead Guys by Angie Fox is an adorable cozy mystery. Verity and Frankie are great characters. This is the first book I have read by Angie Fox and it will not be the last. She has  a wonderful style of writing.
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This was the first book that I read in this series by Angie Fox and it definitely won’t be my last. I loved the southern lifestyle mixed with some ghost hunting! She even has a ghost that is tied to her property. He can only get away when she takes the urn away from the property. She is told that she must solve this old mansions mystery or he will be grounded to just her property forever. It’s a true whodunit and I didn’t even figure it out until the end! I loved the twist in this too with the pecan pie. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you to netgalley for allowing me to review this book.
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This is the first book by Angie Fox that I’ve read though it is book seven in the series of the Southern Ghost Hunters Mysteries. I chose to read this novel as I happen to love cozy mysteries so it a ticked a box for me!

Sometimes Verity Long would like to forget that she lives with the ghost of a 1920's gangster. But the reluctant house-mates must work together when a dead detective blackmails Frankie into helping him solve a cold case. But everyone appears to be hiding something. 

Meanwhile, Ellis Wydell, Verity’s living, breathing boyfriend needs Verity’s help with a police case of his own. After a dead body is discovered near the pecan orchard, Verity gives her insights, thinking her job is done. But when mysterious pecan pies start arriving at her house, she wonders who might be thanking her… or stalking her. 

Verity has her work cut out for her, but will she uncover the secrets behind the pecan pies and dead guys? Or has she stumbled upon a recipe for disaster?

I loved Angie Fox’s fun and humorous writing style and I thought the plot was wonderfully engaging and imaginative. Even though it is part of a series, this is also a great stand-alone novel. Beautifully written in the first person, the dialogue is very well executed and often very funny. The book is unique and heart-warming and the extremely likeable characters and well-paced plot make Pecan Pies and Dead Guys a rich paranormal cozy that is easy to read and hard to put down, with a very fulfilling ending. 

If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book. 

{Thank you to NetGalley, Moose Island Books and Angie Fox for the free copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to provide an honest review.}
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I always enjoy reading the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries! The titles and cover are amazing. 

Oh Verity...Frankie her resident ghost is up to no good. Never a dull moment, she finds herself in the middle of a Gatsby Era mystery with ghosts full of secrets. However, on the side of the living, her hunky boyfriend Ellis needs he help with a 'modern' day murder, that just so happens to occur near the pecan orchard! Pecan pies or dead guys, maybe a little of both!
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Angie Fox has a unique writing style that draws me in.  I love all of her books and this one is no exception.  The ghosts that Verity helps always have respond why and some of them are adorably sweet and others are abominable.  You see both sides in every story.
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This is book 7 in the southern ghost hunter mystery series featuring Verity Long , ghost hunter . In this book Verity is helping out her long dead mobster ghost friend  Frankie who has got himself into bother and her boyfriend too who needs her help with a murder ! What I loved about this was not only can Verity speak to the dead but she can enter into their world through her connection with Frankie . It was really interesting seeing herself and Frankie enter into that world and how they could interact there . I think if you enjoy your mysteries with a ghostly presence then you would really enjoy this . Verity is a strong character with plenty of gumption and nerves of steel making her a terrific main character . I will certainly be reading more books from this series in the future . 

I received this book for review from the lovely people over at Netgalley . This book has now been published and is available from all good bookstores . 
Below please find a link :
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Pecan Pies and Dead Guys is the 7th in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox.  This book has it all - not one but two intriguing mysteries, suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a paranormal twist, and a charming romance.  Verity is a quirky yet winning protagonist, who makes us cheer her on with each page turned.

This book pulled me in and kept me engaged from the first page through the last.  Angie Fox, please write faster!
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When ever I need a good laugh I always pick up Angie Fox and her Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery series.  This is book 7 and it just keeps getting better and better. Verity and her 1920's gangster ghost Frankie are being blackmailed by a police ghost to help solve a very cold case murder. Frankie transfers to the ghostly mansion house party where every "guest" is hiding something.  Now Verity is solving 2 cases since boyfriend Ellis has an unsolved murder in the pecan orchards nearby.  Cute story with fun ghosts and deadly serious killers all around.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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When I saw this book was available for request I knew I just had to have it! I love this author and her humor - I have read every single one of her books and am always prepared to giggle like a nut when reading. This book did not disappoint! I love the authors ability to weave a story full of laughter and love - you can't help but fill a genuine joy when reading her work.
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Cute cozy mystery. Very predictable of course. Great for light reading. Not so much for intellectual.
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I loved this next instalment of Angie Fox’s hugely fun Southern Ghost Hunter series. 

Verity and Frankie were a brilliant team as always and we had a murder mystery on both ghostly and earthly sides this time. 

The time spent in the Ghostly Adair estate was like stepping into a time capsule. Ellis was still a lovingly attentive boyfriend to Verity, Virginia was her usual charming self and Beau was fascinating as he tried to work out who he actually wanted to be. 

I loved catching up with the residents of Sugarland again and eagerly await Frankie and Veritys next adventure.
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