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“A poem needs understanding through the senses,” says Ben Whishaw’s John Keats in the 2009 film Bright Star, explaining how reading poetry should be like diving into a lake – done for the pure enjoyment of it. This is also the best way to approach Seduction. Displaying a gorgeous command of language, Quincy Troupe’s poems read like music – as unpredictable and melodic as his beloved jazz – making it the reader’s job to simply luxuriate in his words. From eulogizing musical great Aretha Franklin to penning a blistering excoriation of the current American president, this is a collection to be read and re-read.
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I wasn't a fan of this book. Perhaps it was the wrong time for me to read it or maybe it's just that Quincy Troupe isn't my kind of writer.
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This is a beautiful and stirring collection of poetry that makes light of current racial and cultural injustices and gives them a poetry spin.  Poetry like this is poignant and important to be read now.
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Definitely a collection for these times.   Troupe tackles a number of subjects from an African-American perspective which is often raw, hard-hitting, and forces the reader to see.  The I/eye substitution in particular was a masterful touch.

Highly recommended.  

With thanks for to Netgalley and the publisher for the arc.
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I loved this. Every poem was beautiful and meticulous. Troupe is a poet everyone should read. I'll be recommending this to everyone.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a earc of this book. 

The poetry didn’t really hook me, I liked that it told stories. It’s just nothing stood out to me. It seemed to drag on too. I usually like poetry more if it makes me feel something but these didn’t. I gave this a two out of five stars. It was an okay read I didn’t like it or hate it.
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A poignant and exceptional poetry style, reminiscent of elegy, Troupe's choice of themes represent the modern experience. Exquisite collection, a depiction of contemporary social, political and historical events in which the "I/Eye" traverses. 

"that is life, rising, falling, like pitches of music swelling with breath,
with beauty, black people breathing, in the here & now every second, 
every day, yes black lives matter, living in a trumpet's voice, 
will always matter, singing in the air, will always matter
beautiful as we are, will always matter, breathing in this life, 
will always matter, yes, always, always, always"
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I feel this collection is strong enough to warrant a 5 star. It was mentioned before about the I/eye thing but I have to say that he truly earns the being the reader's eye. Opening the reader up to the subject by having them see the truth. The truest beauty in a poet is when they can make you feel and see what you cannot. A must read for all poetry fans. And highly recommended to those that want to try out poetry.
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Seduction:New Poems 2013-2018
By Quincy Troupe 
Expected Publication date 12-15-18
Triquarterly Books

Quincy Troupe is one of those rare poets that reach inside and pull out emotions, some you never knew you had, and re-examine them. He forces us to confront not just important issues, but how they make you feel. Throughout this volume he substitutes "eye" for "I". The "eye" is seeing all; the "I" is our own interpretation, belief of even prejudice. It really makes this a much more personal collection. Brilliant. I love his words, his truth, and his integrity. Gripping and deep.
Troupe is an award winning author of 10 volumes of poetry, 3 children's books and 6 Non-Fiction novels. I hope I can find the all.
Some favorites were:
Catching Shadows 
The Drug of Endless War 
Delusional: A Portrait 
Strange Incidents
Questions Of Color and Race.

Essential voice.
Thank you for the opportunity to review this ARC.
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Seduction: New Poems, 2013-2018 by Quincy Troupe is the poets latest collection of poetry. Troupe is an award-winning author of ten volumes of poetry, three children’s books, and six non-fiction works. 

Troupe offers a unique perspective on African-American life from Jazz to the shootings of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and Trayvon Martin. Troupe plays heavily on two themes. The first is the substitution of "eye" for "I." The "eye" is all-seeing whereas "I" is open to interpretation and our own prejudices. The eye is everyone. We see the news. We see the violence. We see the racism. The eye is also the key to seduction. It is what draws us in. We live in an age of visual stimulation and Troupe uses that to draw the reader into his poetry.

The second theme is seduction in its various forms. Troupes connection with jazz and Aretha Franklin offers positive temptations. Seduction, too, offers a current and relevant examination of society. We are seduced into our own world through electronic devices. We are seduced by politicians that do not serve our interests. We are seduced into action movies at theaters, and sometimes become victims of the violence that is being glorified.

The "eye" is all of us which makes this collection, not just an African-American poet speaking but, collectively all of us. We all see the same things. We are seduced by many things from jazz to the "orange face doofus." We must join the eye with the seduction and examine what is really seducing us because there really is a difference in quality and consequences between a singers voice and racist politics.
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