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M for Mammy by Eleanor O’Reilly was a great read. I loved it. This book is told from the viewpoint of three people, Annette the mother and her two children Jenny and Jacob and the challenges an everyday family can and do face. A fab book.
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This was such a difficult book to get in to.  Not due to the subject matter, or the characters but I think perhaps the style of writing. 

I liked the different characters who had separate chapters but it really did seem a bit "all over the place" for me to truly enjoy the book.
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M for Mammy covers some really important issues including Autism and having a stroke. and although not quite flowing, once you understood you were reading three views the story line began to gain momentum.  Not my normal choice of read but one I would highly recommend that won't leave you disappointed.
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I started this book and found it very difficult to get involved in the story.  I could not finish the book.  Sorry.
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This book was not the book for me unfortunately. I found the language downright purple with too many fussy and pointless figures of speech for my liking. The stream of consciousness-like chapters by the stroke afflicted mother do not work at all - it's just a list of random words. I was unable to finish and am unable to recommend.
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As I am Irish myself I really wanted to read this book., it was a very heartfelt book, and I could really feel the emotions of each character, Jenny was my favorite character, but each character was interesting, this book was quite sad at times, funny at others, and at the heart of it all the families love for one another, a very well written book.
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M for Mammy is Eleanor O’Reilly’s début novel and it was such a fabulous read!

In this novel, the reader meets the Augustt’s – a loving Irish family, who like so many other families, are a little bit complicated though they are bound together by their love for each other.

Told from the viewpoint of three people 'M for Mammy' was a beautiful story of an everyday family facing challenges that any of us could find ourselves doing. The issues raised were empathetically and realistically told. I could feel the frustration from some of the characters, all of whom were well-drawn by Eleanor O'Reilly. This was something of an emotional roller coaster for me though there was laughter as well. I especially liked Granny Mae-Anne who was a fantastic character. 

All in all, I loved this poignant, insightful, witty, funny, sad, and brilliant book and for me, it was a masterpiece!
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Let me firstly emphasize how super adorable this cover is. I mean, right? Who wouldn't want to buy this book. So kudos to the author and/or publishers for choosing it. It attracted my attention.

Secondly, my take on this particular story probably was faded by many books about Irish families and culture over the past two years. And coincidentally, I had found them to be more my cup of tea in style and genre.

But I think this book was still so very educational and engaging and definitely a good insight into mental and physical problems and how people face them in that part of the world.

Big thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for the chance to read this.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, told from the views of 3 family members Jacob, Mammy and Jenny.

So the Augustts family are an Irish family who are all very different but bound together with a lot of love, Mammy gets sick and has a stroke and can’t do much and Daddy is useless lol so in steps Granny to sort it all out, she isn’t given a warm welcome by all and to be honest I thought she was the best character, totally mental and didn’t give two hoots what anyone thought! Loved her.

I did find it touching and sad in parts as well as humorous and even though it didn’t have a plot as much I really liked reading it, not my usual cup of tea but an enjoyable read and I might read more like this in the future.
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I found this book too difficult to read. I thought it would be a lighthearted women’s fiction novel. But the autism story in particular was difficult to read. It wasn’t my cup of tea so I stopped reading. Sorry!
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I just could not get into this book sadly, and in the end, I stopped reading it. I found the subject matter difficult to read about, and personally, too close to home. For me the narrative did not flow easily. Sorry. 
My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy.
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I really enjoyed this book. It has great main characters who are likeable and a really good story line.  Really cleverly written.
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest, independent review.

The Augustts are a loving Irish family, with two kids, Jenny and Jacob. Jacob has Autism and is trapped in a silent world. They muddle through until mum Annette has a stroke and Granny has to move in to help while Annette recovers. 

The book is narrated in alternative chapters by three main characters: Jenny, Jacob and Annette. Although this is a great idea to get the seriousness of autism and stroke across, I struggled with it. I found it interesting to get in the head of five-year-old Jacob, who cannot speak but has a head full of muddled words trying make sense of the situation. However, when mum Annette narrated during and in the recovery phase of her stroke, it was very hard to know what was going on with a jumble of words - very interesting style of writing and I understand the concept the author was trying to get across for both, but it didn't work for me. 

I liked it when Jenny narrated - a young girl trying to be there for her little brother while also not understanding why her mum was in hospital, and trying to cope with Granny running the household. 

I think I would have preferred the whole book written from Jenny's point of view, but then the downside of this is we wouldn't have got into the minds of a child with autism or someone who has just had a stroke.

I also found at times the story felt like it wasn't going anywhere. There was a large portion of the book where it felt like we were just waiting for mum to get better, with the rest of the family plodding on.
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I tried, I really tried with this book but I just couldn't get into it. I didn't get on with the Child "Jenny's" narration. I'm sure its a lovely book but I didn't finish it.
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I loved this book in parts , it was cleverly written and gave you an insight how a major upheaval within a home effects the children, one being autistic  the other his very astute sister (her chapters lifted the book). However it’s very sad, sometimes drags a little but is still in places very poignant and well written. The characters are likeable, the granny reminded me of many Irish mums I knew throughout my life and working with autistic children through my career found the authors perspective interesting. This book isn’t for the faint hearted however many chapters made the book well worth a read.
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A heart warming, touching story of a traditional Irish family. 
I wanted to love this book but I found it a struggle at points. It is a very good debut novel and I will certainly read books by this author in future.
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I really enjoyed this book.  It has great main characters and a really good story line.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
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I had mixed feelings about this book. I liked the idea of it but I did struggle at times.

The mother, Annette, suffers a stroke and is hospitalised in Dublin.  Their father tries to keep things going but struggled to look after Jenny and her young brother Jacob who has autism and is non-verbal.  However their Granny Mae-Anne moves in and takes charge.

The story is mostly narrated by Jenny.  The conversations between Jenny, her Da, and her Granny are great.  Jenny tells it like it is and as she sees it.  She's a lovely character with quite an imagination. She seems older than her years.  These bits are funny, poignant, well written.  I loved the Irish turn of phrase. I could picture the scene and the conversation.  These are the parts I liked. There was also input from the mother Annette and Jacob in the form of what they were thinking. This was where I struggled a bit.

Annette's thoughts are very disjointed and don't always make much sense.  I understand this.  The character had suffered a devastating stroke and she wasn't able to express herself or do anything for herself and I suppose the mixed up narrative represents this.

Jacob's thoughts were a bit more interesting as he tries to make sense of things.  Not only is he autistic, he's also only coming up for 6.  In fact he has his 6th birthday in the story.  Jenny seems to be good at knowing what he wants or needs.

The granny, Mae-Anne, is a wonderful, strong character.  She obviously loves the children and tries to shelter them from what has really happened to their mother.  There are some wonderful conversations between her and Jenny, and with Jenny's Da'.  At times I laughed out loud.

It took me much longer than usual to read this book so something was missing, or it might have been I was reading it at the wrong time for me.  I liked all the characters and generally the writing was good and yet for me, that 'thing' that makes me want to sit up late to finish a book just wasn't there.  In fact it was fairly easy to put aside.

I'm giving it 3 (and a bit) stars
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As usual I will give nothing of the plot away in my review - plenty of those out there if that's what you are looking for!

I loved this book. The storytelling is first-rate, and there are some fabulous characters. I particularly loved Jenny and Granny, though Jacob, Da and Annette are all well-written too. The story switches between narration by Jenny, Annette and Jacob - and between timelines to some extent. I loved the way Jenny wove stories around her reality, the books she was reading, and her imagined future self.  Granny is a "force of nature" and reminds me of someone I've met in real life - a larger than life character!

At times I found it hard to tell what was real and what was imagined - but that's the mark of a good story in my book!

My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC in return for my honest review.
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I was really looking forward to reading this book, but just could not get into at all. The narrative didn’t suit me at all. Granny was by far the strongest character, but even she wasn’t enough to carry the book.
Not for me.
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