Wildflower Park – Part Two

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After reading part 1 I had to pick up part 2! There was such a cliffhanger at the end of part 1 and I was hoping to know more about that in this book....well we did get to know a little more but I still have questions. Again this book is relatively short at only 87 pages but a lot happens in those few pages. I read this in less than 24 hours. I was so hooked! Anna really develops in this book and we get to see a lot more of best friend Sophie. 

Anna really opens up in this book. She goes on a date with a mystery texter and starts to get closer to Hudson. Oh and if that's not enough her ex Liam wants her back! I was really happy for Anna in this instalment. She gives her mystery texter a chance and starts to see the softer side of Hudson. I am intrigued to see what happens next for Anna. 

We get to see more of Sophie's life in this part. Sophie's situation is one I have heard other people be in. It's a common situation but I wanted her to do more about it. It seemed she had resigned herself to her fate. I hope in the rest of the series this changes. 

Again Bella leaves us with another cliffhanger although for me this one wasn't a surprise. I can't wait to grab part 3!
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My Review is summarised in the final book review :-
Walk in Wildflower Park by Bella Osborne the complete book.

5☆ Thoroughly enjoyed it, second part, not to be read as a standalone. Carries on from where book 1 left off on a clifthanger.
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Lovely easy read about a group of friends/colleagues and their various romances.  I would recommend reading all four parts together for continuity.
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Light-hearted reading, a novel in sections.
Anna is unsure of where to go when her old boyfriend Liam comes back into the picture.
She ropes Hudson in pretending to be her boyfriend.
A very quick read.  Onto the next installment
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Loving part 2 of wildflower park more than part 1 which was kind of an introduction into the characters. 
With part 2 I’m hooked and can’t wait for part 3  to see how Sophie and Anna lives develop. Loving the characters especially Maurice the cat and the rather mysterious Hudson. Would totally recommend this book to anyone who loves authors such as Cathy bramley, Heidi swain and Trisha Ashley.
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I am really enjoying this series so far and after I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series I had to wait patiently to get my hands on book two – and I have to say now I have finished it, I thought it was a fantastic read and is definitely one I will be recommending!!

I love the characters in the story, they are very well developed and I can really relate to them, I can also really sympathise with them as we are going through similar changes at work at the moment and the author has really nailed the processes and their interaction is brilliant – it is like I am in the office with them! I am truly loving seeing the story develop and the few hiccups that have been thrown in on the way. It is well written with genuine and believable characters.

Another five stars from me for this instalment, can’t wait to read the third and fourth to see how it all ends – very highly recommended and very well written – I loved it!!
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Part two of this series continues with Anna making her way through life, newly single. Ex-boyfriend Liam who is back on the scene working with Anna's company, admits to her at the team building session that he has made a mistake and wants her back - but not in a romantic, genuine way. To make things easy for her, hunky American colleague Hudson is on hand to pretend to be her boyfriend to get him off her back. Anna, believing Hudson to be gay confides in him and starts to get on with him really well. 
Anna also has an ongoing flirtation with a mystery male who after a mistaken text, has started chatting to her and suggests they might meet. 
Meanwhile, Anna's best friend Sophie, is still suffering. Pregnant for the third time, with demon children and a next to useless husband, she continues to obsess over Hudson. 
This is a sweet read - fluffy and comforting, with lots of great characters. Perhaps a little predictable (I don't think there are going to be any major twists or surprises) it is a charming read and I look forward to Part 3.
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I would highly recommend you read part 1 before this book.  This is a short section of an entire story(part 2) set in 4 parts of Wildflower Park series. It continues the life of Anna and her best friend and neighbor, Sophia. Funny and an easy read, just the right length if you're busy and want something quick to lighten your mood.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I raced through Part One and couldn't wait to find out what happened next and Part Two didn't disappoint. Hudson is turning into an intriguing prospect, but the mystery messenger has taken an unexpected turn. Also the cliffhanger at the end was quite a shock. I was bereft when I reached the end and I can't wait for Part Three!
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Anna is not happy when her ex Liam turns up at work as an outside consultant and she is convinced it will cost her her job, especially when he appears to want to carry on where they left off......... even though he dumped her for another woman!  To throw him off the scent she pretends to be in a relationship with Hudson....... but does he appear to be too much of the perfect boyfriend!

I am loving this new series, it might be a bit predictable but it is so warm hearted and funny that our doesn't matter at all,  so just looking forward to the next part!
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This is just as brilliant as part 1. The characters are fab and this four part serial is shaping up nicely. I've found both parts genuinely laugh out loud. A definite must read.
Thanks to NetGalley and Publishers for my ARC of this wonderful book!
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When I asked for this book I did notice it was book two in the series.  I didn't think too much of it at the time.  However, as soon as I started the book I was so confused.  The story line picked up right where the first book left off.  There was no back story to give the reader a bit of context.  
I did enjoy the characters and the story line.  Sophie and Anna are characters that people can relate to.  I will continue to read the series so I can find out what happens next.  
I do think if there isn't a back story maybe the books should be published as one book.
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I was intrigued after the first part of Wildflower Park and am even more intrigued after the second! Hooked by Anna and Sophie and Hudson and a bit suspicious of C. Can’t wait to see how this story develops.
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I read this second part in just one day, it's short, lovely, full of events and mysteries, just how I like my books! There is so much going on in this series! Anna has her head full of men (Hudson, her cute colleague at work, Liam, her ex and Connor, the stranger with who she exchanges texts), Sophie has a crazy life with her 2 full-on kids and a very relaxed husband who doesn't make a lot of efforts to help her at home. Oh I love this series so much! I am happy to know that there are still part 3 and 4 to read because I am not ready yet to say goodbye to all those crazy characters! This series of books is such a pleasure to read!!!!
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Brilliant plot, excellent main characters that you invest in.  I read this book in one sitting and I would highly recommend it.
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A Budding Romance is the second in the four part Wildflower Park serial by Bella Osborne which later in the year will be published as a full length novel for those that have the patience to wait and read it all in one go. I don't possess that patience and I'm always eager to read each part as it becomes available. I love being able to dip in and out of the story and as it is so short it's enjoyable to have something quick to read in between finishing and beginning more  longer books. A Budding Romance romance picks up exactly where part one left off and as it wasn't that long since I had been first introduced to to Anna and Sophie everything was very much fresh in my mind.

Anna's ex is back on the scene but instead of it being personal, he has intruded into her professional life whereas really she would very much prefer if he didn't feature on her radar any more in any capacity. Stick to restructuring the company and working on redundancies but keep Anna out of things - that's her motto when it comes to Liam. She knows deep in her heart that taking him back would be a very bad idea and sets about making him jealous and putting him off her trail. This was a funny little side plot where Anna and Sophie had presumptions about a certain person and were using it to their advantage.

Admittedly because of the way the story and characters were written I presumed the very same thing which turned out not to be true at all. It goes to show never judge people on first appearance or actions, take the time to get to know them that little bit better. The storyline from part one regarding texts that started out as a mistake and began to turn into something else did get more of a spotlight this time. Whether it worked out the way I and many other readers would have thought is up for debate and to find out you'll have to read this story.

I felt we got to know Anna and her best friend Sophie a lot more this time around. We are getting beneath the outer exterior of Anna and slowly starting to understand what motivates her and why she thinks the way she does and why she has certain opinions and beliefs. She is a person who struggles to relinquish control and likes order to exist in her life whenever at all possible. She can never relax  and always keeps her mind occupied and I sense there has to be a significant reason behind this mentality which we will more than likely discover the answers to the further we move through the story. I love that Anna is a very independent woman but I think the time has come for her to step outside of her comfort zone and test new waters. But will she be brave enough to take the next step?

As for Sophie, I'm slowly beginning to warm to her. In part one she proved to be such a frustrating character not happy with her lot in life and in my eyes she was always complaining. But now I'm starting to see in what direction Bella Osborne is taking this character and I have a lot more sympathy for her. Sophie feels trapped in her marriage and with baby number three on the way she is crying out for support and help from husband Dave who just seems oblivious to his wife’s wants and needs. Basically she is in a situation she sees no way out of and is begging almost but Dave is putting his head in the sand believing he does the best he can and that most of the daily home life should be left to the mother figure. I won't class their relationship as an equal partnership by any means. Sophie feels like she is on treadmill that there is no possibility of jumping off. There is no excitement in her life any more.

Things regrading Sophie's situation end on a cliffhanger so I am desperate now to discover what happens next in part three Oopsy Daisy. A Budding Romance was a lovely, quick, easy and enjoyable read and I think the best is yet to come with parts three and four when the story will take off even further.
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Having raced through the first installment of best-selling author Bella Osborne’s enchanting new serial Wildflower Park, I was eager to read the second part of this fabulous tale of friendship and romance and I was not disappointed. Packed with humour, warmth and charm, Wildflower Park: A Budding Romance continues Anna and Sophie’s fabulously funny feel-good tale.

Anna had thought that she was going to be spending the rest of her life with her fiance – so the last thing she had expected was to dumped by him after she had spent all day slaving over his birthday cake. Anna’s relationship may be over, but at least she has her good friend Sophie, who is always at hand to dispense tea, chocolate and advice whenever she needs it. Having now moved into a gorgeous property on the edge of the beautiful Wildflower Park, Anna plans to put her disastrous love life behind her and focus on her career, but it seems that there are obstacles wherever she turns because not only is she being thwarted at every turn by an ambitious new colleague – who infuriatingly also happens to be the sexiest man she has ever clapped eyes on – but her ex shows up again as well. Having ruined her personal life, is he about to muck up her professional life as well?

Sophie might always be willing to lend a shoulder for Anna to cry on, but she has her own problems to contend with. Not only does she have to juggle the demands of her busy job with the stresses of parenthood, but she is also pregnant and beginning to get disillusioned with her marriage. Having a husband who is completely clueless is bad enough, but when she begins to develop feelings for a colleague, could Sophie end up finding happiness in the least likely of places – or will she realise that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side?

Bella Osborne has done it again and penned a deliciously readable and wonderfully witty installment of her Wildflower Park serial that kept me on the edge of my seat. Wildflower Park: A Budding Romance shines with rib-tickling humour, terrific characters and hilarious repartee that will make you laugh out loud. Anna and Sophie are amazing characters you will love spending time with and you are sure to be kept completely engrossed by their terrific story.

A fun read that already has me counting down the days until the third installment of Wildflower Park, A Budding Romance is another winner by Bella Osborne!

Rating: 5 Stars
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This a great fun read, keeps you entertained and involved. The story of Anna and Sophie is fun and keeps you turning pages. I need to know what’s happening next each part. Great entertaining read.
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The first part in this series ended on a cliffhanger and I was so looking forward to reading more of this delightful series and seeing what happens next to Anna and her neighbour Sophie.

In this book there is a very big misunderstanding between Anna and the handsome American Hudson which leads to awkward, but very funny, situations.  I'm liking this friendship more and more as they get to know one another.

The mystery texter storyline moved on quite nicely too.

Poor Sophie, still feeling unhappy and trapped, her hormones are all over the place.  It's lucky she has Anna around.

I really enjoyed this latest instalment in the series and, as in the first part, it finished on a cliffhanger, and now I can't wait to find out what author Bella Osborne has in store for everyone!
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This probably goes without saying but I had better say it anyway - 'A Budding Romance' IS part of a series, and because the novellas follow simultaneously, each of the books need to be read in order otherwise you'd end up missing out on some of the storyline. 

We left the last instalment on a cliffhanger. Obviously I won't tell you what that cliffhanger entailed, but trust me when I say that it was enough to read part two straight away. I just couldn't wait to find out where the storyline was heading in regards to Sophie's frustration and Anna's annoyance. Don't worry though, it doesn't have a negative vibe at all, it's just that when Anna's ex appears at a place she feels herself, she can't help feeling a bit miffed. Why won't he just leave her alone? Surely he has done enough damage?

Things will make perfect sense if you have already read the first two books, but if you haven't then i do highly recommend losing yourself in Wildflower Park.

Like I said above, this novella follows on from the first so I am trying my best to be quite vague with my review - I'm not doing it to annoy anyone!! 'A Budding Romance', once again, had me in hysterics due to Sophie's humour, and the way that Anna's working relationship is blossoming with her colleague. I say 'blossoming' very loosely as it isn't as straight forward as it should be.

I really enjoyed the latest addition to the Wildflower Park series, and I thought the way that Bella Osborne created tension in such a loveable and hilarious manner, was an absolute joy to read.

I cannot wait to read the rest of this series - it's safe to say that I am hooked!!
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