A Slice of Magic

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This sweet little book.  You expect every twist and turn in the entire plot, but it is good in the way an actual pie is...sweet, predictable quaint.  It is a comforting, easy read that you will rip through quickly and wish that you lived inside their grownup harry potter land.
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A Slice of Magic by A.G. Mayes
Source: NetGalley and HarperImpulse
Rating: 3/5 stars


The Bottom Line: I can’t say I was blown away by this book, but I did like it and am glad I gave it a shot. In truth, A Slice of Magic reads like a combination of a paranormal read and a cozy mystery so, a cozy paranormal.  From the beginning, you (and Susanna) understand there is something drastically different about Hocus Hills.  As Susanna works diligently to keep her aunt’s immensely popular pie shop afloat, she suspects there is something big she is missing that is keeping her from baking perfect pies and being fully accepted by the rest of the town.  For several weeks, Susanna struggles to understand what it is she is missing and when the truth finally comes to light, it is far weirder and more awesome than she ever could have expected.  Ultimately, this is a decent read that is very quick and while I wouldn’t put it to the top of your TBR list, I would pull it out on a day when you’re just in the mood for something light, fun, and full of tasty treats.
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Well the name of the small town should have given the game away - Hocus Hills - really?!
How do you keep people happy eating pies everyday and yet not worry about putting on weight? Especially if you have the Gym owner badgering everyone to lose weight and win the challenge cup that year?
And then what happens when your estranged aunt asks you to come and help and then disappears? And you really don’t know how to make pies? But are willing to learn..
A cosy story with a bit of humour and mystery. And some magic.
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I started this book ages ago, but it did not hook me in at the time. I felt the beginning choppy and found it hard to enjoy the quirkiness of all the characters in the book. This is not my tale of woe, if you read on ahead, things will get clearer. I gave it another successful shot yesterday.

This story begins with a cryptic call for help from Susanna Daniels' aunt. Once she gets to the town her estranged aunt lives in, things get stranger. She is to run a whole pie shop with no prior knowledge about anything to do with a pie shop. I have to warn the average reader, (as I should have been warned by clues left by the author) that this is not the usual fare for the genre. There is a suspension of belief that is required so that when the twists in the story come, it should be welcomed. I liked the quirks of the people, the dialogue delivery and the exaggerations (once I got used to the people). There were a couple of events that repeat themselves with minor changes with each iteration, which could have been skipped. Overall the town with oddball characters and over the top villains is a fun read. If you are a fan of lighter genres then, this will be an even easier read.
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3.5 stars.

I was excited by the description of this book and thought it would be a fun read, something similar to a cozy mystery with a little magic thrown in.  While it was that I felt it could have been a little better.  It's obvious immediately that there are things going on in the town that Susie doesn't understand or know about, but I felt she (and the reader) were kept in suspense a little too long.  The number of times Susie came right out and asked what was going on and got evaded got a little tedious.  I found myself wanting her to know the truth much sooner than she did.

That being said, once you hit 65-70% the story REALLY picked up. Susie finally started figuring things out and people started talking to her. I felt the last half of the book was super enjoyable and seeing how things played out.  A number of the twists/reveals were able to be seen ahead of time, but there were still a few that surprised me.

I really would have liked a little more backstory into Susie's life.  We got periodic glimpses through memories and conversations with her mother, but I felt it would have been even better with more.  Still, this appears to be the first in a possible series (I think?), so I hope that is something we'll see in future installments.  

Overall this was an enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone who wants a light mystery with a touch of magic!
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So sorry but found this book very hard to get into - hate giving a negative review but nothing wrong with the author just not my cup of tea maybe.
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What a lovely and enjoyable story! With such an attractive cover design who would not want to pick up this delightful little tale? 

 A SLICE OF MAGIC by AG Mayes made perfect reading for me between other more intense, lengthier novels. It was funny and quirky with a cute and cosy feel. 

This book was a great package of fun, joy and magic and it was a perfect book to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate and a large cupcake.

With its great story and wonderful characters, I would recommend A SLICE OF MAGIC to Romance and Women’s Fiction lovers wanting a short weekend read. I will be reading the next book in the series.
I received a complimentary copy of this novel, at my own request, from HarperImpulse via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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‘A Slice of Magic’ is a perfectly fine, harmless read. It satisfies the part of you that doesn’t want to think too much about what you’re reading.
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I was struggling to get attached to the characters. Susanna needs a lot of common sense, because duh her aunt was missing she could've just filed a report to the police to investigate it. She could've also asked her mom about the whereabouts of her aunt. I just picked up this book at a time when I was hungry and saw that there's pie in the book cover.
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Cute, light chick-lit read! This was a good read for in between heavier books. I didn’t really buy some of the missteps and Susanna not knowing what common baking items are, but I’m curious to see where this series will go from here.
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A cute  and fun beginning to a magical mystery series.  Heartwarming characters and a great setting make for an entertaining read.  The town of Hocus Hills is a conundrum when Susanna first arrives after a mysterious call from her estranged Aunt Erma.  Susanna feels all the residents are watching her and like she is missing out on some big secret.  Add to that Aunt Erma is missing and no one knows where she has gone or how long she will be away.  Susanna tries to run the pie shop but she is a handyman not a baker and is like a fish out of water. 

When another newcomer opening a rival cookie shop and stealing business and behaving in a nefarious way, will the pie shop survive Susanna?  A touch a magic, mystery and heartwarming family drama fuel this new series by A. G. Mayes. Great read a like for fans of Practical Magic, Sarah Addison Allen or Sarah Kate Lynch.
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I was unsure whether I was going to enjoy this book but I ended up loving this book. 
It was a nice read and I am sure that there will be a sequel to this
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Well i quite enjoyed this, still cannot decide quite what category i would put it in but it was a sweet read- a bit of magical, lots of tasty pies that made me want to go and bake ( IF I COULD) haha - touch of romance to boot- On the whole a lovely cosy enjoyable read.
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Thank you to netgalley for the ARC copy. Enjoyed reading the book it was an easy read and loved the premise of a magic pie shop. Likeable characters,small town gossip and missing aunt plus being thrown into the deep end of the pie business. A light read that I picked up several times while reading other more intense novels. A little repetitive which was great to pick back up on the story.
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This is a fun read.  Not sure how to fit into a specific genre, but thats okay.  I loved the characters and the writing is sprinkled with magic and romance.  This is a lively book and I am glad I read it.  It left me with a smile and a warm happy feeling. Thanks to netgalley , who supplied this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This is the kind of cozy mystery that I can read again and again.  Such a fun world and a great concept.  Cannot wait to read the next one!
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This was a very cute little story. Set in a small town, a young woman travels to help her aunt out - but when she arrives, her aunt isn't there and she's left to run the small pie shop.

I couldn't even imagine being roped in to baking pies. Add to that all her missteps (she really didn't know what evaporated milk was?) and the small town gossip and you've got a recipe for disaster. She was lucky the morning pie crew were willing to roll with her every morning.

I was glad that not only did we find out what happened to her aunt, but also why everyone was acting funny and who on earth was writing the daily gossip advice part of the paper. It was a cute story and I enjoyed it!
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This book was definitely a slice of magic. When Susanna's aunt asked her to run her pie shop and take care of her dog, Susanna was happy to help. Imagine her surprise when she showed up and Aunt Erma was missing. Susanna meets some great characters and has some surprises in store for her, along with a little magic. I was so disappointed when the book ended, but have since found its just the first in its series! Can't wait for the rest.
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I am not a fan of books with fantasy or magic; however I found this to be an enjoyable read.  It was easy to follow although I did have trouble figuring out some of the characters and where they were.  Probably not my most favorite book.
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When I picked this up off of NetGalley, I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Typically, I wouldn't say that I read a lot from the women's fiction genre because it tends to trend a little old for me.  A lot of the protagonists are at least a decade older than I am and I find it difficult to really put myself in their shoes.  Still, the premise of this book sounded intriguing enough to give it a try, and I'm glad I did.

As the description shows, the basic plot is that Susanna's aunt has disappeared mysteriously and left her to run the pie shop in a small town called Hocus Hills in her absence.  As the name of the town may suggest, not everything is as it seems in this strange new place and Susanna is wrapped up in the middle of a lot of strange events unfolding.  Honestly, the premise wasn't working for me at first.  I struggled to read the first fifty pages because I was really bored.  Susanna came off as whiney and none of the secondary characters were interesting enough to make up for the protagonist being uninteresting.

What's strange, though, is that after fifty pages, a switch just flipped in my brain and I was head over heels in love with everyone and everything in this book.  Susanna became tenacious in her determination to become a master baker without any major training and a lot of pressure hanging over her head.  Secondary characters that were initially unlikeable became fascinating as I began to learn more about them.  Most importantly, the plot picked up significantly and something actually started happening!

Something I was not expecting from this book was the amount that it kept me on my toes.  When I picked it up, I was expecting something fluffy and light, which is definitely what I got here, but A.G. Mayes still had some great surprises up her sleeves.  Even as someone that generally is good at guessing plot twists, at least some of the revelations in store for the characters took me by surprise and kept me guessing until the very end.

One slight word of warning to potential readers is that this book is promoted in a misleading manner.  It is frequently billed as a romance on promotional materials and, while there is romance, it is minimal and not the focus of the story.  This is a book that focuses on family and friendship ties.  Personally, I preferred this because it made the plot feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the heavy romances that dominate the genre, but it would be best to not go in with expectations for a strong romantic subplot.

It's hard to rate this book because I almost didn't finish it due to getting off to a bad start, but the other three-quarters of the book more than made up for the beginning.  If you like Sophie Kinsella or just want a light-hearted read that doesn't take itself too seriously, I would definitely give this one a try because it's a quick read, regardless of the slow start.  A.G. Mayes is definitely an author I'll be reading again in the future!
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