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Theme and Variations

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This book fascinated me as soon as I read the blurb on NetGalley.  I have no medical knowledge and I won't pretend I understood all of what this doctor was trying to tell us through this book.

The book is in two parts, Part One - Music in the Brain and Part Two - Reflections on a Musical Life.  Chapters include questions such as: Why There is Music?, Can Learning Music Make Us Smarter? and Can Music Heal?  The author looks at these questions in depth and includes many references for further reading and follow up.

I am at my happiest with soft music playing whilst I read, but prefer upbeat pop/rock music when I am doing housework.  There are few times where I don't have music on around the house and my taste in music varies as wide as is possible with my music collection having something from each genre in todays world.

I think we all enjoy some quiet time with music and we individually know which tracks will make us feel better depending on our mood at that current time.  This book looks into the reasons why. There are chapters that look at more serious medical conditions and ask can music be of any assistance to those suffering with Alzheimers, Dementia and Parkinson's as well as many other conditions.

Thank you to NetGalley and Sunacumen Press for the opportunity to read and review this novel prior to publication.

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