Perfect Crime

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Another cracking read in the series! Love the dynamic between Ava and Luc and as always, the crimes are fascinating and complex. I never fail to be hooked by the author and I'm more drawn into the team with every book. Can't wait for the next one!
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I love this series of books and Perfect Crime is a great addition. Great writing, great story with a good ending.
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The fifth book in the D.I. Callanach series begins with a man who is ready to jump from a bridge, but is talked down by a counsellor who happens to be there at the time. A number of supposed suicides begin to show up that are not what they seem...

I really enjoyed the previous book in the series, Perfect Silence, however although I have yet to read the other 3. I feel it is pretty easy to follow the story without having read them. 

I thought the storyline was interesting and not one I had come across before. I do find the will they/won’t they between Callanach and Turner a little tedious though, and that’s after only reading 2 of the books. This distracted from the case at times, although I am sure there are people who enjoy it.

Not my favourite of the series, but fans of the characters will enjoy it.
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Disappointing.  Bizarre.

These were the first two words that came to me on finishing Perfect Crime, the latest  in the Luc Callanach series by Helen Fields.  I have only read two books in the series – the first (Perfect Remains) which I loved, and this one, which I did not.

Spoliers are not usually my thing in a review, but this time I am making an exception.  THAT is how disappointed I am.  And I’m going to drone on a bit.  You’ve been warned.

First, this is a story largely ABOUT Luc rather than one that features him as a detective and participant in the story.  He’s on leave for a good portion of the book, and even when he is “present” he really isn’t at the forefront of the story.  It feels as though the author is pivoting in the series, trying to take it a different way but what that is, isn’t clear even at the end.   

Of itself, that would be OK, but the story line is pretty weak.  I am not usually great at figuring out “who done it” – I like to be lead and mis-lead (except for those books where you know from page one, which is a different type of read for me) and willingly follow the author down the trail of breadcrumbs.  In this story, where there are multiple cases to be solved, I figured out the culprits way in advance of the reveal.   I will say that the disintegration of the primary killer’s personality was fascinating, and terrifying at the same time, and was portrayed well.  But another was very poorly done – introduced in such a laughably transparent way that they could only be a perpetrator.

I found the increasingly peculiar and brutal methods used by the main killer a bit gorier than I would like, and not entirely believable.  I always thought that serial killers had a pattern to killing each victim but this was all over the place.  It was as though the author wanted to simply provide shock content.   

But the biggest disappointment was half way through when Ava and Luc finally “get together”.  The sex scene (I TOLD you there were spoilers) was a surprise in terms of details, and set up the betrayal scene perfectly.  Except the betrayal made no sense whatsoever.  None.  And though it is revisited multiple times, none of the explanations were the least bit convincing.  To me, this is a “jump the shark” moment, to the extent that I’m not sure I’d read the next one.
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Helen Fields never fails mind! I never want this series to end as I have invested so much in Ava and Luc and all of the other characters because of Helens writing and how engaging it is. I was so excited when I thought they were going to get together and I really hope they’re not going to play with my emotions! Make it happen!!!! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and Avon for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Another strong book in the 'Perfect' series.  I enjoyed this as much as the earlier books and look forward to reading more tales of DI Callanach's endeavours.
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Another great read.  Good story just like others..ready for next one.  Good twist in story which I didnt see coming
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loved it. Ava and Luc are great partners.  The strange suicides in town are questionable as if to murder or suicide. The more Ava and Luc investigate the more they are in peril.  Some of the murders where very inventive.

The killer is closer than they think to the investigation.  The killlers mind is very twisted, in as he believes he is really an animal.
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This is the first book that I read from the series and I must say that I'm impressed with the author.

I was totally surprised with how the crime was created. I liked the combination of Luc and Ava there is real chemistry between the two! I can't wait to read the Perfect Dark!

I was happy that I guessed who the killer was even before he left some clues but the other murderer with DI Callanach's case, I was blown away! Wow!
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Callanach and Turner struggle to link the deaths together, very careful planned murders to look like suicide., all very different. An exciting read from beginning to end with many twists and turns. Set in beautiful Edinburgh this psychopathic murder is out and about under cover.
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Perfect Crime was awesome right from the start. Even though I haven't read any of the other books in the series, I still ended up adoring D.I. Luc Callanach after just a few chapters.

The story itself was absolutely thrilling. I had a slight inkling as to who the killer was at the beginning, but the author managed to sway my opinion with the turn of events. I even suspected one of the officers for a brief period. But in the end, my earlier suspicion proved to be correct.

I loved that there were two cases going on simultaneously, especially since one of them was concerned with D.I. Luc personally. Nothing makes a mystery better than some emotional investment! 😂

All in all, I loved Perfect Crime and I'll be looking forward to reading more books from the D.I. Callanach series.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, from the start I was hooked and couldn't wait to see where the story went! In the least creepy way of course. It always seems a little bit odd to be eager to get stuck into stories of murders and those who investigate them, and yet humanity is consistently intrigued. In the case of this series, the stories just get better as the series go, never predictable or repetitive, but thoroughly engaging and addictive.
As with any crime Series, although the book could be read as a standalone,I would wholeheartedly recommend that you start at the beginning. You gain a much fuller understanding of the Characters and interactions ongoing throughout the story, though you wouldn't be unable to follow it without doing so, you would miss out on a lot of the emotion and interactions between the Characters. The Characters themselves have a wonderful depth, but as with anything... If you start in the middle, you tend to lose some of the effect.
Assuming now that you either HAVE read previous books, or that you aren't bothered about reading out of order *shudders* .. Getting back to Callanach and Turner was wonderful, I love the Characters that Helen has created. They're wonderfully complex and surprising in so many ways, yet even when they surprise you their actions are logical and true to Character. I never find myself wondering why they are acting a particular way, rather I find myself rolling my eyes at their attitudes, snickering at the by-play or shaking my head. I love seeing how they interact with each other, how they relate to one another throughout the story. This is a duo that you miss as soon as you turn the last page.
The story-line as ever is very cleverly thought out and put together, none of the information seems superfluous, rushed or skipped. Instead we are given just enough information to keep us guessing, keep us on the edge of our seat, minds whirling whilst we try to beat the Author to the reveal. I have yet to beat Helen to it, and I have a tonne of fun trying to guess! The added dimension of the killers perspective is Dark, dangerous, and just that bit uncomfortable. It keeps you gripped in the story-line, and keeps the story flicking in your mind like a movie. The descriptions are wonderfully terrible, and by that I mean they're so well done it feels like you could reach out and touch the victims. WONDERFUL talent, but wow. Just wow. Not always comfortable, and yet 'Perfect' for the Genre.
Alongside another twisty and turny Crime novel in the series, I loved that we got some insights from thoughts in previous books. We see Callanach dealing with a personal investigation, and as with any issues in life that has the potential to effect work, but it's so much more in this case. We get to know our central characters that bit better. If you already love the series, then you're going to absolutely adore the newest addition to it, it's full of emotion and edged of the seat tension and ties up various loose ends with Callanach personally, giving insights and explanations and just generally making us adore the characters more. There are various topics that come up, and a multitude of new hurdles for our characters to overcome, both in their personal lives and that of their investigations.
The book is full of scenes to make you laugh, gasp, cringe, smirk and generally experience a range of emotions you might expect from a cleverly written and thoroughly engaging Crime Series. I can't think of anything I would want to add to this series! I have been glued to each instalment and will be eagerly, perhaps a tad impatiently, awaiting the next book!
If you aren't a Fan yet, you will be once you start reading!
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I enjoyed this book till about 60% through. The killer had miraculously named himself and was killing people for no reason and it was a bit dull towards the end. If it had stayed how the rest of the book was it would get more stars.
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I loved Perfect Crime. It was so well drawn and pacey: I immediately bought all of the other 'Perfect' books by Helen Fields, and can't wait to read them. That said, it worked well as a stand alone, and I didn't feel left in the dark by the fact that I was coming to the series new at book 5. I'd absolutely recommend it to friends who enjoy police procedurals.
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I love the PERFECT series by Helen Fields and book 5, Perfect Crime was the absolute best of the series so far! I now can't wait for the next book. I adore Helen's characterisations. It is the characters I am invested in. The relationship between Luc and Ava. The bizarre relationship between Lively and "Daisy". And all the while some great crimes keep you turning the pages as well. If you haven't yet read this series I'd highly recommend it to you. It's one of the best out there. I don't miss a book and this didn't disappoint.
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Perfect Crime was definitely an interesting read. It’s a bit of a psychological thriller and love story. The characters are well developed, the plot was easy to follow but intricate and it will keep you questioning until the end. 
I was disappointed in the ending because it just stops and you’re not really sure why. It sounds like there might be a sequel, but I wasn’t sure. For that reason, I’m giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.
This was a dark book, which I love, but also had strong, emotional, supportive relationships throughout the whole story.
Highly recommend picking up this book, just don’t read before bed, it might keep you up all night.
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I didn’t like this book as much as I liked book 4.  I did like that Ava and Luc’s relationship finally took a big step forward.  I didn’t like the suicide and mental illness aspect of the story though.
If suicide or mental illness are triggers for you, this is not the book for you.  I struggled to finish this book because of how much the story focuses on these topics.
ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Rune Maclure, a suicide prevention counselor, is trying to talk Stephen Berry down from the Queensferry Crossing bridge. His bipolar disorder is making him feel too depressed to go on.
Despite a heckler in the crowd egging him on while watching, the skillful Rune is able to convince Stephen to come down.
But less than a week later, Detective Inspector Luc Callanach and Detective Chief Inspector Ava Turner are investigating Stephen's death, having fallen from a tower at Tantallon Castle. Was he pushed, or did he finally kill himself?
When two other cases come up involving suspicious circumstances during possible suicides, it looks as though a killer is targeting victims in Edinburgh.
This is an excellent police procedural thriller. The crimes are dark and ghastly with some monstrous ingredients.
Callanach and Turner's friendship/romance has alot of sparks flying between them, the two have great chemistry!
An interesting cast of characters that work well together and lighten the story with some humor.
There are many different facets to the story that kept me fascinated!
This is the first book I've read in the series and though I don't usually like to read them out of order, this still works well  as a stand alone for me.
Looking forward to reading more in the series.
Thank you to HarperCollins and NetGalley for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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A series that I am adding onto my TBR!

I loved the suspense, the plot, the characters...everything kept me turning pages and devouring this book.

A fabulous read!
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As a new reader of the Di callanach books they started off well. The last book disappointed me and I had hopes this one would redeem itself. It started off well but the personal issues of Luc are not something I can relate to and threw me out of the story a bit.
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