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The Cornish Cream Tea Bus: Part One – Don’t Go Baking My Heart

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An amusing start to this series of novellas that will eventually make up The Cornish Cream Tea Bus. This was again a perfect choice for me, I needed something lighthearted and this was it. I love Marmite the dog already and enjoy that the author always includes at least one dog in her books. I can't wait to get my hands on the next part so I can find out what happens. The area of Porthgolow sounds amazing and I liked that the author helped me conjure up images of the Cornish coastline. I think I will now wait until the rest of the books are released so I can read in one go, as just when it was getting started it finished.
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This book was great but I was sad when it finished so I can’t wait to read the next one and see wha happens with Charlie’s new adventure. It really leaves the reader to want more and read the next books
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This is the first Cressida McLaughlin book I have read, and definitely won't be the last. I cannot wait for the next instalment to see how Charlie gets on with her new venture in Gertie. I really warmed to the characters, and can picture the beautiful Cornish costal village, as well as cute Marmite the dog. I am intrigued by the mermaid story and look forward to learning more. Although instalments, which I am not always so keen on, I loved the story and will be waiting to read more.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I adored the story line and loved the main characters.  I read this book in one sitting and would highly recommend this book.
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Definitely the beginning of a great series, made me want to read the rest right now! Charlie is feisty and I really want to see how the relationship with Daniel develops. Recommended summer read, thanks
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This was a good ‘short’ story or it seemed to be short as I whizzed through it!

I really enjoyed everything about this book, the cover was lovely and it was a very enjoyable, easy read and I thought that the characters were well developed and I loved getting to know them.

This was an excellent start to a new mini-series and I can’t wait to find out what happens in book 2! It is 5 stars from me for this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it – 5 stars!!
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So I’m going to just say it. I have a few of Cressida’s novels on my Kindle but part one of the Cornish Cream Tea Bus – Don’t Go Baking My Heart is the first I have read, which makes me feel bad but wow what a treat and what a starting point.
I’ve on/off been reading but yesterday I managed to finish part one and I thought it was best to pen my thoughts before diving into part two. These shorts are aiding my reading alongside my hardback – which annoyingly isn’t on Audible yet as I found out yesterday to my dismay.
From the start I really warmed to Charlie and her story. Her connection to her late uncle really made me think of my grandparents – our stories weren’t nowhere near the same but I shared a love or reading with my grandad and a love of film with my Nan. My do I miss them and books like this are heartwarming and nostalgic.
I loved how she wanted to keep her uncles Gertie alive but did so in a way that was part of her. Old and new – keeping her uncles pride and joy and introducing her passion to reinvent the bus and for her to be able to make it work. I loved seeing how taken she was with the task and seeing if she could make it happen. The first event was an eye opener but I loved her can-do spirit when she stepped back from the situation – I honestly believe this is something we should all do from time to time – and this is definitely a lesson I should be listening to and taking note.
I haven’t been to Cornwall in a long time and I have never visited Porthgolow but wow I loved the way Cressida described the town and I think there are probably many seaside towns that need that revitalisation. I regularly visit Dymchurch in Kent with the family and that’s looked tired at times it’s always nice to see new businesses pop up and renovations to happen when we return most years. I also adore Salou in Spain I haven’t been for a few years and sadly it doesn’t look like I will get there this year. At times that’s also needed a boost and a refresh – although for me they are always places I feel at home and calm so I will always visit but there needs to be change to see tourism boom.

I don’t have enough me time but Charlie sure is something else. When she relented and took her best friends advice I was chuffed for her. Charlie getting to Cornwall sure was a journey and some feat. The characters she encounters in Porthgolow are something else although I can’t work out Daniel and I’m pretty sure most people will say the same thing – as I believe that is part of Cressida’s thought process too.

There have been some bumps along the way in inheriting Gertie but wow what a journey in part one. One event that was eventful and then the trip to Porthgolow where Gertie undertakes a major transformation I love all the little things that have been put into the bus really giving it a touristy and nostalgic feeling. It’s like she’s thought of absolutely every trick in the book even down to mementos.

Part one ended with Charlie feeling extremely positive and upbeat for her Summer and for her future with Gertie a major part of it. I finished this part giddy to know more as it was left making me wonder but I knew I had to get my thoughts in order before I continued on this seaside journey.

One thing I will say is in devouring part one I want all the cake and I could murder a hot scone and a good coffee. In reading this you will get hungry, you have been warned.
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I enjoyed the way the book interested me right from the start and enjoyed reading how the Cornish Cream Tea Bus venture came about. The Cornish setting was perfect as I could imagine the wonderful coves and beach  as described and the characters were interesting and I felt had stories to tell themselves, especially the reclusive lady who lived in the primrose yellow house.
I’ve not read any of Cressida’s books before but I have already purchased book 2 in the series, The Eclair Affair and look forward to reading this and the next two in the series to see what happens to Charlie and what adventures she gets up to with Gertie the bus.
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Love, love love this! I adore Cressida’s books and was thrilled that the next series is about a cream tea bus. I’ve been on the afternoon tea bus in London and think it’s a lovely idea.
As usual, her characters are very well written and you bond with them so quickly. And of course, there’s the usual addition of a cute dog.
Looking forward to part 2 to see what happens next...
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I loved this from start to finish, yet another in putdownable book from the lovely Cressida McLaughlin  😍
Dying to find out what happens next
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Loved this book. Great characters, easy read, uplifting, funny, romantic and charming. A really nice story that is the perfect sumer read.
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What a heartwarming scrumptious read this was an absolute joy. I can't wait to read part 2vand continue Charlie's journey
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This is only the first part of ‘The Cornish Cream Tea Bus’ but I know from just reading the first part I will love the full story. 

We meet Charlie who works really hard in The Cafe on the Hill, so much so she never takes a break. Her boss and best friend Juliette finally persuaded her to take a break and stay with Juliette in the seaside village of Porthgolow. She travels there with her dog Marmite (he sounds so cute!) in a bus that she inherited from her uncle. Charlie has some ambitious plans to turn the bus into a cafe. Well what could possibly go wrong? 

Before Charlie even travels to stay with Juliette there was so much drama packed into the first few chapters. The storyline is quite emotional to start with as we see Charlie and her family grieving. However Cressida soon picks up the mood of the story when we get to the interesting seaside village of Porthgolow. I for one loved how Cressida introduced the various characters to the story such as Juliette and Lawrence. Some very unique people who live and work in the village and not forgetting the mysterious Daniel! 

I found Cressida’s writing witty and there were moments I found myself smiling as I was reading. I am definitely intrigued to know what will happen next so now I’m off to request the second part of this beautifully written story. I don’t often read a book in parts however I just couldn’t possibly wait for the full book to be published! 😊 I give ‘The Cornish Cream Tea Bus- Don’t Go Baking My Heart’ a very deserving 5*/5* ❤️ 

Thank you to HarperCollins for an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley.
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A lovely first installment of a new series. A vintage double decker bus, freshly baked cakes and a small dog - what is there not to like. What will develop with Daniel? Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next installment already. Love Cressidas writing - she writes the most perfect feel good stories.
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I love the charming cover of this story, but why is the bus on the cover a single-decker, when Gertie is supposed to be a Routemaster double-decker bus? This slight confusion aside, this is a promising start to a new series set in Cornwall, perfect for the holiday season.

Charlie had a special connection with her uncle when he dies and leaves her, his bus, she knows she has to keep it, but can she do something with it? Her first attempt is gutsy but fraught with difficulty, but with the help of some positive comments from her mysterious stranger, she tries again in Cornwall.

The characters are warm and real, and even though baking, tea shops and coastal Cornish settings are well used in literature, the bus adds a different dimension that gives the series, the promise of originality. There is a conflict with the upmarket spa and a delicate balancing act to win the approval of the locals. This promises to have humour, romance and a lovely holiday setting. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins - Harper Fiction via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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A delightful start to a new series.Charming warm full of wonderful characters romance Cornwall as a setting hope the next episode is published very soon.#netgalley #harpercollinsuk
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I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to the next ones in the series.

Charlie works as a bakery in a little cafe on a hill, she loves her job and loves baking.  She has a Little yorkipoo called Marmite who is adorable!

Charlie is left her uncles double decker bus, and although she doesn’t want to gives tour of the area like he did, she also can’t part with it.  With a broken relationship and a broken heart from losing her uncle she decides that she is going to turn the bus into a tea room!

She moves into a little village in Cornwall with her best friend and plans to open her business, not all the villagers are friendly, but she is determined to make it work.  Even the very handsome owner of the spa hotel has his doubts, but turns up at her grand opening!

The big question is, can Charlie make it work and move forward with her life?
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I absolutely adored this, it’s a fun, fast read. The characters are loveable, warm and appealing. I loved Charlie so much and Marmite looks like he’s going to be lots of mischief ! My only criticism it ending too soon and I have to wait for part two. Another wonderful, entertaining read by Cressida, if you need something to make you smile, to feel warm inside pick up one of her books.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Wow I just loved every minute of part one of Cressida McLaughlin's new series The Cornish Cream Tea Bus. I knew from the first two or three pages that this book was special and that I was going to thoroughly enjoy it. I got that buzz, which seems to be rarer for me these days, and feeling more or less instantaneously that Charlie Quilter's story was one which was going to really get under my skin and not let go until I have read the final word. I say read the final word because as this is only part one, I still have three more sections to savour and enjoy. Although taking your time with this story is not an option given its short length and the fact that you want to keep rapidly turning the pages to see what is going to happen. The only fault I found with the story is with the title, although I think it is quirky, and I totally get the reference to the famous song where it connects to part one I wasn't sure at all or did I totally miss something? But aside from that and let's face it the title didn't really impact on me or affect my reading of the story I found part one to be an excellent read.

Why did I love my introduction to Charlie so much? Several reasons, the first being the wonderful descriptions that the author is known for. She has this unique ability to describe things so well without endless detail. A paragraph or two may suffice as every word is chosen with care and the images created easily slip into your mind so you feel that you are there alongside Charlie as she takes a brave new step in her life. Another reason I quickly embraced this story is that there was literally no messing around with pointless back story or filler in scenes just to set up the overall plot of the book. I find this a regular occurrence in books which have been split into parts and therefore some parts are far stronger than others. Thankfully this wasn't the case here at all, we were straight into the action and the reader could easily keep track of what was going on as in another bonus there wasn't a heap of characters introduced all at once. Which then results in you struggling to keep track of who is who and what is actually going on with them. No, the author got straight down to business and I was so thankful for that because it meant part one was action packed with no lulls and so much occurring. Yes, I think I know already what final direction the story may venture in but who cares it's more about the journey and experiencing all this with Charlie. The romance element has popped up fairly early on but I'm sure the will they/won't they aspect will flow through the three remaining parts.

Charlie receives a letter from her Uncle Hal following his death which informs her that she has inherited his old bus Gertie, a 1960's Routemaster, a double decker which was his pride and joy although it is badly need of refurbishment. He tells her to live her life to the full as you only get one chance and to make the most of any opportunities that are presented to her and to always do what is right for her. Wise words but will Charlie taken them to heart. Charlie is devastated by the loss of Hal and questions is there any point in taking his advice but following an incident at a local festival where really she only had the best of intentions Charlie decides to leave her home town and take up her friends Juliette's offer. She decides to come and stay with her in the coastal Cornish village of Porthgolow and with her comes Gertie who she then decides to have refurbished. Having worked at a local café in her home town Charlie has the clever idea of turning the bus into a mobile café -The Cornish Cream Tea Bus. As soon as it is ready she has given herself the challenge of turning the fortunes of Porthgolow around.

I thought it was brilliant that we didn't have the usual Cornish village bustling with tourists and things going so well during the summer months that the residents could afford to sit back a little during the winter months. Despite its charm and the picturesque coastline, Porthgolow was a village in trouble and being an outsider looking in Charlie could see this. It gave fuel to the fire which had already been ignited when she created the challenge for herself to transform the bus and make a go of things. She feels she can do the same for the village but would the residents prefer to stumble along the way they have for so long. It's a beautiful place that is not being truly loved and showcased, Charlie feels that she is an asset and meant to be there. She can see such potential and visualise how everyone's fortunes could change but with a huge, luxury hotel recently opened nearby is she battling against the big guns and will it be to no avail.

I loved the introduction of some of the residents of Porthgolow. There was just enough information about them to arouse my interest and I was glad to see that they weren't all rammed down our throats on a single page. I sense we'll get to know a lot more about them in the remaining parts similar to the way Charlie will become more familiar with them now she has made the decision to stay and make a go of things. I thought she was mature and brave to realise and come to an understanding that up until this point she had been doing too much at once, that she needs time to rest and to heal and by getting away from everything she will hopefully find the new perspective she desperately needs. By doing this, arriving in Porthgolow and seeing things from an outsider's perspective, she becomes determined to turn things around and has given herself the challenge which she didn't realise she needed which will ultimately help her in the healing process. I for one can't wait to see how she will set about achieving this.

Part Two The Eclair Affair publishes at the end of June and I will be first in the queue to read it. I don't think I have been buzzing so much about a book from Cressida since the Primrose Terrace series, although I have loved them all, but everything was just so brilliant and the vibe and atmosphere emanating from the book was one to be savoured.
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A great start to a series and leaves you wanting to know what’s next. Can’t wait for the next installment now!
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