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I left this one too long to download so I ended up getting it on amazon instead because I just HAD to read it! The cover and title are just so cute and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling just by looking at it. The story didn't disappoint either - great characters., a cute storyline, plenty of humour. Would definitely read this author again!
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I love a feel good read and this was a book I really enjoyed it was a great feel good story with a little mystery mixed with romance.

On a couple of occasions the storyline was really interesting and left me wondering how the characters would deal with this turn of events and then the chapter felt like it ended without the explanation I was expecting. I feel the author could have given a little more content here to conclude the chapter and make the most of the storyline.

Overall a great book that I found interesting with characters that made me feel like I wanted to visit so I could meet them as I felt I knew them so well.
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It took me a while to get into this book as I found it difficult to remember the names of all of the Icelandic characters. I’m glad I persevered as it’s a beautifully written story and has made me more determined than ever to visit Iceland one day.
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I've had Iceland on my bucket list for the longest time. This has rely spurred me on.

It's a lovely and heart warming story. But  there are also times where it could do with a little more editing and shortening. I found the story interesting, but a little long at times.
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This series is a wonderful journey!  It's cosy, fun, warm, funny...I just love all of the books!

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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This is the first of Julie Caplin‘ s books where I didn’t ‘gel’ with the main characters straight away - in fact, I might go as far as to say I didn’t like Lucy at the start. However, as I got more embroiled in the story I loved all the people in the Northern Lights Lodge (well maybe not Clive and Bob) and was sad to see it end. 

Lucy is desperate - she thought she had it all, a fantastic job and a great boyfriend but it’s all been whipped away from under her feet and now she is single, homeless and unemployed. When the agency put her name forward for a temporary job in Iceland she is nervous but can’t wait to escape. However, when she arrives it seems they were not expecting her quite yet and she gets off to a somewhat shaky start. She needs this job and has two months to turn the Lodge around and get those all important glowing trip advisor reviews. 

All of the staff at the Lodge sounded like such good fun once we were properly introduced. Love love love the girl bonding with Hekla, Brynja and Elin. And Alex (whom we first met in Paris) pretending to be a barman - class!!! 

Again, Caplin captures the sights, sounds and smells of Iceland perfectly within the words in the book so much so you feel you are there with them all. Lots of funny goings on but is it the huldufolk (like elves) or someone closer to home? 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced read copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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Thanks to NetGalley for an early copy in return for an honest review
A very good read and one I can highly recommend to others. 
I could not put this down.
Thoroughly enjoyable with an amazing cast of characters that you cannot help but engage with.
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If your reading likes include romance, delicious food, stunning settings and believable characters, the Northern Lights Lodge is the perfect book for you. The fourth book in the #Romantic Escapes series, it tells the story of Lucy and Alex as they fall under the spell of the Northern Lights in Iceland.
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I DNFed this title.

As much fun as I had with the previous three, I've been bored through 33% of this book, and I'm done trying to force myself through it. I was waiting until the ship kicked off to see if that made a difference, but I don't feel anything for these two. Without that, it's hard to ignore the lack of editing, which is why I'm bowing out of the book and series.
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Far too many typos and errors, so off-putting I had to force myself to read on. This book took me eleven days to read which is so much longer than it should. Not this author's best, I'm afraid.
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Fantastic, feel good, hygge imbibed read. The setting is amazing and the story itself has structure and intrigue, unfolding like a big snuggly blanket around you. I’ve read the series so far and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. The whole cast of new characters were a joy to get to know and I hope the feature in future books. 

Thank you Netgalley
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Fun. Fab, feelgood, romance at its best. This book will make you want to see the northern lights in the fresh. Loved it.
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A girl who is slut shamed by an ex feels she must exile herself and moves to Iceland to work at a remote B&B. There she helps turn things around for this lodge, everyone seems to inexplicably like her, she finds love and everything works out great.

I kind of liked this book although it was weirdly structured, too fluffy and yet racy. It would take turn I didn't expect in that regard, when it seemed to switch genre. The obstacles were way too easily written in and out, everything worked out much too easily, but it was a nice light read.
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This is the fourth book in the series of Romantic Escapes by Julie that I have read and so very pleased to say it was in the same wonderful league as the others, so good in fact that I finished it over four nights, staying awake later than I should just to ‘read one more chapter’.
This story is based in Iceland, where Lucy has taken up a job as General Manager of the Northern Lights Lodge as she was struggling to get a job in England due to being dismissed from her previous job.
Alex is there working undercover as a barman, working on behalf of the man due to buy the Lodge, and finds Lucy very attractive from the first moment he meets her, even though she’s soaking wet after a dip in a hot tub, for reasons I will let you read about.
I was whisked away to being in Iceland when Julie used descriptions such as ‘It was like being in an inside out snow globe, huge snow flakes floating down like feathers, in a slow waltz they danced and whirled, hit the glass with tiny pftt, pfft sounds as the ice crystals splatted against the surface’. In my mind’s eye I was in that room at the lodge watching the snow fall and hearing it against the window watching it settle all around.
The thing I love about Julie’s writing is the fact that I always add another place I would like to visit on my list as they way she describes places in so much wonderful detail I want to be there. The characters are also always brought to life and I can picture them so clearly it’s as if I have a picture of them.
This novel is about love but also about getting back self esteem and building new friendships  in a fantastic setting!
One small niggle for me however was that there were a few grammatical errors which although didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book probably needs to be ironed out.
I can’t wait for The Secret Cove of Croatia which is due out in July as that will be top of my list to read.
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All the characters in this book were so good, Lucy and Alex were just great together. The author has the essence of who her characters are and portrays them well. From the beautiful descriptions, I really want to go to Iceland as long as I find a hotel like the one I read about. Love, humour an food what else do you need
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I was totally drawn into this book and enjoyed exploring Iceland alongside the characters.
Lucy recently lost her job and accepts a temporary management position in a hotel in Iceland that offers Northern Lights experiences. She needs to increase her chances of gaining future employment after a harrowing time at her last company. Her arrival at the hotel made me smile!
She is determined to turn the hotel around, despite some Icelandic folklore seeming to hamper her endeavours. I love the way she deals with the staff. The gorgeous barman appears to have more about him than she expects, and between them they help organise alongside visiting local landmarks together. He sounds very easy on the eye.
She manages to gain the trust of her staff but still feels that there is an underlying problem somewhere. Will she be able to make a success of this hotel before her contract comes to an end?
I loved the hygge references, it made me want to snuggle up in a cosy blanket, with a huge mug of hot chocolate watching the skies for the Northern Lights. My daughter visited Iceland last year and this made the setting so familiar to me. I’d seen lots of lovely photos and heard so much about the terrain and the weather that I could really imagine myself there booking a room at the Lodge.

I can’t wait to see where Julie transports us in her next book.
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Loved this book!! Now I want to go visit Iceland. Loved all the scenic descriptions, everything sounded beautiful. Not sure I would have enjoyed the glacier hike, especially if I had Lucy's horrible experience. The book was a fun read. I loved the story, characters and writing style. It took awhile, but when Lucy finally revealed why she was fired I couldn't believe it. Her boyfriend was absolutely horrible and so were her bosses. The reason behind it were crazy and they put all the blame on her. I figured someone had to be behind the huldufólk problems. I wasn't sure who it was going to be but I was hoping it wasn't going to be someone Lucy became friends with. I will give the person props for being creative. What Lucy and Alex found in the hot tub was quite funny and the animal seemed to enjoy herself. She was swimming around and enjoying the warm water. Loved the women Lucy worked with at the lodge. They helped her overcome what happened to her and became great friends with her. They were all very open and free, especially before going in the hot springs. Loved the ending but was also sad that the book was over. I would definitely read a sequel.

Definitely recommend the book. Not only was the book funny, but I also fell in love with all the characters. They seemed like people I would want to be friends with. This was the first book I read by the author and I can't wait to read more. I loved the cover of the book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harper Impulse and Killer Reads through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Oh wow I absolutely loved this book and was gutted when I finished it!
The book tells the story of Lucy, smart by name and smart by nature. She’s recently been fired from her job after an unfortunate mishap at work involving her manipulative boyfriend.
Keen to make a fresh start and with the only job she can get being in Iceland she sets off unaware of what awaits her.
What does await her is a magical environment (quite literally), beautiful friendships and her true love! With a few bumps along the way we see Lucy open up and finally find the one, but is everything as it seems with Alex....
As I said, amazing book and now I’m yearning to visit Iceland.
Please write more of the story of Lucy and Alex. 
Five stars :-D
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Another excellent book from the author. 
It’s nice to read a book that is set in Iceland that isn’t a murder mystery or thriller. 
This book is a perfect poolside read and I can not wait for her next book
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I have become a fan of Julie Caplin. I love going to new locations. In this book I find myself in Iceland. I have read and heard about the country before but being described through the eyes of a visitor as our main character Lucy, makes the location a bit more real. This is a continuation of previous book series, yet, a very stand alone book. A tiny mystery, a romance, friendship, fun and great read.
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