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Sensuous (Sinful Surrender Quartet, Book 2)

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This series is seriously amazing! I have tried to get all of them on here! They are so good and yes you need to read them. Katherine in killing it on this story! This is book 2 so make sure you read book one before reading this. I highly recommend do that because there are some things you need to know before entering this book!
This series has me wanting more with each book!!
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4 sexy suspenseful stars

I can't get enough of this series!!!! It goes beyond a simple romance, it's got so many different layers. 

The suspense!!!!! Ah, the suspense is killing me!!!!!

Sensuous started right where Sinful ended. 
Hanging onto the edge of a MAJOR cliff. Once that got sorted, the drama continued, not letting up for even one page.

Alex and Zander are both such great characters. I feel my loyalties being split in two on every page.

I just feel that the covers of this series shows nothing about its depth.

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Betrayal and cliffhangers. That is where we left off in Sinful's startling conclusion. This is why I was so eager to dive straight into the second installment, Sensuous. It was calling my name from the minute I finished the first book and I was so thrilled that I had the entire series in the palm of my hands. The Sinful Surrender quartet begs to be read all at once because of its inexplicably enthralling combination of chemistry, darkness and compulsively readable plot twists.

Katherine Hawthorne engrossed me with the qualities that Sinful possessed. The novel was mysterious, intriguing, sexy and full of dangerous plotlines. It was everything I didn't know I wanted from a story. Sensuous had a lot to live up to because of this. Mostly, I had questions. MANY questions. MANY desires. And I was ready to hop back into the exhilaration that is Belle, Xander and Sin's lives.

Hawthorne easily draws us back into the thick of things. She wastes no time in developing the story further and tangles readers up in the web that is Sensuous. The inability to put down this book is intoxicating to its readers--you tremble with the want to continue. Just one more page. Just one more chapter. Just one more mystery unraveled. Just one more new question to be asked.

While book one sets up the groundwork and mysteries for the remainder of the Sinful Surrender series, this book took readers on an even deeper journey. With the strength of betrayal from its predecessor, and the development of a complex polyamorous relationship we've only just begun to understand, there were so many things going on with this installment. Hawthorne develops the mystery in a way that is artful in comparison to her counterparts in the genre; the spotlight is shared, the genres mix together seamlessly, and readers are left breathless once more.

Sensuous lives up to its name, too. The sinful and dark moments that came before are slowly building into something potent, unforgettable and darkly woven. Hawthorne's characters are just as unexpected as ever. The steamy scenes raise themselves off of the page and leave us dizzy with anticipation of what's to come. Sinful was erotic and twisted itself into our consciousness, but Sensuous takes things to the next level.

And the danger? Hoo, boy. The danger is as present as ever. Belle's need for truth grows stronger in each installment and as more doors close, dozens more open with more and more questions behind them.

Much like with book one, there's an intensely erotic quality to Sensuous but its biggest strength lay not in the romance but the mystery. Hawthorne writes both erotic romance and action packed mystery and crimes expertly. She portrays her characters as they are meant to be: complex, flawed, individuals who are tied together in many ways.

There were a few flaws, however, to this installment that made me cringe a bit outwardly, and I struggled with what I wanted to rate it as, for various reasons. The novel was solid, but I can't lie to you guys and say that there was nothing that bothered me. Sensuous was near perfect if not for some scenes between Belle and Sin that could have--should have--been portrayed a little better/differently. Hawthorne's story is exactly as she meant to write it, and there's no denying that, so this is more of a personal preference thing that brought down my rating a little bit.

Ultimately, Sensuous was an entertaining installment that left me wanting to read the next book immediately after. (So, I did.) The Sinful Surrender quartet truly demands to be read in quick succession of each installment.
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Really enjoyed the suspenseful plot of the book and everything else was a bonus. 

Quick to read and lots of action.  

An exciting instalment to this series.  Looking forward to #3.
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I’m reviewing the trilogy together because i loved them so much i read them back to back without a break, and separating particular points between the three would be near impossible!

But the fact that i needed to read them so much I didn’t stop just goes to show how much I enjoyed these! So steamy they’re almost lava, these stories are twisty in all the right places, and the chemistry between the characters may just make your ebook self combust! 

Great storyline that surprises the reader at various points, individual characters and gorgeously hot hot sex scenes, these were absolutely brilliant!
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So, book one ended on a cliff-hanger and I pushed myself to start this one because otherwise I would have taken months to get back to it (better to get it done and dusted, I guess) and eh.

Like, sure, the writing was good but I didn't stick around for the romance – I stuck around for the crime. But even then, that was walking this thin line of "yeah it could happen but really, would it happen like this?"

I didn't really like our MC thorughout the whole thing either – she was early twenties, but did things that made me think she was still a teenager? She's a police detective but doesn't think things through or pay attention, and constantly jumps to her own conclusions without finding out all the facts.

I don't really have words for the guys. They don't really make sense.  They're "as close as brothers" and don't want to share but inevitably do share. And then they're both characters that do these weird af 180º personality changes? And sometimes stuff happens that so obscure that it just assumes you understand some weird backstory about their childhood (which might have been explained but I might have skimmed it a bit)

I like a good romance – polyamorpous romance doesn't even bother me, you do you but this one was not for me. Maybe this one is for you though (if you're 18+)

1.75/5 (it's getting this because I could see potential)
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So I was a little hesitant to pickup the second book (mostly for to the main character), but the story ended in such a cliffhanger that I had to know what happened next. I really hate rating low, but this woman is supposed to be smart, a police officer, a grown woman (>23yo), and taken care of herself for years yet she acts like a child. She is indecisive and makes poor decisions. The plot is interesting but the characters so no growth what so ever. In fact, the men lose growth around this woman. I won't be continuing on with this series just because I really want to smack someone right now. I usually never get this worked up either. Ladies, get me a fan cause I need to call down. Sorry, if offend. I really think those had potential, but was derailed by a bratty female lead. 😣

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I wasn't so sure this series is for me. I was optimistic after reading the summary, also because I like the author. I just could not get through this.
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The second outing in the Sinful Surrender series continues with the expansion of both the relationship(s) between the 3 main characters and the mystery that surrounds the possible murder of Belle's parents.  The romance is scorching hot and very well written which is unfortunately not a common element found in a lot of menage romances.  That said I did have some issues with the 'relationship' aspects as the men went overboard trying to prove their alpha male statuses.  I also thought that Belle's character came across slightly weaker than in 'Sinful' and she allowed Xander and Sin to overwhelm her; I would like for her to stand up to them more.  But overall I enjoyed the read and was excited to read the next outing in the saga!

Thank you to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to R&R, all opinions are my own.
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The second story in the series hots up with its emotional, erotic sexiness.

It's murder mystery of lies and betrayal. All blended into a sensuous, fast paced immersion of a good story, with not one, but two hero's.

Well written, for our enjoyment.

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This book picks up where the first ended. The powerful trio, Sin, Xander, and Belle. She is still looking for the truth but who can she trust? Nothing is as it seemed in the beginning. They both love her, the chemistry between them is smoking hot, but the secrets are going to tear them apart. There is a lot of drama and crime full of suspense that had me glued to the book. We finally get some answers and mystery is partially solved, the secrets are revealed.  
It bothered me that she is still making immature decisions.  I hoped she would develop more through this book, but I guess she needs more time. Both of her men are intense and there are some nice menage scenes. The drama is a bit over the top but it was still a great book and I will definitely read the next one to.
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Who saw all that coming! This book was action packed. Concussions, kidnapping, murders, fires and much more. But the underlying story is one of love. You wonder the whole time who is she in love with and then can she let herself be happy with both. The ending is gut wrenching and makes me want to grab someone by their hair and pull them around. 
Received this for an honest review! How this for honest, I want more!
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4.5 Stars  Intense, and Suspenseful!

This is the second book in the Sinful Surrender Quartet, and the continuation of Xander, Sin, and Belle's twisted story.   This is another amazing installment in this series, the characters continue to captivate, and pull me in  The chemistry that is between these three is palpable, and explosive, keeping me holding my breath.  This is an intense read, suspenseful, mysterious, action-packed, twisted, dramatic, and emotional  I can't wait to read the next book in the series.  4.5 Stars
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This is the second book in this excellent series and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it having read the first one, I read this one back to back, literally as soon as book 1 was complete I had jumped in to read this one, Sensuous!

I thought that it was excellent and the story keeps getting better and better for me as it progresses.  As I said with the first book, this is a series that has to be read in order, you can't just start part way though the series as if you do you will be missing out on a lot of content and the underlying themes that run through the series. 

The characters are excellent and I can't wait to read the third book in this fantastic series, the pace and action are really building up and it has made for an unputdownable read!!.

I loved them all so far and cannot recommend them highly enough! 
It is 5 stars from me for this one without any hesitation!!
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OMG.... This book will get you hooked from the first page. i was intrigue by the story i binge read this book and got the following 2 books  as soon as i was done. Sin, Xander and Belle are lovers that want to protect each other at all cost no matter the danger. I love reading about this characters and their everyday life as a policeman and woman and also a secret agent and rich playboy.
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I picked up the second book in the Sinful Surrender Quartet because the first novel ended on quite the cliffhanger & I was eager to find out what would happen next.

This is a polyamorous romance, suspense book. There are aspects that I enjoyed & some I didn’t. The underlying mystery of the novel was what kept me reading and ultimately finishing this book. If it wasn’t for that I would have DNF it. Unfortunately, I did not find that the main character improved at all from the first book. Her actions & decisions never changed. She had absolutely no growth and I found her to be selfish and blind to what was around her. 

This is a personal issue I absolutely understand that but I just found myself forcing myself to finish this book so I believe I will not continue on with the series.
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This book is part 2 of a series and must be read after book 1.
This book was truly exciting putting the Suspense into romantic Suspense. 
Belle is determined to find out who killed her parents and the finale of the book reveals this. 
The series continues for another 2 books and I can't wait to see what happens next. 
I was given this book by Netgalley and the publisher. This is my voluntary and impartial review.
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Wow! Love the suspense and the romance between the three main characters. I can’t wait for the next one. This is a great series!
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I received this as an eARC to read for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for giving me access.

By all means, this is not my average read. I was pre-approved for this book, so I thought "why not?" Why not? It's simple. The relationship between the three main characters is toxic. They all manipulate each other to get exactly what they want.

Did you cringe between the relationship of Bella, Edward and Jacob in Twilight? How about Ana and Christian's relationship in 50 Shades of Grey? Sensuous is a mixture of both. Awkward at times and confusing.

Take the steamy parts out, and the story is pretty good. I love a good thriller/suspense story and this didn't disappoint there. I just had a problem with the writing. It seemed at times that Hawthorne skipped details and I was left wondering how I ended up here.

Overall, this was an okay book. I'll continue to find out more about the crimes that happened.
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So good, but so frustrating  

This was every bit as good as the first book, the mystery and suspense were terrific. This book centered around Belle, Sin and Xander trying to solve the murders, while more crimes are going on. Also they all are still being secretive with each other so while Belle might be in the know about certain things, Xander and Sin may know other details and that keeps things interesting.  

The intimacy between the three main characters was taken up a notch or three. The heat level of this book hit somewhere between sweltering and scorching. I'm not sure if it was just me, but for some reason I just don’t like Xander very much. It could be that I really think that Belle is sometimes an ignorant witch and she purposely hangs all over Xander because she has seen him as her hero since she was seventeen.   

However, every time Belle does this she is basically showing Sin that she prefers Xander and loves Xander and not Sin. I think Sin is much hotter and I don’t know what she is thinking but it pissed me off. And though Xander has promoted the idea of the threesome and he even tells Sin that Belle loves him as well, he certainly doesn’t turn her down when she does this. He loves that she sometimes prefers him and he is shameless about it.  

After giving it some space though, I do see that Belle seems to prefer Xander when she wants comfort and safety and Sin when she is feeling stronger and wants his dominance, which she seems to crave. I hope things go differently in the next book. I can’t wait to see what happens.   

These first two books have been very much driven by the crimes and like I said in my first review, seemed to read more like True Detective than a romance novel about a threesome. Which is awesome, you don’t often get such a good storyline with a steamy book like this. However, now that they have basically solved the murder, I wonder if the next book will revolve only around their relationship or if some other crime or mystery will come into play. I guess I can only read on to find out.   

Of course, there was another big cliffhanger, and this one I think will not be resolved immediately. I sort of hate it when there is a huge cliffhanger in a book and then it turns out to be nothing when you start reading the next book. You have all sorts of scenarios in your head as to what will happen and then the first page says something like she wakes up and it was a bad dream. That absolutely can’t happen here.  

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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