The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay

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Sheila Norton’s books are always a charming, heartwarming read, perfect for animal lovers. The characters are endearing- both the human and animal ones.
In this one Jess is working in a petshop in Pennycombe Bay. She used to holiday there as a child and now she is staying with her cousin, who doesn’t always make life easy.
Jess also looks into using her dog as a therapy dog and has some lovely encounters. It really makes you proud that some people look into helping the community in such a wonderful way and you can just imagine what a wonderful difference they make to lives.
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I totally wish I had of had of read ‘The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay’ before now! 

This was my first read by Sheila and it definitely won’t be the last, glad I’ve already got some on my ever growing TBR pile. 

We meet Jess who is very shy and is certainly lacking in self confidence. Her best friend is Prudence, her dog who she has imaginary conversations with. Though I’m not surprised because of the way her cousin Ruth treats her!  Sheila wrote Jess’ character with sensitivity as obvious anxiety is experienced by Jess but I won’t go into specifics. The setting of Pennycombe Bay sounds amazing, the beach, the quaint shops and there is a strong bond between all of the residents of Pennycombe Bay.

I was totally engrossed in the storyline itself as Sheila weaves in plot twists that are quite unexpected! I loved this and it urged me to want to know how the story ended. One moment I was smiling and the next feeling very protective over Jess. Jess is my favourite character then the amusing Vera comes in at a close second. Sheila also writes this story through the seasons so we know what it’s like living in a seaside town in the beautiful summer and the cold winter! 

‘The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay’ is about getting out of your comfort zone and having faith in yourself. It is also about Love, family and friendship 😊 Please go and read this absolute treat of a book. I give ‘The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay’ 5*/5* ❤️ 

Thank you to Ebury Publishing for an advanced copy of this book via Netgalley.
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Another wonderful story featuring some fabulous pets, from Sheila Norton.

I knew as I started it I would be in for a treat.  After all Jess not only talks to Pru her dog all the time, she imagines Pru's answers too.

To start with Jess is rather lacking in confidence,  but as the story progresses,  she really does grow. 

I loved her pets as therapy volunteering work, her attempts to help her cousin Ruth with a problem,  and Jess becoming a vital part of the Pennycombe Bay community. 

Pru isn't the only fabulous animal,  there are a whole host of others featured too. There is also a multitude of sub plots which get you really involved with this lovely local community. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this,  and just wish I had a dog like Pru myself.

Thank you to Netgalley and Ebury for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Another fantastic novel from Shelia Norton! I absolutely loved reading this. A fun, exciting read. Really enjoyable. The characters are brilliant I loved them.
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I read other books by Sheila Norton and always liked them, this one was no exception.
This book is enjoyable and heart warming, a fast and enjoyable read
I loved how the plot developed, the well written characters and the wonderful setting.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to Penguin Random House UK and Netgalley for this ARC
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The first thing I need to comment on is the cover. I like the fact that our leading lady looks like her descriptions inside. An average comfortable thirty year old. The tale begins simply enough, woman runs into a man on the beach also with a dog and they have a 'meet cute'. Things may not go the way we expect as she heads home that she is sharing/tenant of/living with her cousin. The sub-classifications are for the mood in which we find cousin Ruth in. 

Jess is a shy individual, suffers from bouts of anxiety when meeting new people and in new situations. This year may be the year of change as she is pushed into unexpected situations and her inner confidence starts to seep through. The town of Pennycombe bay is small enough for such a change to be realistic enough and have us cheering her on. Although this books starts of in a typical fashion, it is anything but. This is not about Jess's love life or her overly simple retiring lifestyle. It is about all the people in her life and to some extent the people in next extended circle. Each is struggling with an issue and they are all routine problems but need assistance from friends and family to overcome. The only drawback I think might have been the size of the book, if it was slightly shorter I would have loved it more. I did enjoy getting to know the world around Jess and Jess herself. This is a book with an overall positive outcome and nothing happens as we would expect it to which feels good when reading a book in this genre. It keeps you guessing about when that 'good thing' will happen to get everyone in a rut, out of it. I would definitely recommend this book to people who like reading this genre and those who like dogs/cats because they do make a significant contribution to move the story forward!
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I received an early preview copy of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.
I had not read any books by this author before, but the cover appealed to me, as I love to read books that have a seaside setting. I also enjoy books that have an animal theme to them, so it looked like a perfect book for me.
This book started slowly, with Jess moving to Pennycombe bay to live with her cousin Ruth, hoping to make a fresh start, after her previous job went badly wrong. We don't find out what went wrong with Jess until halfway through the book. 
The characters were well developed, and as you read further into the book, I found that my first impression of them might be wrong and questioned whether they were good or bad. I thought that Jess was too  timid, but as the story develops, she starts to become more confident. I loved Prudence the dog, she was lovely.
I thought that this book was nice, with a gentle romantic theme. I was eager to read on, once I got through the first few chapters, as the situation seemed difficult, and destined to fail. It was well written and pleasant to read.
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I always really enjoyed Sheila Norton's book. "The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay" is the third one I read from her. This book is not only good, it's excellent! It's my favorite from Sheila Norton so far! 5 stars out of 5 without any hesitation! This book is a pretty thick one but it's a real page turner. Every time I had to put the book down, I couldn't wait to pick it up again. The writing style is so pleasant and the story is so lovely! This book is full of cuteness with the constant mention of pets (dogs and cats), it's full of romance even though the romance is full of suspense, we don't know up until the end what will happen on this front! But it's also full of grave issues such as alcoholism and beating. All in all this book is excellent and I can only recommend it! I can't wait to read the next Sheila Norton's book (hopefully there will be a next one!).
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The story of Jess, an introvert living a quiet life in Pennycombe Bay. But she wants more out of life and gradually things start to change and she as a person also starts to change.
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Jess spent many a holiday in Pennycombe Bay but now she is back to live there.

But life is not perfect for Jess, whilst she enjoys her job at the local pet shop, she is living with her cousin Ruth who is hiding a secret and takes a dislike to Jess' dog Florence.

Jess gets involved in the local community and she meets a variety of different characters along the way,

Jim, her boss is kind to her but is also fussing and worrying over Vera, who having lost her dog has no reason to come and see Jim in the shop, that is until she has a nasty fall.

Nick and his dog Buddy become friends of Jess and of course Florence, but also of her cousin Ruth and it makes for some awkward conversations and moments, until Nick loses Buddy. Jess realises even more she doesn't need a man in her life, Florence is just enough.

Tom pops into the pet shop for supplies and starts to chat with Jess, when he reveals that his son, Jacob is struggling in school and that they used to have a dog go in for the children to read to, Jess senses another opportunity to do good.

Getting involved with Pets as Therapy at the local hospital and school, mean that Jess can spend more time with her dog and also other people. Her small circle is now widening and Jess is embracing life a lot more in Pennycombe Bay.

With all this going Jess stills very shy and worries about the future. When she learns something about the past, perhaps she can now move forward and start talking to someone else more often than the dog Florence!

This is an enchanting book which has some great characters and includes the pets as much as the human in all the interaction. A perfect book for anyone that loves pets as well as feel good community storylines that remind you that there is a choice in being lonely or not.
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Excellent book!  Loved the characters and it was a great storyline.  I would highly recommend this book.
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I loved The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay. Ive read a number of Sheila Norton’s books and there’s something about them that gives you a warm (furry) feeling inside. 

This book follows Jess and her beloved dog Prudence and their life in a beautiful coastal Devon town. She moved there in need of a fresh start but things don’t appear to be going to plan.

There are some great characters especially Jess, Jim and Vera. It’s a book that will warm your heart and is a perfect weekend read.

Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin Random House UK Ebury Publishing and the author for the chance to review.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  This was an absolutely brilliant 5 star read.  Its funny, romantic and I loved all the animals.  READ IT
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I always get really excited when I see a new book by Sheila Norton. Her style of writing draws me in straight away and I always feel I'm right there next to the main character. She also instantly makes you want to visit wherever the book is set and this novel of hers is no different! I love that once again animals are included and are quite a main factor in the novel and I also like the cover. I enjoy the bright, summery colours and the little cute parade of shops at the top of the cover.

When this one started, I didn't relate to Jess as much as I would to Sheila's other main characters. I'm not sure why I didn't warm to her at first - I thought that she was a bit of a pushover and I didn't like the way she let people talk to her. I understand that she was very shy but didn't understand why she let cousin Ruth (who she lives with) talk to her terribly! I did feel really sorry for Jess throughout the start of the novel, and perhaps this was what made me warm to her in the end.

I love the use of the animals throughout the novels and found little Prudence sooooo cute! I absolutely love animals so I feel like this is why I love Sheila's novels! As well as the animals, we heard a lot about the secondary characters and I love the community feel in this particular book and that everyone looks out for one another. I really liked Jim, Jess' boss, he was really kind and I liked their relationship with feisty Vera and her new cat Doc! I also loved the setting, it sounded so beautiful and I found myself on more than one occasion wishing I could live somewhere as idealistic as Pennycombe Bay!

I was actually surprised that this novel was released as one whole book at first (unless I completely missed the four different parts being uploaded separately on Netgalley?!) but actually I preferred reading it as one big story as you don't need to wait to hear that happens next! I'm not patient in the slightest so selfishly this book being released as one big novel worked out perfectly for me! Overall, I feel like this novel was a lovely and entertaining and easy to read book that I really found myself enjoying. As always, Sheila Norton has pulled it out the bag! Thank you to the publisher for a chance to read this novel via Netgalley, which I have reviewed honestly.
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This is a really sweet easy going and light hearted read. Set in the Cornish coast we follow the lives of two cousins Jess and Ruth and Jess’s dog Prudence. Jess has had a tough time and is almost hunkering down at pennycombe bay but gradually she is drawn into the local community. Ruth has a secret and it’s a big one. This book charts their ups and downs
If you are looking for something enjoyable and light this is it
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The Pet Shop at Pennycombe Bay centres around Jess and her dog Prudence. Jess suffers from anxiety and she finds it easier to talk to her dog rather than humans. After an incident where Jess loses her job and home, she has to move in with her cousin. With her confidence at an all time low, she starts a new job at the local pet shop. Working at the pet shop brings Jess into contact with the local community. As she begins to make friends, she starts to regain confidence in herself and her life takes a turn for the better.

An enjoyable book which was easy and entertaining to read.
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Jess has moved to Devon after losing her job. She has to love with her cousin  which is a pain and with a determination to enjoy the place and the people she starts to make friends. Jess soon falls for Tom but can they make their romance work? 

This was my first read by Sheila and I loved it. Really lovely story and would read more. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I absolutely adore Shelia’s books I didn’t even read the blurb just knew I’d love it. Another great bunch of characters and animal friends. Perfect
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My word I've loved all the books by this author but this has to be her best so far it was amazing so brilliant and so absorbing you lost yourself totally in the book when reading it.  You wanted to keep reading to see what happened next and just couldn't put it down.  So true to life and packed with so much amazing countryside and the characters are brilliant with many twists and turns.  It was full of families, friendship, betrayal, finding happiness and very much about dogs and village life as well. So fantastically well written and so hope there is a follow on as didn't want it to end at all.  
Jess lives with her cousin in Pennycombe Bay and she has her amazing dog prudence who she lives so much. She moved in with her cousin after her life went so wrong when she lost her job in a top hotel as a chef for doing something she didn't do but know one else owned up so she was told to leave and she didn't know what to do so she went to live with Ruth her cousin and she isn't finding it easy. She works at a pet shop and loves it so much and her boss Jim she gets on well with.  She list her best friend when she lost her job and feels she hasn't got many friends while walking her dog she meets nick walking buddy and she gets talking to him and one day she's at home and finds Ruth has a new boyfriend and she finds out it's Nick and she's upset to start with as quite liked him herself but she still talks with him and gets a shock when Ruth has a go at her for flirting with him and says she will through her out if she continues it. But through nick she learns about pets for therapy and decides to look into doing it with prudence but she doesn't feel she has much confidence will this help her build it up.  She sees nick on the beech and tries to get away before he sees her but she hears her cousin is drinking to much and nick has finished with her as he can't cope with it they plan to meet up together and when she's getting ready her phone rings and it's the hotel offering her job back and she so shocked but she learns Liz her best friend at the time let Jess take the blame for what she did and she so cross.  She's so late to meet nick he has gone and she's cross and starts to forget about him. She is also friendly with Dan and Kevin who run the cafe but Kevin opens up to her about not being happy as dan doesn't want to commit and he decides to pack up and go to his sisters for a while and see what dan does.  She tries to speak to ruth about the drinking but she won't admit it and open up and at the last minute Jess decides to go o her dads and leaves a note for ruth and she stays with her dad for the weekend.  When she comes home ruth admits and opens up about her drinking and it was Jess going away as she thought she had left that makes her do something and Jess is happy to help her and ruth tells her what nick was really like and it makes Jess so cross.  While working in the pet shop she a person called Tom comes in and she gets talking with him and soon learns his son is struggling at school with confidence and she goes to the school as he said someone use to go in with their dog so the children can read to the dog and it helps the children and the school are so pleased she's going and she is looking forward to starting and seeing Tom's son Jacob and she learns his mother has passed away and she's really feels she is falling for him. She starts helping in arranging a village Christmas effect and learns that kevin still hasn't come back and she also is upset as she's seen tom with another woman and he said partner so she decides to stay clear of men. Jim who owns the pet shop is very friendly with Vera but she has a fall and has to go in to hospital and he goes every day and gives more responsibility to Jess in the shop.  When Vera is so poorly and he looks after her how will things go.  Jess is so happy visiting the hospital with prudence and the school she is also given the job of running the shop and Jim is retiring so she's very happy as she has plans for the shop.  What will happen with Kevin and dan will they learn to be happy will ruth stay off the drink and what will happen with tom and Jess will they be happy or not or is there more surprises to come with them yet. Ruth in all of this gains in confidence and when she sees her friend in hospital from the hotel how will she react to what she has been through will she forgive her or not.  
So many twists and tuns and so worth far more than five stars.
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