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An Impossible Thing Called Love

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I wanted to like this story based on the cities it takes place in, but I didn't like the characters and plot devices. 

After the initial meeting of the two main characters, the book has an epistolary section of rather clunky emails and letters, then -two years later- the story really begins. Drama is added for drama's sake, I kept flipping through my #NetGalley ARC to see why something suddenly was drama-worthy. And cue the evil spouse, a very predictable plot device.
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So I went in expecting a Persuasion retelling, and while this was not that, it was still quite cute. It was also very British if that is a pro.
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An Impossible Thing Called Love, was a sweet little romance novel, about two star-crossed lovers that get separated by time and circumstance, against their wishes and unexpectedly run into each other years and years later.  
I did love the two main characters - they had chemistry and a sense of fun.  Craig was just a massive pain in the arse and literally the worst.  I did hate that he made Emmy feel as if his bad mood was her fault.  Painful.

Thank you to the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is quite an interesting romantic fiction story. I did find it a bit highly unlikely however did read it to the end.
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Belinda Missen was a new author to me and when I finished this book I immediately went and read her other ones!  I really like her writing style and her characters.  In this book, Emmy from Australia meets William from London, they fall instantly in love and then they go home.  They agree to meet but then suddenly William stops writing.  Emily is brokenhearted, but recovers and several years later moves to London, where she accidentally runs into...William.  Can they pick up where they left off?

I highly recommend this book and her other books.

Thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A fun read. Will they or won't they. A sweet tale of second chance love divided between Scotland and Australia. This would make a perfect holiday read. Always love a happy ending. This is my first book by this author but will certainly be reading more.
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An Impossible Thing Called Love was wonderful, feel good, witty and entertaining with heartwarming romance that revolved around the love story of Emmy and William. The book was about second chance to love, miscommunication, forgiveness, looking at your own mistake and behavior, and friendship.


Emmy was great throughout the book. I loved her lively and friendly nature. She was amazing friend and developed character with good conscience. I liked the way she accepted her mistake at the end.

William was charming, fun loving and utterly romantic. I loved him from Hogmanay to Hogmanay. What was best about him was he never brought his problems to work. No one could see how worst his personal life was. On outside he was happy, friendly, devoted to his work whom everybody loved. If I was in Emmy’s place I would have forgiven him before he even said sorry. 😉

From the very first chapter I loved the trio of Emmy, Heather and Josh that gave overview of how their friendship started, their characteristics and importance in Emmy’s life. Josh was hilarious. I knew I’m going to like him when I read about his make-up bag. Heather was great with her protective maternal nature. Emmy’s siblings were also good. I wish I could read more about them.

Craig was jerk, not in the beginning but later when he and Emmy moved to London. I never liked him in Sydney as well. Maybe my love for William was more just like Emmy. His behavior was outrageous. I wouldn’t have tolerated it like Emmy did. But I loved her when she snapped and the way she saved her dignity.

What I Liked - 

I loved the plot and this heartwarming love story. I like stories that pastes a goofy smile on my face, makes me laugh, fall in love with characters and their life, and ache for more.

Book started with Emmy describing her wonderful experience of Europe trip and enjoying Hogmanay festival with her best friends Josh and Heather. But that unfortunately sidetracked by a punch on face! Good thing, it led her to a beautiful direction, she met handsome first aider, William. In just a day both felt connection. Ending the vacation with promise of staying in touch and heartwarming kiss both went back to their own life, own country and dream the impossible of seeing each other again. Switching from email to letters and gifts exchange, rambling their life they became best friends. 

What I didn’t expect was as fast the holiday fling started the sooner it ended. That too abruptly. Letters stopped coming from William. I was dying to know What happened to William? Why he stopped writing?

Emmy moved on in life after waiting more than a year. She started dating her classmate Craig who was nice. Both Emmy and Craig moved to London with new job, new relation sharing apartments with her best friends. Life was good what she didn’t anticipate was heartbreak, new and old friends, secrets and mystery of lost letters were awaiting to make her life complicated. 

It was first person narrative from Emmy’s POV who made me fall in love with her charming and delightful voice. Writing was amazing. It hooked me to story right from the beginning. It was easy, enticing and fun to read. All touristy places, streets, restaurants and food were wonderfully written. Whenever I travel I also make bucket list like Emmy and make sure I have enough days to cover all of them. I enjoyed conversation between characters specially those letters.

When Emmy and William met again and shared their disappointments, shouting, fighting, and giving the cold behavior, I had a theory what went wrong and why they didn’t receive each other’s letters. I was eager to find how right my hypothesis was. But I was so so wrong. I didn’t expect William having this big secret.

The communication gap and fear of losing friendship that resulted into secrets and heartbreak. I could feel Emmy’s disappointments and emotions for both William and Craig. I loved the way she handles situation with calm and composure. But she was also at fault for not telling the truth. It showed not to just blame others but look at our own behavior as well.

Twist and turns were surprising, unexpected. I loved William’s proposal and their trip just before climax. The development in story and climax was nicely written. I loved to see how Emmy and William finally resolved their issues and celebrated New Year in perfect happy ending.

Why 4 Stars-

That revelation of missing letters during the conversation was little confusing. I had to reread it. There were some moments I wanted to smack Emmy on the head. I mean why to tolerate nasty behavior of Craig, why couldn’t she forgive William and made things harder.

Overall, it was sweet, happily-ever-after, cozy and perfect vacation read, filled with humor and charming characters.
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An Impossible Thing Called Love by Belinda Missen is a heartwarming romance, that I really enjoyed.  Emmy lives in Australia, while on a trip to Edinburgh she meets William, and sparks flew.  After Emmy returns home, her and William keep in touch, until William stops all communication.  After awhile Emmy and William run into each other again.  What will happen?  If you enjoy funny and sweet romances, I recommend this book.

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.
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A gentle, slightly slowly developing love story that develops over time. A little predictable in parts but there are a few surprises, a touch of humour and a feel good factor which makes it easy to read and perfect for some light relief or holidays. The characters are believable and there is a sense of fun.
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A sweet romance book with plenty of wit and humour. This is a charming and feel good romance. A simple and easy read.
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For some reason I found this story hard to read. I liked Emmy and her friends but William really rubbed me the wrong way. Not my favorite book
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Brilliant characters.  Uplifting & amazing light read I flew through it!  I will definitely be reading more by this author I loved it.
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This was such a great rom-com!! I’ve had trouble finding romance books that I enjoy lately, mostly due to the writing styles. This author has a fantastic sense of humor and the characters were delightful. I also thought the pacing of the story was really well done. 

If you love travel stories and humor, this is a must read. I will definitely be reading the author’s other works. This truly is a gem, and I hope the book gets more exposure so more readers can enjoy it.
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A quick enjoyable read about a second chance at love. Emmy and William fall for each other on New Years Eve in beautiful Edinburgh but their love story does run as smoothly as they planned.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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There is something really special about New Year's Eve, more than it’s the end of a year, but something almost magical happens, almost like your fairy godmother appears and suddenly you get to find the love of your life! Well, maybe it doesn't happen to everyone, but it certainly happens to Australian globe trotter Emmy, when she meets trainee doctor Will, at the first aid tent in Edinburgh one new year's eve, and while determined to not let go when she returned home (after another chance meeting), they exchange email, and then address, but when the letters and emails stop coming, Emmy is heartbroken but decides to move on with her life, and she meets someone new. So life continues on, Emmy graduates from College and exciting things happen as Emmy gets a job in London! So Emmy and her boyfriend move to London, excited for a fresh start, but that all changes on the first day at work, when in strolls Will! 

Oh My Goodness! What a freaking roller-coaster! This book is bloody Brilliant! And I don't say that lightly! From the first meeting of Emmy and Will, I was excited for this romance, because come on, who as a child doesn’t secretly want to be swept off their feet by a romantic pen pay! Okay... maybe that’s just me. But when Will went MIA, my heart broke, and what follows on London is a mixture of Yay! On oh my freaking lawd! What a stalker! Seriously though I cannot emphasize enough how good this book is! 

I have never read a Belinda Missen book before, but that is going to certainly change ASAP! As her writing is gripping, and I became totally engrossed! So much so that a brass band could have paraded past me and I wouldn’t have heard a thing! This book deserves top marks!
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I loved this book - I read it on holiday in the sunshine and I have to say it is the perfect holiday read!

I thought that it was an excellent story, it is very well written and I struggled to put it down.

The characters were very well developed and they had excellent interaction.

Five stars from me for this one, very highly recommended!
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I enjoyed this second chance at love romance, it was well written, easy to read, warm hearted, funny and addictive. It’s a great weekend read, allowing for escapism and had me hooked from page one. I loved the characters, especially Emmy and William, and was intrigued to follow their relationship ups and downs and how it developed throughout the book. 
Emmy meets handsome first-aider William on New Year’s Eve and their relationship begins, however Emmy has to return to Australia but they agree to write to each other and keep in touch until she returns. Unfortunately her letters to William go unanswered and she stops writing to him. Emmy then returns to the UK, and starts a fresh in London, however day one of her new job who should she meet, but William. The chemistry is still their between the two but does he have a suitable explanation for his disappearance and can Emmy trust him again, I had to keep turning the pages to find out!
I recommend this book and look forward to reading future books by Belinda.
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A chance encounter, sparks the beginning of a love story that not only spans continents but years too.
I throughly enjoyed this book, I found myself captivated by William and Emmy’s tale from the start and was routing for their story to have a happy ending. 
Having never read any of Belinda Missen’s book previously I enjoyed her writing style, the plot development of the book and will read more from her. 
Overall a really good read.
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Adorable romance perfect for Valentine’s Day! This is super heavy on the romance tropes,  it it’s so fun and light! Just what we need sometimes.
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An Impossible thing called love is an enchanting romantic love story between time and boundaries!  

What a funny love story! When I started reading I couldn’t put the book down anymore. Book some time alone and imaging you are part of this fabulous journey. 

Emmy loves exploring new things and exciting places and has made a bucket list. When she met first-aider William on New Year’s Eve, with his piercing eyes and red hair, thunder is lightning. Both have a fantastic time, but Emmy has to go back to Australia and William stays in Europe. Can long distance love actually happen? The notes they send each other at first let them be a part of  the other one's life and they share something special. One day the fairytale unexpectedly ended and Emmy is heartbroken, but moves on. When she starts over in London something unbelievable is happening. Red her colleague at work is.. right William and the only thing I  want to know is if they have a happily after.  Relations are complex and there are many obstacles to cope with to gain real love. What is true love and will a second chance reveal the truth?  Are Emmy and William soulmates forever? 

The dialogues in An impossible thing called love are hilarious, I felt myself travelling through the beautiful places they visit and I am sure you will love these, not perfect but so gorgeous people, as much as I did. I was in the book and was not home anymore. Absolutely a romance author I will not forget. 

I can’t tell anymore because I don’t want to give away the tale, but if you want to giggle, enjoy loveable, stupid and stubborn characters then you have to pick up this lovely contemporary romance. 

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