Because We Are Bad

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 30 Jun 2020

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A fascinating, heartbreaking book about OCD which will give solace to fellow sufferers and shed light on the condition for those who only know about OCD through fictional portrayals. A must read.
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A heart felt read about the true life struggles of Lily Bailey dealing with her psychological disorder OCD.

The book is well written and emotionally draining you feel her pain and struggles bye the end you're rooting for her to have a happy ending.

Highly recommended
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What a courageous book giving us a rare insight into the life and daily battles of somebody with OCD. Written with heart-wrenching honesty and, at times, a wry humour, Lily Bailey has done a great job of letting us into her inner world and her daily battles with herself and her obsessions. Despite its difficult subject matter Lily’s determination to fight to overcome her obsessions is inspirational.

A gem of a book offering a deep understanding of this horrible illness for all of us and particularly useful for anybody trying to understand a loved one with OCD.
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An emotional read. This book gives you an idea of the life Lilly has when dealing with her psychological disorder OCD.
This is a condition that has very little or nothing is ever talked about. It’s like a taboo subject.
Highly recommended 
Thank you to both NetGalley and Canbury Press Ltd for my eARC in exchange for my honest unbiased review
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Lily Bailey writes with brutal honesty about living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This misunderstood mental health problem is about thoughts and compulsions (actions you must take) that take over your life. 
We hear about how Lily surrenders her days - and to sone extent her personality - to her repetitive compulsions , such as making lists of supposed misdemeanours she’s committed. 
We get an insight into the trauma of living like this, and it’s painful to witness.
But this is also an uplifting tale of Lily’s fight to take back the life she wants. 
I found if illuminating, inspiring and devastating. Highly recommended.
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This is the true story of someone with severe OCD, covering her life from a young child to adulthood. It tells the tale of how the ‘illness’ took hold, what chaos and trauma it caused not only to the author but to her parents and those who surrounded her. 

This book draws you into her world to the point of almost feeling claustrophobically real. It  describes so vividly - as strange as it is to say -  in real time how OCD compels her to act and what the effect it has on her. 

It plunges into the depths of what OCD did to her, but without giving the storyline away, how she learns, eventually to cope. 

It is utterly compelling and heart wrenching, I personally found it harrowing in parts. But there are laugh out loud moments as well. Sometimes you’re frustrated to hell with her; sometimes willing her on. Either way, you feel for her.

If the author happens to read this - I sincerely hope you don’t think I’m being patronising here. This is a brave, honest warts and all book. Not only a good read but if you are, or someone else you know is, suffering with OCD it will give you very useful insights.
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A raw heart wrenching look at a young woman suffering from a psychological disorder OCD.This is not an easy disease to live with cope with.Lily  Bailey .Lily is a strong young woman who admits her struggles her coping she has a very funny dark sense of humor.A look at an illness most of us know very little about and will now understand through Lily Baileys daily existence. Highly recommend! Thanks #netgalley #canburypress
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