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5 stars. This manga was so good! I read it in thirty minutes because I couldn't put it down. The art is haunting and the action is nonstop. Such a great volume 1. Review to come!
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This was a fairly gory read, moreso than I expected. It followed through on its premise, offering a horror story with typical tropes expected of the genre. Although I didn't love it, it would probably appeal to people who enjoy genre horror and are looking for a new read.
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A great continuation of the cosmic horror genre.  Good read for lovers of Lovecraft and Junji Ito.  This manga will keep readers guessing what happens next.  I can't wait for the next volume!
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Unfortunately I was not able to open this file or see it on the app, so I cannot provide a proper review.
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I can only presume this was supposed to be horror, but for me, it just didn't follow through in this. Which was disappointing as someone who normally easily falls into the traps that horror provides.

I won't follow up with this manga because I can only imagine it is more of the same running from place to place in a desperate but fruitless effort to find someone safe. With a 50/50 chance of the childhood friend being found alive.
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Very two dimensional characters in a boring, monster horror story plot that is a knockoff of Sweet Home. The only thing that could be said is the detail in the monster art was impressive.
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I liked the creature design in this volume. It was the best thing about the Manga in my opininoin. The characters were a bit bland and there was not a lot going on in the speach department. Also some of the people were down right annoying. Serves them right not to make it in the end. Art work was nice to look at. Honda can draw a character pretty well.
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I read this manga so quick. The plot is a survival and apocalyptic adventure with horrible monster, a little bit romance and crazy people, perfect for the horror fans. In this sense, is a very addictive story, the mc it's in constantly danger and running for his life. The side characters are stereotopycal examples of characters in the horror mangas, but it's ok, because the author don't try to write other type of story.

A think one of the biggest good points is the art, the illustrations are so clear and the monsters are horrible and look dangerous. The panels have a big constrast, because the characters are really beautiful and delicated, but the creatures and the graphic violence break this image.

I think this is a good introduction, but yes, it's a little typical.
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Creature! is a post apocalyptic horror manga with monsters.
It checks all the boxes for a good first volume - we have a mystery about where the monsters came from, we have some well written characters, and a (pretty typical) group of surviving teenagers looking for shelter. The story looks really promising and I'm definitely excited for the next volume.
I definitely recommend the book to all horror manga lovers.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. for providing me with an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.*
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'Creature!' with story and art by Shingo Honda is a manga about a large creature attacking a city.

Akira Takashiro is a student who plays basketball.  He is rivals with another boy for the affections of their mutual friend, but none of that matters because suddenly a giant monster attacks.  The body parts pile up as Akira escapes school with another student and finds that the carnage is everywhere.

The gore level is high in this one, but I liked it.  We don't find out why the monster showed up and started attacking, nor is there a lot of help or hope given to our characters.  The art is pretty great.  I liked this action packed story.

I received a review copy of this manga from Akita Publishing Co. Ltd. and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this manga.
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I really loved the art. The art is a huge part of whether I enjoy the manga or not. I felt the art was wonderful. I thought it was awesome. I can’t wait to read more, and I would love to see this become an anime. I’ve missed some awesome horror monster animes. This manga gives me Tokko vibes. I’m excited to see more! …

If you enjoy horror or monster manga/anime you should read Creature! I enjoyed it. It is gory. It is creepy. 5 stars. (:
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Despite looking like an unassuming basketball manga for most of the first chapter, Creature! is actually a pretty gruesome survival horror piece wherein an earthquake (or possibly Meteor Strike) unleashes hideous monsters upon an unassuming Tokyo ward. It hits most of the checkpoints of the genre right off the bat: reasonably tragic hero, childhood crush in danger, hot girl he barely knows, class thug along for the ride, and massive amounts of carnage. While it wouldn't be fair to just call it a checkpoint series, it honestly feels a little hollow beyond those markers, although right now it seems reasonable to think that Honda is simply trying to start things off with a bang before taking a breath to explain.

The highlight of this volume is unquestionably the monsters themselves. They're some of the grossest I've seen, with my personal nightmare beast being the one that looks like it's entirely made up of festering pustules, claws, and jagged teeth. There's a monster for every fear, however, with one looking like a giant hairy centipede and another having more skeletal components, and all of them hungry for at least bits and pieces of human flesh. Or are they? We see down the gullet of one of them as the characters are fleeing, and the people are definitely not digesting or even all that chewed up. That does feel a bit Attack on Titan-y, but it's sufficiently scary that Honda does pull it off even without those associations.

The problem right now is that Creature! doesn't have anything to stand on beyond horrible man-eating monsters of mysterious origin and Akira and Co. running for their lives. Given that the only character we have any sort of emotional stake in is Akira, and that was only for half a chapter of fairly typical shounen romance stuff, that's an issue, because we really do need to care if these people get eaten or not. If Miku is alive, that could up the stakes considerably, as could the discovery of her death, but most of all, what this series needs to do next is rest and regroup so that we can have a reason to want the characters to remain alive. Otherwise all the nightmare monsters in the world won't be able to keep this from being nothing more than a jog around decimated Tokyo.
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