My Mother the Psychopath

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This was such a moving book, it was unbelievable what poor Olivia went through and all from the person who should love her & be protecting her. Was very interesting and heartwarming to know that Olivia made it out in the end.
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Olivia and Sarah have written a powerful memoir, using an interesting structure - the symptoms of psychopathy - to detail Olivia's life subject to her abusive mother and then her escape. It's an absolutely fascinating book.
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This book was very compelling and I couldn't stop reading it. If you had an abusive parent you can't help but identify strongly with everything Olivia goes through, and feel so much for her. Everyone needs to know more about identifying people who are dangerous to be around (especially victims of abuse who can easily fall into other relationships with abusers) and I can recommend this book. This book will make you so angry that children can be trapped for year after year with psychopaths because nobody will believe the child when faced with a individual who is superficially charming and flattering.
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An interesting memoir by Olivia Rayne about her relationship with her mother who, Olivia realises later in life, is a psychopath. 
Olivia charts her childhood, the many moves they make as a family, always at her mother’s behest, through her teenage years and into adulthood. 
A true insight into living with a psychopath and one wonders why on earth such a woman would ever have a child.  All credit to Olivia for writing this book and for being such a well-rounded adult, despite having such dreadful parents.
Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Fascinating insight into what it is like to have a relationship with someone who may have psychopathic tendencies. I really felt for Olivia and how much her mothers behaviour impacted upon her. It was nice to see her be able to 'come out the other side'. I would have been interested in understanding more about her mothers own history as it may help to understand the question are psychopaths born or made?
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A terrifyingly frank and chilling account of Olivia Rayne’s childhood at the hands of her mother, this novel is both heartbreaking and fascinating. 
Rayne describes the traits of a psychopath to explain her mother’s manipulative behaviour, veering from loving to abusive, often within the same conversation. 
‘Maman’ controls Olivia’s submissive and cowed father too, even stopping him from seeking his dying father and trying to stop him attending the funeral. 
Her mother even chooses her boyfriends, in a relationship that is so smothering and inappropriate that her mother once offers to french kiss her so she’ll know how to do it.
Shocking, sad but always raw and honest, this personal account is hard to read and understand but highly recommended.
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Incredibly dark and harrowing, it's hard to imagine it's not fiction.  I really wanted to read this so thank you for approving me.  It's tough at times but Rayne's story deserves to be heard.
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My Mother, The Psychopath by author Olivia Rayne is already a crazy heartbreaking story and I’ve only just started! I’ve been wanting to read this since last year and was thrilled to see a notification being accepted to read it on Netgalley! Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me access to it! I intend to finish (probably tonight at this rate) and do a full length review on this! This story is dark but something that is real, and hits pretty close to home for me. What a brave author to put this in writing, I’ll update soon!
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Shocking to think that this harrowing, troubled story is true and not a work of fiction.  You empathise with Olivia and wonder how she ever managed to endure such shocking treatment from someone supposed to love and protect her and remain standing. 

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Wow, just wow. It really does go to show you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. I had to keep reminding myself that this was not fiction.
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This is a really well written account of growing up with an abusive mother who also happens to be a psychopath. Although well-written, this wasn't what I expected: it was more along the lines of 'A Child Called It' - a very heart-wrenching account of an abusive childhood in the "misery lit" genre
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I would like to thank Olivia Rayne, Ebury Press and Netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read an ARC of My Mother, the Psychopath: Growing Up In The Shadow Of A Monster. I can confirm that I chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

I could not give this book anything other than 5*. What a phenomenal read. The fact I can only give it 5* makes me sad as it truly deserves more. I don't even think anything I place in this review will give it the justice it deserves. It truly broke my heart! When the one person you should feel the safest with - your mother - tries every possible thing to destroy you, where can you go, and what can you do?

This was a book I picked up and devoured in one sitting. It was glued to my hands. It is such a compelling read and is one of those rare 'RARE' books that shines a light in every dark corner, yet still remains grounded in our everyday existence. It presents and portrays a psychopathic personality, entailing the structure, behaviour, language, and motives behind the condition, but also gives a highly receptive true account of what it is like to be the direct object of an abusive relationship. As I have mentioned already, my heart broke many times!

Olivia Rayne needs an award for writing this truly magnificent, captivating and candid memoir. I will end my review here, as I feel you need to read it yourself to honour what I truly feel and mean.
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My Mother the Psychopath: Growing Up In The Shadow of A Monster by Olivia Rayne is a true story focusing on the dynamics of an innocent girl growing up with a psychopathic mother. This is a gripping story, reading like fiction so I found myself forgetting that it was real. Remembering that made it so much more authentic and intriguing, making this a very good book which will hook you the whole way through.

The story
Olivia Rayne tells the true story of her childhood, growing up with a psychopathic mother, Josephine. It is told from Olivia as child, with anecdotes from her toddler years right through to adulthood, when Olivia finally managed to break free of her holds. Each anecdote represents another trait of psychopathy, painting the overall picture of Josephine being a full-blown, high functioning psychopath.
Why I enjoyed this book...
My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne is great because it is such a personal story and you can feel the raw emotions behind the words and actions described. Olivia is a person I feel full sympathy for, not because I can understand, but because she makes me understand what it could be like to be in a situation like this. The reality of this book could really help others who are caught in a psychopath's web, whether a family member, friend or partner and will hopefully help people to identify and avoid them generally.
Rayne's honesty about how her mother made her feel makes this book so intriguing, as she does not try and cover just how terrible psychopaths can make you feel. Her admittance of self-blame throughout the years is striking and the contrast to her personality around other people is stark. I will say that I didn't understand why she never searched the behaviour online; it surprised me because she knew her mother's behaviour was not normal but never Googled it, just brushing it off as her being crazy. I also thought that there were a couple of instances where the anecdotes blended, as they escalated, so could have been written in shorter sections. This made the novel a bit longer that it had to be.
Overall, I mostly enjoyed My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne because it is a well-written piece of non-fiction which had me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to know how Olivia would escape, where she would go and who she would become without her mother and I was not disappointed. Thank you NetGalley and Ebury for my e-proof copy of My Mother the Pscyhopath by Olivia Rayne in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is fascinating - and also chilling. The way that she's able to articulate the feelings she experienced and the way her mother behaved.... not gonna forget this one!
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A valuable insight into psychopathy and doubtless a painful account to recall. I'm sure that others will relate to, and take comfort from, this book. Gratitude to the author for giving us a glimpse into a world often concealed from public view.
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A poignant  and well written recount of Olivia Rayne who grew up in the shadow of a monster...her own Mother. 
The  pschological  and physical damage her mother inflicted on her over the years is unbelievable. A manipulative and evil woman who tried to charm anyone around to help her continue her hold and control over Olivia.
How anyone can treat their child in this way beggars belief. It was very sad to read and enraged me throughout. Her mother was  such a vile person, even when she was nice you knew Olivia would pay for it later. 
I hope Olivia continues being strong and enjoys her freedom x
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My Mother, the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne. I don't usually read "Memoir’ genre but I'm so glad I did. 
It was a brilliant read and the best book I have read this year so far! 

This is a True Story of Olivia Rayne and her Psychopathic mother Josephine. Olivia is only daughter of a French mother and British father, they don't live in one place for long. Josephine appears to be completely normal and a loving mother to Olivia to the outside world but behind closed doors she displays all the signs of being a psychopath – unbeknown to her daughter until her adulthood. 
Olivia grew up feeling scared, worthless and exploited.

This is a great gripping read and so painful to read, this reminded me of someone was very dear to me........and finally got the courage to live my life without them!

I Highly Recommend this book! Brilliant book xxx

Thank you to Penguin Random House UK and Olivia Rayne for this ARC in return for an honest review.
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A brutally honest and heartbreaking account of the authors life as a young girl. Olivia grew up knowing that her mother wasn’t like any other, a difficult childhood living with a woman who was cruel and manipulative. A beautifully written memoir that reads like a well structured psychological thriller. 

When reading such a painful account of someone’s life it’s hard to use the word enjoyed when describing how I felt about the book, I truly appreciated this book and  the awareness that the author was putting across by sharing her story.
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I'll prefix this by saying that I have a close family member who is without a shadow of a doubt a sociopath and possibly a psychopath too. This person made my life a misery when I was younger and still tries to now. Now that I have a thicker skin I react in the way I know makes this person angry - by laughing at his insults and abuse then walking away. I also made the promise to myself many moons ago that I would make absolutely sure I never grew up to be like him. The total lack of empathy for others, the malicious intent, anger and that facade which makes the individual seem normal to the outside world are not traits I have thankfully. He's racist, homophobic and an all-around nasty piece of work; I am an equality campaigner who loves everybody, and friends and family would probably go so far as to say I am overly empathetic, but I am super-duper fine with that. I have some horrific memories, but I am all the stronger for them; living with a narcissist/sociopath/psychopath is not a pleasant experience, and there's a reason they're known as hoovers - they try to suck the life out of those around them in order to boost their own self-esteem.

As the traits of sociopaths and psychopaths somewhat overlap I recognise many of the behaviours Olivia experienced at the hands of her mother, and because of that this was a dark, disturbing and emotionally challenging read for me but it also gives us reason to be hopeful and tips on how to counteract the abuse. The description of being one thing in public and another in private I certainly recognised - the person in my life runs up the backsides of non-family but treats those who should come first like dirt. Make no mistake this is a hard-hitting emotive read; I think it hit me much harder because I could relate to Olivia and many of her experiences, unfortunately.

I have never heard this person apologise for what he's done even when it was 100% him in the wrong, and he has no interest in what is happening with anyone else, just himself. He's selfish through and through and one of the coldest people you'll ever meet. It's crazy that he worries more about how outsiders perceive him than he does about what his closest family think. One thing I think is very important to mention if you are living a nightmare with one of these types - do not show them that they have upset you. Why? Because in my experience they love that; they get a kick out of it; they feed off what they see as weakness. They spend a lot of time working out the best way to upset you e.g. if you've confided to family that you have a self-image issue they'll likely use that to hurt you.

It's normal to think that you are the only one living with such a monster, but in reality, there are more of them around than you think. This is a truly heartbreaking, eye-opening memoir, and although it is truly terrifying it is written in an eminently readable style. I now spend time campaigning to lessen the stigma of mental health as I realise that the mental abuse I suffered every day is happening to others. I have deep admiration for Ms Rayne for sharing her story and being a strong, courageous fighter against the manipulative evil she grew up with. I'm sad to say I connected with this so much that I found myself tearful as I relived some of the memories the book brought to the forefront of my mind. Oh, and the information about cutting ties with such people is absolutely sound - there is no hope of reconciliation so run as far away from these people as possible - for your own sanity. Like Olivia, I am a survivor and not a victim.

NB. This is my most personal review to date by a long shot, but I want to add that it wasn't written for sympathy, as I know some people love to play the victim, and I feel more than a little exposed by sharing this information, but I feel that it's another step in the right direction for me in coming to terms with everything. I usually keep these sort of things to myself, and as I'm pretty introverted I try to keep the glare of the spotlight away from myself at all times. I don't understand those who crave attention. I'm the girl who is quiet as a mouse unless I need to defend myself; it's then when I turn into a tigress.

Many thanks to Ebury Press for an ARC.
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I read this book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down. I was overwhelmed by sadness reading Olivia's story.  It made me realise how lucky I was having a good childhood, a special bond and love I had with my mum.. Olivia certainly didn't have that, she must have felt sad and lonely throughout her childhood and my heart breaks thinking about her.
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