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Cinders and Sparks: Magic at Midnight

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I've read all of Lindsey Kelk's adult books so was excited to learn she'd branched out into childrens too. I read this book in one sitting and loved it. It's exactly what I would have loved to have read when I was younger and was still very enjoyable as an adult. It's funny and full of familiar characters, but with a twist. I have several children's birthdays coming up and this was definitely be my number one option! Definitely worth a read.
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This is a children's book for readers aged between 7-9 but I must say, I really enjoyed it and found myself laughing out loud at certain parts. I think this would be a great book to read with kids as there are some elements that not just for the kids, like getting in touch via DMs - unexpectedly hilarious. 

 It's a fresh and up to date take on Cinderella and Cinder's has a talking dog - it doesn't get much better than that! Sparks, the dog in this book, is a very sassy character and I loved him. One of my favourite things about this book was the other classic characters making appearances, Jack and Jill were her neighbours and Little Bo Peep and her sheep were even at the ball! I loved how unique this was compared to other Cinderella retellings and I loved how she could use magic.
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A middle grade retelling of Cinderella with a sassy magical heroine, a ridiculous talking dog, and a fairy godmother named Brian? It’s a recipe for a rather madcap adventure!

I was initially drawn to this because the cover art is so cute and fun! Pippa Curnick’s art has a similar feel to Ashley King’s (illustrator of the Witch for a Week series), just bursting with energy and joy. I was really pleased to find that the writing is equally funny and fun. Although Cinders and Sparks draws on Cinderella, it does its own thing, and goes off in a very unexpected direction. This is no ordinary submissive Cinderella, but a cool, smart girl who, when the prince thing doesn’t exactly work out, takes her destiny in her own hands and sets off to have her own adventure!

For starters, Cinders can do magic – and her faithful dog, Sparks, turns out to be able to talk! Between the two of them, they bring so much magic and mischief to the story. While I’m a cat person, for sure, dog characters in middle grade can be very fun, especially when they are as obsessed with sausages as Sparks is. Fairy godmother Brian (who thinks her name is very pretty, thank you) is another stand-out character who reminded me a little of Fran the Fairy from the Witch Wars books – it’s great to see no-nonsense older females in kids books, as well as the young, brave, independent girls we love. Well, Brian’s not wholly no nonsense, but she’s certainly not putting up with it from others! There’s a definite girl-power leaning in this book, which is exactly what I want from retellings. Magic, great heroines, and cake – what more could you need?

The only reason this didn’t make it to five cats for me was that I felt that the ending was very abrupt – things are left rather in the middle of things as Cinders sets off on a quest. It’s good set up for book 2, but left me a little unsatisfied with the pacing in this volume. Still, I’ll be looking out for the next book, as this is a really great read! Four out of five stars!
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Oh i absolutely loved this book, it was so much fun and such a great retelling! If you're looking for a Cinderella retelling that give you the answers to what happens to Cinderella AFTER the prince finds out that she's the one who fits the glass slipper then this, my friend, has all the answers. 

Cinders is such a great character because she is such an awesome rebel. She is the cinders that we need for this modern era/ She pretends she has done the washing up when she hasn't. She really doesn't hate her sisters as much as she might and she loves to eat. I love that she is really someone we can all relate to. 

And then there is the magic, this book is full of magic, including Sparks and his powers. I love all the little powerful things that the two of them can accomplish with their magic and through the use of their magical friends and I can't wait to find out how this will affect future books in the series. 

You might start reading this book thinking that you've heard the Cinderella story before but really, you havent' you need to keep reading. And the ending of this book is way way apart from the beginning and sets up for the second and third book in this series that I am already excited about reading. Cinders and Sparks are headed out on more adventures and I can't wait to find out where they head to next!
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Magic at Midnight is the first of a new trilogy by Lindsey Kelk and, as far as I'm aware, is her first kids book. And, even as an almost-25-year-old - I loved it. Lindsey has kept with the original Cinderella story line that we all know and love. Step-mum and Stepsisters that you love to hate, a fairy god mother, magic that runs out at midnight, and of course - a glass slipper that goes missing! But she's also added elements to the story that make it completely her own. For instance, Cinders has fairy magic herself, and (my personal favourite), THERE'S A TALKING DOG! Who's obsessed with sausages! (Also known as: How to get me to immediately adore a book).
There's also various other characters that we all know and love that make an appearance in one way or another throughout the book - Little Bo Peep, Jack and Jill, Beauty and the Beast, Frère Jacques, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.
Lindsey has also added video games, DMs, and social media itself to the book to bring it more up to date.
Lindsey's Cinders is modern, stubborn, clumsy, adventurous, magical, and has given me a new found love for my all-time favourite fairy tale.
The pictures in the book are amazing. They really fit with the story and help you picture the characters more easily.
I genuinely cannot WAIT for Books 2 and 3. How Lindsey finds the time for all her writing, I'll never know. But she's a writing genius nevertheless.
And, of course, all the best dresses have pockets
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Who needs a fairy godmother to make your wishes come true when you can just do it yourself.. Cinders and Sparks is Cinderella with a fantastic twist! Because Cinders will go to the ball, but nothing will go to plan... 

Refreshingly funny and full of magic, adventure (and cake!), Cinders and Sparks will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.

Can't wait for book 2!
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In this reimagined version of Cinderella we meet Cinders and her loyal dog Sparks as they live with her palace designer dad, step mum and step sisters whom still the latter detest her and give her all the household chores.

However as Cinders makes it to the ball thanks to her fairy godmother Brian showing Cinders she can perform magic, its there she meets Joderick, a young prince looking to marry...

Though, Cinders doesn't know the royals believe fairies to be dangerous and unkind to them and set about trying to keep them away and end them!

As Cinders battles with her mind over what to do to save the fairies and keep the royals happy, she can't hide the fact she can perform magic and soon trouble happens in the castle as she gets sent away she finds herself searching for help, her fairy godmother and a cast of other fairy tale characters may be able to help her, if she finds them...

Cinders in this book has been touched with a modern edge that works, it's fun and fascinating to get lost in such an enchanting tale and is left open for a book two set to have more adventure within for us!

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!
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So sassy and smart, I love Lindsey’s take on Cinderella. It can be difficult to take something so well known and loved but Lindsey does it with her usual creative greatness! 

I read this with my niece and she loves it, we laughed a lot and she wanted to know when she can read more like it. 

Love our Cinders with attitude!
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Recreating a favourite Princess classic is hard work, to make it different enough to fall in love but also keep true to the story is incredible. I wouldn’t usually read children’s novels, on account of the lack of children and the fact I’m 27 years old. However, when one of your favourite authors writes one it’s only right to support them. Cinders and Sparks is a modern retelling of Cinderella but if you’re expecting girl meets boy and falls in love you will be surprised. This Cinders is full of sass and independence raring for her next adventure. I will definitely be keeping up with this story.
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This is such a cute book and I must say laugh out loud.
 I read it with my son and he now says he wants to read more books like this. It may be aimed at girls but it's very much enjoyable for boys. 

I wish there were books like this when I was young with such cool female characters who take no nonsense!
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This is a fabulous new twist on a classic fairytale.

I might be one of the world’s biggest fans of fairytales, both classic and modern.  I grew up with the traditional style and then of course the Disney versions, but there is something wonderful about a new twist on an old tale.

In Lindsay Kelk’s new series, we meet Cinders...who still cleans, has stepsisters and wants more from life.  Her stepmother is still bossy, her Dad is weak willed and Cinders has a dog.  So far, still similar.

Until one day, Cinders wishes the dishes were done and sparks fly out of her fingers as the dishes fly into the sink.  She meets Brian, her fairy godmother and the dog says his first words.   It is all a bit overwhelming and Cinders needs to figure this new power out.  How can she wish? Why is she able to wish? Can she ever wish for enough sausages to feed Sparks the dog? 

This book had me laughing out loud so often and I can’t wait to read more in this series.
I love Cinders attitude, her disregard for what others think and her love of all things cake! I love that the fairy godmother is named Brian! 

Cake is what helps her to meet the Prince...who must marry to save the kingdom from the fierce fairies.  Cinders reluctantly agrees but life in the palace isn’t all she imagined,  Wishes start flying and there are hilarious consequences to them.  These lead to Cinders having to go on the run! 

We now need to wait to learn about the next stage of Cinder’s journey and I am so looking forward to the next instalment!
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I just got an email to say I'd been approved on Netgalley and I had to read it straight away.

Cinders and Sparks is the book I wish existed when I was a little girl! It's hilarious and adorable. Full of action, adventure, intrigue, talking doggo, fairies and cake. I mean, what more could you ask for in a book?? Seriously though, this is a really great twist on a well loved fairy tale. It's modern and fun and brilliant!! Bravo, Lindsey!
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